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  1. I've been working on 'Frost Dancer' in Affinity Photo for a few days now. I wanted to use a reduced colour palette, which I created from an image I found which had the right frosty/icy tones I was looking for. I called the colour palette 'Ghostly Blue', then created a Gradient Map from the colour palette, but I ended up using a Recolour Adjustment, which seemed to work best. I found an image of a ballet dancer and used 'Photobashing' techniques to create the 'Frost Dancer' using the many 'Nature' and 'Atmosphere' image brushes I created, changing the colours of the image dabs and textures to white and selecting brushes that looked like frost and ice. I also used a couple of the 'Fog Overlays' by Paper Farm to create the rolling mist in the field. I wanted to create a carefree dryad or wood spirit dancing lightly across heaths, fields and woodlands, laying frost across the landscape. I wanted the dryad's hair to be coiled like the wave in the Japanese print 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Hokusai. I created the hair by painting it with a load of Gold brushes I created, then put the layers beneath the Recolour Adjustment, which seemed to work quite well...
  2. Only Mother Nature could make an image like this. I am still messing around with the new release of Affintiy Photo. Once again this is one of my macro photos of a small cut and polished stone. The RAW file was processed through AP with only slight adjustments to bring out the color. It is still a little rough and needs further work but AP makes it easy. I hope you like it as much as I.
  3. Have been working on a few images over the last few days using the 'Nature' and 'Atmosphere' brushes that I created for Affinity Photo again, which you can download for free, also a step-by-step instruction in MS Word on how I created my brushes, with screengrabs, for you to follow, also images of each brush stroke/brush name... 🙂 I have been fascinated with the photobashing technique for many years (although I wasn't aware until recently that it had a name). I used a similar technique when I worked as a graphic designer in London for 20 years. Check out the work of one of my favourite concept artists, Ryan Church, concept artist, illustrator and designer in the film industry. http://ryanchurch.com/ Others are Shaddy Safadi, Feng Zhu, Noah Bradley, Tyler Edlin, James Paick, Jordan Grimmer, Darek Zabrocki, Gilles Beloeil, Neil Blevins, Tuomas Korpi, Jorge Jacinto and so many others. Also check out https://www.illustrationhistory.org/artists and learn about artists/illustrators of the past: Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, Gustave Doré, Walter Crane, Adrienne Segur, Aubrey Beardsley and so many others... Check out too 'Becoming a Concept Artist for a Hollywood Film' https://www.clipstudio.net/how-to-draw/archives/155681 A good concept artist working in the film industry or the gaming industry can easily make USD400k pa, so hone your Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer skills, gather your best work into an online portfolio and focus on your future in design/illustration. They are fabulous tools for any illustrator/designer - and they are affordable too! You could become a concept artist working in the film industry or doing book design cover illustration, advertising, cartoons, comics and graphic novels illustration, children's book illustration, or work as a concept artist/illustrator in the gaming industry. Or you could be the next Walt Disney... Work in an industry you will enjoy...
  4. I have been working on some free 'Atmosphere, Smoke & Fog' brushes over the last two days. Thought I would upload them here so you guys can download them. I may have to split them again cos the file size is large. I keep the images large so that, like me, if you work in 300dpi for print, the brush strokes won't pixelate. If you work in a lower resolution, you can simply reduce the size of the brush. This is an image I created using the 'Atmosphere, Smoke & Fog' brushes along with the 'Nature' brushes.
  5. That is interesting, I had not thought about a possible issue in relation to the nature of the paper used to produce the mount. However, I had known, in another context of the existence of Solander boxes for document conservation, so there we are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solander_box As it happens the frames that I use are the following. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/308622478 They are intended for photographs. As it happens, for what I have produced thus far using these frames, (and with a earlier design of frames of a similar design yet thicker overall and with a less convenient to use form of locking furniture (I don't know the proper nomenclature, I just used that to convey the idea) on the rear)) the printed item does not actually touch the mount. This is because the mount is designed for a 10 inch by 8 inch photograph and I am framing customized one-off 7 inch by 5 inch greetings cards sent to myself. This does mean that the surface of the card is in direct contact with the clear acrylic window (is that the corrrect term?) of the frame. Does that present issues? I have preferred acrylic to glass on the basis of safety. However, your comments about glass are making me wonder. The greetings cards are customized cards produced using the following templates. https://www.papier.com/landscape-photo-313 https://www.papier.com/portrait-photo-315 Other templates are available, those two are both full field, some have plain borders, some have preset artwork alongside the customer-supplied image(s). https://www.papier.com/photos/photo-cards/ I place my own artwork on the front and where the greetng goes I delete everything there and add, often using the Garamond font, the title, a description, my name and the date. Some readers may have already looked at the following thread in this forum. Artwork for greetings cards The business also does custom prints using archival ink and framed. These, entirely reasonably, cost more. Basically I have been producing the customized greetings cards as I learn to use Affinity Designer. A longer term goal is to try to produce something good then buy a framed print that has been printed uaing archival ink. What I am doing is pushing the envelope with what are marketed as photo greetings cards to send to someone else, but as the printing is not acrually of a photograph but of a jpg file containing an encoded image of a photograph, a jpg of artwork exported from Affinity Designer produces good results, even though it is not actually a photograph. The staff at the business are happy for me to do this and have advised me on how to do this. I have been looking up about acid-free mounts. Well, I do value my artwork, I have found great pleasure in having hardcopy printings of what I had until a little over a year ago had in pure electronic form. I have no knowledge at present as to how to distinguish between what you term "cheapo frames" and, well, art gallery quality frames. I do appreciate that the hardcopy prints of the greetings cards, while of far better quality than what I could get on a typical (budget price) printer attached to my home computer, are not prints in the same category as art prints, they are not purported to be so. William
  6. Been playing around with some of my 'Nature' brushes, and created a 'fantasy' forest... Del
  7. Hi, As mentioned above, I am attaching the 'step-by-step' guide on how I created my 'Nature' image brushes in Affinity Photo. Its a MS Word document and explains how to create a 'Butterfly' brush in Affinity Photo using multiple images. The process is the same for any image(s) whether butterfly, rock, stones, tree, shrub, moss, lichen. At the end of the tutorial I explain another process to create a 'moss' image brush which uses simple selections that you export individually. There may be other and easier ways to do this, but this is the way I have done it because it is a method I use to create them in Corel Painter. I am not so experienced in Affinity Photo, so I don't yet know where one saves seamless textures that you create to re-use; in Corel Painter, you save them in the 'Patterns' Library. The 'step-by-step' tutorial explains... 1. How to Create a Brush Category 2. How to Remove the Background from an Image 3. How to Save the Butterfly as a .PNG (Transparent Background) Image 4. How to Create a ‘Butterfly’ Brush (Multiple Butterfly Images) 5. How to Duplicate a Brush 6. How to Rename a Brush 7. How to Create a ‘Moss’ Brush using Multiple PNGs ...which are the steps you must take to create your first image brush. You can create an image brush just by selecting a single layer, but you need to convert it to a Pixel layer first. I wanted to explain how to create one by selecting it and extracting it from its background. More complicated, but once you have done it once, you can use the same process to create any image brush. I would advise you to experiment and test out all the different brush settings. To load the brush category in Affinity Photo Save the DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes file Locate the location where you saved the file Open Affinity Photo Double-click the DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes file. An 'Import Brushes' message will be displayed 'Brushes Imported Successfully' Click OK Click 'Brushes' tab Locate new DelN's Free Brushes Start using the brushes Please let me know if you found this tutorial useful. I attach the image Moss 01.jpg so you can use the same image. It is an image of moss from Pixaby.com https://pixabay.com/photos/the-green-moss-background-green-the-5357422/ I nabbed the butterfly images from the internet. I also attach several images of the brush strokes and their brush names in my DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes. Also, if you create anything using the brushes I would love to see it... Enjoy! How to Create a Butterfly Brush_Multiple Butterfly Images.docx DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes
  8. If you are looking for a specific type of work in this forum, then please click on one of these links below then replace YourWordHere in the "Search Term" box and press Enter. Affinity Designer posts in share your work Affinity Photo posts in share your work Affinity Publisher posts in share your work As examples Logo created in Affinity Designer or Wildlife or Nature edited in Affinity Photo or Brochure composed in Affinity Publisher
  9. Greetings Viewers, I have been taking pictures of the phases of the moon for a photo competition. I need to get 8 good pictures of the different phases of the moon. Early this morning at 05:20 I took some photographs of the Waning Gibbous moon. The two pictures are: 1. The original colour (looks B&W) image. and 2. The colour saturated image (looks good enough for the comp.) To give you an idea of the condition of the sky I took a picture of the sky looking to the north-east. The morning was a cold morning with frost on the ground and totally cloudless and very transparent. The joy of having high altitude aircraft grounded for the last month or so. The colour saturation was increased to show the bands of scattered light. As the dawn progressed to sunrise the "normal" flock of white cockatoos (about 300 - 400 birds) made their way to their morning roost to join with another (approx 1000 birds) then to take off for the days' foraging for seeds and roots etc. Next moon session is on Saturday - heavy rain predicted. Jeremy.
  10. Wow, who knew this animal existed?: a Black Horse Antelope! Mix 'n' Match nature 😀
  11. Sometimes I wander about our garden with a camera in hand. This morning I noticed one of those blue headed birds that is not only content with eating the Apricots in summer but has taken to chewing the leaves on said Apricot tree. When I feel more energetic I'll set up a telephoto lens and get a decent shot of these birds. Jeremy.
  12. From looking at some of the wildlife & landscape pictures in this forum there is no doubt that there are many talented photographers here but I find myself no better off in my use of Affinity Photo just by looking at these stunning pictures. To be honest I could find the same sort of pictures just by using Google. What would be nice is if the people uploading these pictures could supply a before and after picture and detail the steps used in Affinity Photo to get to the final results. That way I am sure mine and others use of AP to create these stunning photos could be greatly improved. Isn't that what forums like these are all about? Or am I missing the point and is it that professional photographers would rather not reveal their workflow in fear of increasing the competition in their chosen profession. Honest answers appriciated
  13. This is something I've some across before; to wit: "the secret to wildlife photography is to move the wildlife to somewhere interesting". Obviously not possible with a grumpy Lion, but a dead beetle: quite do-able!
  14. Finally, all the albino brain chiggers are gone (we had about 14" - 18" of that white junk fall here in southeast Arkansas last week) and it's safe to go outside again. The only positive about the whole mess was I got to stand in the doorway and watch the birds and squirrels consuming what we put out for them. Since I won't venture out far in that stuff, the "goodies" were near my front door. Got some interesting images processed in Affinity Photo.
  15. I been doodling up a storm.. here is one of my pieces of art.. Crystal Frost .. she love to fly in the night sky, however her father forbids her from flying especially at night, worried his daughter might be seen by other dragons or ponies that travel in the day and especially at night... Crystals father refuses to teach his daughter to fly, he needs her to stay out of sight to be safe. Not teaching her to fly keeps her grounded and gives him less to worry.. However she does try to imitate the wild creatures of the woods, it is from the birds she learns how to fly... one evening while her father was away, she wandered off into the woods where she finds a nest of young birds . watching them trying to fly, she tries to imitate the birds and try to fly, so she can follow and fly with them. She was so happy about what she learned she showed her father what she could do. Seeing his daughter fly for the first time made him very fearful and he lashed out in anger and scolded his Daughter never EVER to fly ever again... tearful, feeling she did something very wrong she promises never to fly again.. just a brief story I made up... However there is so much to Crystals life the is just so complex she struggles to understand why her father is the way he is, and life in general.., I also have 3 of my custom characters i made up, getting plush made by LionCubCreationsLCC. she is very skillful at custom plush... once they are made and arrive will post pics here of my characters in plush style.
  16. "Only a mother would find this plane beautiful". Anon I definitely agree, with that mother. This forum needs a bigger hangar for all these amazing birds. Well done Epakcor.
  17. We have tried to add tags to other common themes, like these: Photo Types Portrait Landscape Panorama Photo Manipulation Composite & Photo Composition Painting Black and White HDR Designer (+ some Photo) Styles Vector Illustration Isometric Drawing Anime & Animation Cartoon Fantasy Character Vintage Contents Nature Birds Airplane Transit Diagram (thanks @ChrisSmere) UI Space & Astrophotography Horror there's even a specialist tag for works made on iPads There are many more. If you find any searches with results you enjoyed, feel free to suggest them below. So if you see something in the "Share Your Work" forum that has a tag you want to see more of, click on the tag and see what comes up, [note: also filtering the tag search results to Topics in "Share Your Work" will show uses of that tag in this forum]
  18. I really like this composite image! As per my sig I'm a real sucker for pareidolia (you can Google that!). The three flying birds—left, right and to a certain degree the one below the wire are, to me, like ballerinas in flight... The other two in flight are ... well, the male dancers in the ballet The three birds on the wire are beautifully positioned and active (the left counter balancing the other two) ... Stunning image however IMHO the background is too heavy ... yellowish/brown! If this was my image I'd be looking at changing that (luminance?)
  19. One of these birds was spotted in the English Midlands this summer! See this link. John
  20. And that’s exactly why it is superior to his idea. He can only cover a few hundred sentences that are not even that common and that are in the language (English) that is so hard to translate to other languages due to its idiomatic nature (I have never understood why in English you often have to say the opposite of what you mean, or worse something that has nothing to do with what you are trying to say, such as saying an idea is cool as if it was some kind of temperature, or to call something good bad, etc).
  21. Thank you...an artist difficult to match....but thanks for the comparison... This one just got a bit out of hand...took ages!...the birds nests were an after thought!.
  22. In the third paragraph in my portfolio blog entry, I lightly touch upon matters that may have some sort of a relation with what may have incited Serif to create its suit (consciously or not). It is part of the reason I initially chose to apply earth colours to this image, earth being one of the elements of nature, which is life.
  23. Thanks Vector Whiz. I enjoy a lot creating this, it's such a relaxed activity, not to mention the best: an emanating source of knowledge in both topics, the tool itself and how to improve results and in science and wildlife which I both love. Thanks a lot for letting me know you enjoyed. It means a lot to me knowing what ppl think.
  24. hello, here is my "Serie about Geometric Birds". They are for sale - just in case - just let me know. Thanks
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