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  1. In this video I share with you how to fix RTL on Affinity Designer but its work Publisher and Photo as well, Free Fix Download Link: https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/ Enjoy!
  2. Does anyone knows how do I type text from RTL for Arabic text for the 2 softwares mentioned?
  3. Once again and again and again, please, pretty please, support rtl texts on affinity package, I use affinity publisher to setup Arabic books with long texts, and it takes sooooo long to prepare texts outside affinity then paste them back to the the publisher. Please help!
  4. Affinity is a niche product with “only” three million users - Adobe CC (supports RTL) has 30 million users, so, if you wants RTL there’s a lot of other choices out there that can do RTL… We other three million continue to use Affinity with LTR.
  5. many messaged you before but no response> We need it ot support Arabic and other RTL languages.
  6. I'm not going to argue with you. I know you are wrong. FYI I've worked with RTL text for over 10 years and read and write Persian practically every day. If you don't know the different between LTR cursive and RTL cursive, I leave it at that. I won't respond any further.
  7. If now Canva support RTL, why not use Canva instead of Affinity Suite? Isn’t Canva for free in standard version? Don’t expect to have RTL in Affinity before version 3.0…
  8. It's ridiculous to me that something as basic as right to left text isn't a built in feature. Even a basic notepad can handle right to left text. I found this plugin that seems to fix it, I expect by converting RTL text to unicode. Affinity Designer and Publisher is unusable for Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Azeri and Hebrew because they are all RTL scripts. It collectively excludes a billion people. It's a massive oversight.
  9. Hi Affinity Team, Does Affinity V2 support RTL? RTL is in need.
  10. Hi everyone, Just signed up for the forum after purchasing the Affinity V2 Universal License. I asked this question in a private message with Affinity support, and it was also asked in the Affinity V1 section in this forum but seems that no-one has asked this for V2. Hence, I'm raising this up here as well so this won't be forgotten: It would be great if Right-to-Left (RTL) text writing support will be added to the Affinity products for both desktop and iPad versions. I'm aware that this may be difficult to implement, yet this is an essential feature for RTL users. The competitor Adobe has RTL support but as you all know the mandatory subscription plan is why we're here, and so RTL users would love to see this important feature implement. Thanks! I would like I to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Affinity for developing such great products, making it much affordable (and reasonable) for those who still believe and prefer a one-time-purchase permanent license per version, which the competitor Adobe doesn't offer anymore. Also, I would like to thank the community here for their feedback to making the Affinity products even better. Personally, I would love to see Affinity products line grow to include even more products, such as video and audio editing, so eventually combine an entire production software in one suite, just like the Adobe Master Collection.
  11. we need RTL writing system on desktop and iPad ! we are waiting along time and still nothing for that , and no body lock seriously for that problem
  12. I'm a photoshop user for 18 years now. affinity suite is the best competitor now. but not supporting RTL text is a major drawback. please fix this. thanks
  13. Hi @pruus Thanks for making us aware of the crash, I've passed this along to the devs to investigate. Although as has been mentioned unfortunately we don't support RTL text.
  14. I understand the purchase and printing volume of RTL languages plus marketability point that don't encourage developers to work on RTL option, but wish to highlight that a huge number of users in the middle east and other areas are opting to buy affinity- once in a life time payment- to avoid paying monthly fees to adobe creative cloud package. At some point, I hope that affinity considers RTL to compete with adobe package that support RTL writing.
  15. It's basically impossible as it is now. The sound of 'uggh' was heard several times from me when I got the wrong glyph for the nth time. There are some other glyphs which are like this too. Perhaps if there was a bounding box around the glyph it would be clearer. For longer texts it's not really a problem as I use a RTL text editor which does this for me. But for the 'just a few words here and there' cases, I tend to use the glyph browser. One more unusual thing (perhaps by design?), on a Mac with a UK keyboard I switch keyboard mappings using ctrl+space. In APub, in a text box the keyboard mapping shows as Persian (for example). I can then type a Persian character in a text box. It's not useful by itself as we all know. But, if I go to the glyph panel to the search box the keyboard mapping changes to UK. So I can't do a search for َ for example. I have to use the browser which is tedious.
  16. In some cases, yes. We all know that RTL is not supported, which is how it is. It is possible to type short text using the glyph browser. But take a look at this: Can you tell me the difference between these two? (I'm not expecting you to). However you can see they are different (both are correct, but they are not interchangeable - they are different): One of the problems when (mis)using the glyph browser like this is the sometimes very small size of the diacritics. If/when Affinity supports Arabic/Persian/Urdu this should be addressed.
  17. No, again, you're wrong. Maybe stop talking about languages you don't work in and use every day, or like, at all? This is the difference between cursive and ligature based: Ligature can be said to be a sub class of cursive, but that's still not necessary for most latin scripts. Ligature based scripts are necessary for most Abjad scripts because they can't be broken up as easily. when you write something like کشتنی it's made up of the letters ک، ش ، ت، ن and ی. I really wish for your sake you were right so you didn't feel obligated to keep replying and giving me unsolicited advice but it's a little different than what you're saying. Affinity already supports cursive fonts and fonts with ligature based logic. Additionally that has nothing to do with rendering RTL text. So I don't know what you're talking about.
  18. Hi Mehdy and welcome to the forum. There are many threads on this topic, just search for RTL or Right to Left or the names of any of the various languages that would benefit from RTL text. Here's a link to over 90 posts on RTL just since the launch of v2 in November. I think Serif is very much aware of how many people want RTL. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=rtl&quick=1&search_and_or=and&start_after=1667952000&sortby=relevancy But I want to dispel the notion that it is "done easily by a short code that reverses letters". Building in support for RTL from the start is straightforward. Adding it after the app is already built is a lot of work because it affects everything. RTL can be applied to paragraphs and ranges of characters so text direction can be reversed even within a paragraph. It affects tables, story direction, page binding, page numbering, and much more. I have no inside information but I wouldn't expect RTL to be added in a minor update. This complex of feature would likely be part of a major upgrade.
  19. Yes, but in its first iteration, QXP has certain limitations with rtl scripts. Best to read what those limitations are before plunking down cash.
  20. I would mention QuarkXPress as it now natively supports RTL text in the 2023 edition. Prior to that, there was an Arabic plugin which cost several hundred $.
  21. I always wonder how a company more recent than affinity, like canva.com, could handle RTL correctly and properly, in the browser, from the get go... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. No, the word cursive is correct. Cursive means the letters join up. Ligatures are also joined up but they are different. There are articles out there about this, but even the main Wikipedia article on cursive scripts lists ligatures as a subclass of cursive scripts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cursive. It's not. RTL text is not easy to implement. It is not simply a matter of reversing a string of text. If it was available I would use it.
  23. If you want "full" RTL support then indeed it is not possible at the moment. However there are some workarounds for using RTL text. If I use ParsiNegar and copy the text in Unicode mode, I can paste that into APub without problems. YMMV. But some things can be done.
  24. And according to the staff, it has not (yet) been implemented because at the code level integrating it with the other text-based features is much more complicated than it might seem. I'm not sure what that means but for example, I think since multiple fonts & languages can appear in the same block of text at both the character & paragraph level, it might be hard to work out how they all should work together if a line of text mixes RTL & LTR text along with all the fonts & so on.
  25. the word you're looking for is ligature based scripts. Ligature and cursive based scripts are different. That said, Hebrew isn't even that. Regardless, myself and millions of people use RTL scripts it all the time, and as far as ligature scripts go, it's a common component of Latin and Cyrillic scripts too. it even works here: یہ لے بھایٔ بکش دہ مجھے It's a basic feature. That you don't use it or it looks complicated to you has no bearing on that.
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