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Found 97 results

  1. Sorry, but I'll have to disagree. The function is usually much better when an application focuses on doing one thing well, or at least a related package of things, and its developers understand that function. OCR is not related to Publisher's mission, and is not like anything else that Publisher does. If OCR is important to you, use an application focused on OCR and you will have better results.
  2. I made a Swedish hyphenation dictionary from the Open source files at Libre Office, but it's getting tedious to install them in the actual application package every time the beta expires and there's a new version available. Couldn't the language dictionaries be stored somewhere outside the app package? For instance in a /Documents/Affinity/Dictionaries/ folder. I attach the Swedish hyphenation dictionary folder for anyone who wants to use it when trying out Publisher. sv-SE.zip
  3. Coming from InDesign, I was particularly looking forward to seeing how Publisher handles links and packages. So far I've gathered that it embeds resources by default, but that you can release the embed and change the setting to linked in the resource manager. But is it possible to package and collect all files as it is in InDesign? Say you have a very large document with 20-30 GB worth of links and you want to send it over to someone else to finish the project. How would you go about that in Publisher? Will the document file size be 20-30 GB in that case? Sometimes I send the InDesign file without links to other people, so they can see the layout. In that case it would be quite cumbersome to include all resources. And what if you only wanted to send a couple of the linked files - how would you easily access those files from within Publisher? I don't see a "Reveal in finder" option for linked files.
  4. First, you folks are doing a tremendous job. AP is easy-to-use and quite efficient for production, even at beta stages. One great feature PagePlus had was the ability to create a package containing images, fonts, etc. When passing files from one computer to another this feature is essential. Unless I somehow missed it, I can't find this feature in Affinity. Thank you.
  5. I'd prefer to use function of making Package of all linked content to one Folder.
  6. To add a little to what fdelaneau said, beta software can also sometimes be in a larger package than then eventual commercial release because the developers haven't done any 'housekeeping' on it yet. (For example, old versions of stuff can be left hanging around just in case they're needed.) The last Designer beta package I have is around 360MB while the package for was around 245MB so I imagine the commercial Publisher package could be similarly smaller, perhaps. The last download for the drivers of one of my graphics cards was over 560MB, so 366MB for an application with the functionality of Publisher doesn't sound too bad to me, in this day and age. At least we don't have to install it from floppy disks; that would take quite a bit longer than 26 minutes.
  7. No preflight! In Indesign it is File> Package. In PP: Saving as packages It can be really frustrating when you transfer a file to another computer only to find that you are missing either an image or a typeface. The “Save as Package” feature allows you to gather together all the files that you’ve used in a publication, including fonts and linked graphics, for easy transfer to another computer or to a print bureau. When you package a publication, you create a special PPP file that contains the linked resources. This can be opened and extracted at a later date and will preserve the file links. This method allows you to continue work on the publication, without having to worry whether you’ve overlooked supporting resources. By including resources such as bitmaps, movies and sound files, regardless of whether they are linked or embedded, documents can be guaranteed to open on any machine. Including referenced fonts ensures that they will always look the same. To save a document as a package: Go to File>Save as Package… Type a name for your publication and choose a destination folder. Click Save. The Save as Package dialog appears. Check the Fonts option to include any font files within the package. The Linked Resources option is checked by default. Click OK. The file will be saved as a PPP file, but one that has special properties that allow PagePlus to recognise it as a package when it is next opened. Close the publication. When you save the file as a package, the file size will increase as it will include all of the resources and/or font files that have been used. Please bear this is mind if you intend to email the document as an attachment!
  8. I miss the package order of InDesign or Quark. Or i don't have found it in the menues of publisher
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really like the diagram at the bottom of the page on the last image. I agree that having the ability to swap between the three applications, Photo, Designer, and Publisher is going to be a powerful package for desktop publishing.
  10. Bad icons, bad name of the software. LOL. We are talking about a tool, right? I don't mind if the logo is just a red dot or the name of the software is Affinity PublishOrExportARedDotOnWhiteBackground. The inside of the package is more interesting than the outside of the package. Working a few years now with the software icons Ps, Ai and Id without bothering that icons are not state of art.
  11. InDesign has a File > Package... command that collects the InDesign document, along with fonts used and linked artwork into a single folder. This makes it easy to collect all the necessary assets for a single project to either archive or to share with a printer or collaborator. Does/will Publisher have a similar feature?
  12. I used AF Pub to make my wife's Doctoral research poster. It's a single page 36 inches by 48 inches and it had imported graphics and photos along with a couple of tables. The PDF I generated was used to print the poster on a vinyl sheet and everything worked perfectly. I did mirror everything in Scribus as a backup in case I ran into problems with AF Pub (I don't have ID or Quark). There was only one odd thing that happened in the whole process: at the FedexKinko's where I had the poster printed, the software they use to import the PDF seemed to have an issue displaying the PDF in a thumbnail view. It came up blank but printed perfectly. The template that the University gave her for the poster was set up on a page that was 13.25 inches by 7.5 inches. I'm still scratching my head on those dimensions. I started out on that format but decided to scale it up to the finished 36 by 48. The scaling worked perfectly, resizing the fonts and images. The only downside was that the text styles were still based on the smaller format. I had to go in and reset the styles to the new font sizes and spacing. Fortunately, I only had a few paragraph and character definitions. I can see how this is going to be a really great package of applications once all of the apps are up to the 1.7 baseline. Well done, Affinity team!
  13. Affinity Designer download is about 260 Mo and 1.2 Go once installed. Affinity Photo is about the same. Now Publisher is still in beta so my guess is there is some debugging code there that will be removed but it won't be significant. As for your rant that it was better before, todays applications are vastly more complex and capable. Would you get back to applications from that era ? That alone could justify the gain but there is also the fact that nowadays icon resources and images are also more common and bigger then before. On macOS a simple application icon with all different states can weight more than 1Mo. If you open the app package you can see that the icons assets weights more than 250 Mo and there are thousands of them.
  14. Hi there, thanks for releasing this new application, it looks great. I would like to swithc from InDesign to your Publisher. Could you please add the the package document feature? I would really need this feature, package whole document into one zip file including all imported images, files and fonts but keep it accesible as a separate files... in a same way as InDesign does. Thanks. Regards Pavel
  15. First, excuse the English written here. I do not speak or write fluently, but this will not stop me from trying to help in the development of this tool that can be cheaper and accessible for everyone compared to Adobe. My suggestion to developers and programmers would be to create a fourth tool for the Affinity family, in which it makes the package of any company file. It could be made available for free and track all Affinity applications. With that you would not be copying and would not be accused of plagiarism by Adobe. The action of the new application would be to collect and save to a folder all files related to that Affinity file, such as Photo, Designer and Publisher, which would be: fonts and images (even embedded ones in the resolution being made present within the file). The operation, for me, would be simple, open this new program, go in the option to generate package of the file and this would appear as a folder where the user determines itself. I hope this is viable.
  16. That's true. But so far there were no option. Affinity software costs just a month worth of Adobe CC subscription (complete package). I have already switched some minor repeating projects into Designer and so far so good. Few struggles with bleeding settings from Illustrator. I look forward to trying Publisher more.
  17. Hi all, I second that request for at least partial InDesign support too. I have paid Adobe CC complete package for couple of years now and I'm getting tired of theirs pricing policy, specially when using only couple of apps of theirs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, Lightroom and few more occasionally. I have been using these products for last 25 years quite happily. But with CC, everything changed. Thanks to Affinity and Apple, I have substitutes for almost all of Adobe SW I use on regular basis, but InDesign. I have learned about Affinity Publisher just today, and I jumped in excitement that there might finally be a way out for me I don't really need full indd support, just to convert my older files and live without Adobe for the rest of my life or until they introduce more flexible pay model. For those looking for similar switch from Adobe, here is what I'm quite satisfied with. Illustrator > Affinity Designer Lightroom > Apple Photos, Apple Aperture Premiere > Apple iMovie (limited, but good enough for me) Audition > Apple GarageBand Dreamweaver > netBeans Photoshop > Affinity Photo, Apple Photos, Apple Preview
  18. I work with InDesign since version 1 and have to say I like how Publisher looks and works. There are attractive features there! One thing I probably missed if not I really would love to have is the option to package items like used pictures and fonts.
  19. What I forgot to add to my reply before was that built-in features are supported and tested by the developer. I do not expect the same level support from a third-party script who has no obligation to provide updates in a timely manner. No one wants to ask "Will the scripts that I use, which are critical to my workflow/efficiency, function with the new update." Maybe you do, but I do not need that extra complication when on deadline. I am not against scripts, but I think an image swapping/replacement feature would be more suited as a built-in function. This is actually a deciding factor for me. Coming from using InDesign (with scripts haha), and also a dedicated photo album design software (SmartAlbums); Affinity Publisher is an opportunity to replace ALL those options for me in a single software package that offers the workflow efficiency, control, and flexibility I desire.
  20. Hi guys thanx for this beta, it looks great! My suggestions: - Lock guides (also in Affinity Designer) - Package whole document - Implementation of GREP - Implementation of Nested text styles - Make master page from actual page - Import or place text from Word, tables from Excel
  21. William Overington


    Looking back through emails I think that I got vera as a result of the following that was linked from an email. https://openpreservation.org/news/verapdf-1-10-released-on-international-digital-preservation-day/ I find that I had problems getting it to install and then I got the following advice as I needed to install Java. >> Try installing Oracle Java 9 from here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/javase/index-jsp-138363.html. Once that's done you should be able to double click the installer jar from the installation zip package and all should be good. To which I replied. > Yes, I did that yesterday evening and I have got veraPDF working. I downloaded the offline version of the installer. Thank you for your help. I added a shortcut to verapdf-gui.bat on the desktop. This makes use easier. ---- I hope that that is helpful. William
  22. Well, I was not thinking of the SVG drawings, I was thinking of the format using the CPAL and COLR tables of an OpenType colour font. For me, Affinity Publisher should be a first class software program, so that it is not a question of "Well, if you want features like that, you need to get EXPENSIVE PACKAGE that is EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE PACKAGE if bought in the United Kingdom" but that "Well, that Affinity Publisher software from Serif is amazingly modern, even futuristic, notwithstanding its budget price." For example, I have already noticed the feature that all of the Universal Character Set can be accessed as characters (rather than just as glyphs) and that the characters can be extracted from a PDF that has been produced, even that the underlying text can be extracted from a PDF that has been produced where there are ligature glyphs used in the display (subject to the font having suitable glyph names for ligature glyphs so as to facilitate that extractability). For me those are significant advances over PagePlus. So, while I appreciate that things take time, and there is not the thing about priority, I hope that such features are on the agenda. I wonder what is the target market for Affinity Publisher. For example, there was a time when PagePlus seemed, over a few updates, around PPX3 and PPX4, to be focused on printshops, with PPX5 OpenType capability was introduced. I first started using PagePlus with PagePlus 9 because it included the ability to produce PDF documents. PagePlus 12 allowed plane 0 characters to go to PDF as characters rather than convert to curves and PPX5 introduced OpenType facilities. My publishing is as pure electronic publications on the web. The OpenType facilities in PPX5 I found to be great. I was able to use them to test fonts that I had made using the High-Logic FontCreator program. I have found that sometimes it takes quite a while for Serif to introduce a new feature, yet when they do, they do it extremely well. William
  23. Thanks for the response, fde! Appreciated, especially when the problem's probably with me. The attached s/s, from a different software package, is my goal. The second s/s is the Wrap Text box, which *I* didn't change between my two original images. All I did between them was drag the image up or down to try and get the alignment I wanted. Thanks for the head's up on the red dot; I hadn't gotten to that problem yet, and on the full-page view, I can see where the overflow is. But first things first. Thanks again!
  24. Hi sdrum, There's no package functionality at this point but this is something that's planned for later.
  25. Linking photos is good. A function such as Indesign and PagePlus would be better. There you can save the file as a package. All images, graphics and fonts are saved in one folder and the program is told that the location of the images is now in the package folder. This is useful if, for example, you have to send the typesetting files to an agency, the publisher, etc. If you rename your image folder or move it to another hard drive or uninstall the fonts it will be hard to make everything available for AP again. I hope the publisher will still get this feature.