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Found 41 results

  1. Patrick Connor

    Thanks for an incredible year

    (Originally sent as an email on 26th Dec 2018) Hi, It’s been another knockout year for us in 2018 and we thank you for helping to make that happen. As the year draws to a close we wanted to give you a little round up of where we are now, and what you can look forward to in the coming months. It’s been a busy year Twelve months ago, we thought we’d be hard-pressed to have another year so packed full of activity and growth. But 2018 has been just as exciting, including • Rolling out multiple updates to Affinity Photo and Designer, including the first glimpses of what version 1.7 will bring to the desktop apps. The betas are available for download now if you want to give them a try – read more below… • The launch of Affinity Designer for iPad was the highlight of our very first Affinity Live! event in July (especially after England got knocked out of the football World Cup on the night). The response to our second iPad app has proved beyond any doubt that there is a substantial, and growing, demand for fully-loaded professional creative apps on iPad right now. • It’s always nice to be recognised for what we do, and after starting 2018 with Affinity Photo reigning supreme as iPad App of the Year, the year has brought us the App Creator of the Year award, at Microsoft Build, and a trophy for Best Software from PC Pro magazine. But our main focus this year has been investing development into the core architecture of our apps. This has mostly been to support the upcoming Affinity Publisher launch (more on that later), but also research into technologies such as GPU compute acceleration. While much of this work is behind the scenes, it’s crucial for us to continue developing new technologies and you’ll hopefully start to see some of the benefits of this work over the next 12 months. Growth in Affinity continues It still feels incredible to us the way that Affinity apps are being adopted around the world. We announced in July that we had reached 1 million users, and as we write this, we have just passed 1.4 million worldwide. It’s pretty remarkable growth and we feel very humbled and thankful to be in this position. We know this has only been possible because of the support given to us by customers like yourself, not just from simply buying our apps, but from giving us great reviews, spreading the word on social media and giving us fantastic feedback about how to make our apps better. Please accept our gratitude and thanks. Affinity Publisher update The beta of Affinity Publisher is coming on very nicely, with over 150,000 designers now taking part. We’re listening to all the feedback we are getting with thousands of fixes and improvements already made. We were originally planning to launch Publisher before the end of this year (2018), but we have decided to take a little more time over it with the hope we can get a few more of the features you are asking for in for our initial launch. If you’ve not yet signed up for the beta and want to try it out you can sign up here; https://affin.co./publisherbeta 1.7 versions are coming The 1.7 versions of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are on their way. We’re packing in many new features and improvements into these updates so there’s lots to look forward to. We will be launching the desktop versions early next year with iPad versions coming shortly after. Naturally these will be free updates to anyone who already owns the 1.6 versions. For more info on what’s coming, along with details if you want to take part in the beta, check out these articles: Affinity Photo 1.7 beta; https://affin.co/photo17beta Affinity Designer 1.7 beta; https://affin.co/des17beta Get 20% off everything in the store To celebrate another great year, we’re offering 20% discount on everything in the Affinity Store over the Christmas period (Ends 6th Jan). That includes apps, the official Workbooks, Affinity brush packs offered in conjunction with leading designers, and our brand-new ‘Team Affinity’ T-shirts. Visit the Store We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and look forward to exciting times ahead. The Affinity Team
  2. Hi, We are pleased to announce the Windows release of Affinity Designer , version 1.6.5 FIXLIST The changes in Affinity Designer for Windows 1.6.5 over the last ADe patch 1.6.4 are as follows: - Fixed Document Setup dialog failing to show correct Height and Width values when switching between portrait modes - Fixed incorrect colour from CMYK waterfall model - Improve Microsoft Dial support - Improve PDF import - Fixed resized floating panel not sticking when swapping to a different panel - Fixed crash when dragging artboards - Fixed floating window panels to remember their width as well as height - Fixed Colour Picker shortcut not working with Surface Pen - Improved performance of shutdown - Fixed Leading Override (Character panel) and Paragraph Leading (Paragraph panel) key modifier inconsistencies - Fixed empty gap at the bottom of the font size dropdown - Fixed crash when we can't identify any font families in a font - Fixed Pen point being placed when panning with spacebar - Added missing "Scrubby Zoom” - Fixed Space bar panning with the paintbrush tool placing nozzlesFixed tool handle selection with touch input - Fixed SVG export to avoid exporting spurious groups - Fixed pressing escape key on font size context toolbar editor not returning focus - Added option to prefer metafile over raster with per-application default (default to on) - Fixed main window closing on second monitor not appearing at next start - Fixed Adjustments panel starting below the visible window - Fixed Print dialog not defaulting to current selected artboard - Fixed Transform panel fields losing focus when using arrow and shift+arrow keys to increment/decrement values - Fixed intermittent crash when using the Pen Tool - Fixed drag dropping a PNG file into the document locks the file - Fixed rendering issues with custom display scales between 125% and 150% - Fixed crash pasting into Microsoft Paint - Fixed dialogs not appearing on second monitor - Fixed margins not being set for new artboard documents - Fixed keyboard shortcuts becoming disabled after pressing Escape in the Pressure dialog - Fixed move up/down in the Assets Panel not correctly enabling after moving a category that is first or last - Fixed Embed Assets in Current Document selection state being reversed - Fixed colour conversion of bitmaps during vector export - Fixed adjusting line pressure being laggy - Fixed deleting a node on the stroke pressure editor not updating the document - Fixed New Document dialog not being aligned nicely - Fixed rotating nodes not being remembered - Fixed editing a Curves Adjustment preventing you from using Keyboard Shortcuts to add additional - Fixed unable to type after tabbing when editing a swatch value - Fixed RGB slider field getting a dotted outline when tabbing into it - Fixed pressing delete with a stop selected on the Gradient Flyout deletes the object, not the stop - Fixed sporadic crash when sizing text frames to fit - Fixed editing a guide in Guides Manager not correctly changing selection - Fixed adding colour to swatch causes crash - Fixed shaking a floating panel minimizes other panels - Fixed fill layers built-in masks are broken - Fixed export area dropdown not working like the macOS version - Fixed Pen tool to add snapping while restart dragging under Pen mode - Numerous other fixes and stability improvements. REGRESSIONS There is one known regression in this build over the previous release 1.6.4 (available here), sorry for this inconvenience - Artboards in embedded .afdesign file do not export to PDF Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section For purchases from the Affinity Store the software, each time you start the software it will check for updates and offer any available update, or it can be downloaded from here For purchases from the Microsoft Store are done automatically (next time you run after it is available in the store)
  3. simpsonsdesignes, Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums. The screenshot you have shown is the correct one for 1.5.5 and you have said that you have not yet got the update, so all is fine there. Double check to make sure the Mac App Store is signed in to the same Apple ID that was used to purchase the app. If it is and the update still isn't showing on the Updates section, delete the app from your Applications folder, then sign in to the Mac App Store again and it will download the latest version. Once you get the update from the Mac App Store (MAS) the included content will appear as a third screen on that Welcome.
  4. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for Windows Update 1.6.1 (& 1.6.2) Available

    Not that strange, If one PC was on 1.6.0 or earlier it will have been told there was an update (to 1.6.2) If the other PC was already on 1.6.1 then it will not have wasted your time updating from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2. As I said in my post "it has not been given it's own release notes or put on auto-update notification for build 1.6.1." So build 1.6.2 is on autoupdate for any earlier build, which you may have had. Please don't worry though they do the same thing in all other respects.
  5. The way you update depends on the operating system and where you got the software. If you bought it from the Mac app store then that is where you can find the updates. If you have the Windows version bought from the Affinity Store, then simply Run the purchased version of the software and if you need to update you will be prompted to download it.
  6. Dtodd, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. Sorry if you missed it, We really did try to notify everyone we could. We do not have any contact details about Affinity software Mac App Store sales, as that is Apples database and quite rightly not sent/sold on to us, so we email those customers that we know about and use social media and the in-built welcome screen to try and notify the rest. The email was sent to anyone who (before the 2nd Nov) .... ... was signed up to our newsletter ... had claimed the free macro pack included since the Affinity Photo 1.5 update ... had claimed the free Grade-UI kit included since the Affinity Designer 1.5 update ... used the Affinity Store to purchase Affinity Photo for Windows, Affinity Designer for Windows, Affinity Designer Workbook ... had downloaded the Trial version if Affinity Photo for Windows or Mac ... had downloaded the Trial version if Affinity Designer for Windows or Mac We also sent reminder emails about 1.6 and the free content. We also put a notification on the Welcome screen in the program from 2nd Nov till the 23rd Nov We also put notifications on our forums (twice), Twitter, on Facebook and on our blog with reminders 1 week later on Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate your custom and you are welcome to buy any other program you wish if it suits your needs, as well or instead.
  7. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for Windows Update 1.6.1 (& 1.6.2) Available

    That is the closest we have to "automatic", it's semi-automatic. You are told of the patch's existence and you choose when it is convenient to update. OK means I have seen this but I want to use the program and will update later. Download will take you through a redirect service (go.seriflabs.com I believe) to our updates page. The redirect service is for futureproofing but you will end up on the affinity.store updates page.
  8. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.4

    It will update straight over the top there is no need to uninstall AFAIK
  9. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    Our release notes are normally added to the news forums We would recommend always being on the latest version that Auto-update suggests for you but if you would rather wait for the release notes and make your own decision, then please follow this news and information forum and the release notes will be added soon after release. I will suggest this change to the documentation team also, thank you
  10. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for Windows Update 1.6.1 (& 1.6.2) Available

    Please see the 2nd last line of the opening post in this thread > Affinity Photo for Windows build 1.6.2 has the same fixlist over 1.6.0 as the above list for 1.6.1, but it also includes one other minor change. With minor impact, it has not been given it's own release notes or put on auto-update notification for build 1.6.1. If you still want this build, simply for the changes to the Social Media links, you can download it from the Downloads section in your account https://affinity.store/account
  11. I will add to this announcement tomorrow, as the differences are aesthetic/minimal, but the version increases was a side effect of the Microsoft Store beta process and release Essentially they have the same functionality but different social media links! That's why they aren't on auto update from 1.6.1
  12. @Jasim Your screenshot shows that you have not downloaded 1.6.0, that is the update prompt! The content comes with 1.6, so is not in the welcome screen before you have updated. Is there a reason your have not updated?
  13. It would appear that the feed does not appear on Lion or Mountain Lion, as it requires TLS 1.1 and 1.2 which is only supported be default from Safari 7 onwards. I do not think that the feed can be made to show for you, sorry. Please can you Email AffinitySupport@serif.com directly and we will sort the content out for you directly. Please reference your post in this thread and explain which Mac OS you are using and that it has Safari 6. To other readers of this thread with Internet Explorer 8 on ie7, rather than update to a later Internet Explorer, you can turn on TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support in Internet Explorer's "Advanced Settings" and the feed will appear next time you start Affinity.
  14. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    Affinity Photo codebase (released through the iPad has already got from 1.6.0 to 1.6.5. This implies that Affinity Photo desktop is later, so we chose 1.6.6 Affinity Designer has not been released on any platform before yesterday, so we called it 1.6.0. This is also based on the same codebase as photo 1.6.6 but there are a lot fewer people exchanging files between designer and photo than between iPad and Mac, so we wanted to give the desktop Photo owners confidence that it had all the same fixes as the live iPad version. In that respect we should do a 1.6.6 iPad update when we can, but it's not high priority as of today. Tickled my OCD for weeks through the beta, but it's a fair compromise, as calling them all 1.6.0 except for the live iPad feels wrong, as does launching them all as 1.6.6 on desktop...
  15. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    Run the Windows app and it will automatically find the update and prompt to install. OR if you want to squirrel away a copy, log into your account and press download on your order history. There is no incremental patch, only the full download as always. For Affinity apps on the Mac, use the Mac store Updates option.
  16. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo is in the Mac App Store Now!

    The update today is 1.4.3 with OS X Sierra fixes ONLY. All other changes (currently in 1.5 beta) will follow when 1.5.0 is released to the app store in the next few months. We wanted the experience on Sierra to be as good as other OS's and needed to tweak one or 2 things to get that.