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  1. Hello - It will be a great benefit for Affinity Publisher to add an ability to design and save a document as ePub (eBook) option, in addition to to a PDF file. Thank You! I. Pycher
  2. I was so excited to see Affinity Publisher and after reading all of the reviews I knew it was going to be a fantastic program for what I was looking for. EXCEPT....I can't download/convert/export to an ePub or a MOBI. Why? I enjoyed learning this program but have hit a huge snag because I need both ePub and MOBI files. After trying to use Calibre, online conversions, and even Google Docs I cannot get the files I need. Why, oh why, have you created such an amazing publishing program, but lack something so basic? Have I missed something? Signed, Frustrated Project Manager
  3. It would be great if Publisher could be used to create interactive ePub/PDF documents like what is done in this video. Specifically: Motion animations Show/Hide Timing Panel Motion Paths Events Button Triggers Adobe Indesign Help - Document Animation Given that the world is moving farther away from printed magazines, etc. having the ability to create fully interactive documents would be a very good feature set for Publisher. Regards M@
  4. (I originally popped this into the problem section. Sorry about that) Please, please, please Affinity! Please make Publisher a place where I can cobble together EPUBs! I don't want to use Indesign. 😒 Everything I need is in Publisher. And I love it here! Editing photos at the click of a button without having to open photoshop. All my assets at the ready to go! 😊All my brushes and whatnots! And I know how to use everything (well, nearly everything... sort of). Please! Please!
  5. Are there any plans to have Affinity Publisher be able to convert files to ePub? If so, when?
  6. To move documents to epub reader and Amazon Kindle system it needs export as epub. You can publish epub direct to Tolino systems and to Amazon (import filter:epub). Thank you for feedback. Regards Dirk
  7. 1) Serif is on their way to "brilliance" as they say in UK! 2) AP is desktop publishing orientated, I get that, but let's face it, sadly, hard copy is on the way out, basically for everything, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. In USA, as soon as Barnes and Noble closes, hard copy will take an unsustainable hit. IMO. 3) Most Affinity users have dropped Adobe due to subscriptions (awful idea), so we would like to get away from proprietary Adobe PDF format also. (of course, should keep it as secondary format). 4) Please institute the open source EPUB format for export of digital documents. It has multimedia capability, sound, video( or animation) as well as fixed or fluid format. IMO the fluid "style" is only viable for novels with minimal graphics ("fluid" EPUB graphics don't scale or zoom well on devices). The "fixed" EPUB format is brilliant for textbooks (looks beautiful on iPad Pro 10.5, portrait style ) with lots of graphics and diagrams TOC, Index, and small sound and video animations etc. I am trying to move from Mac Pages to AP, but I use the fixed EPUB in Pages with a lot of sound and HOPEFULLY I won't have to wait to long for SERIF to roll out EPUB, hint hint LOL. 5) This EPUB digital format addition will really get the suite of Affinity products some "press", so to speak, and put them on their way to fame and fortune for years in the future, when the "printing press" disappears. 6) Thanks PS: I included an attached unfinished project, titled "Attitude Instrument Flying Workbook" in EPUB format (from Mac Pages) for everyone to view. It has sound in the introduction. The images are done in AD and AP. Maybe in the future everything can be done in Affinity. File size 31mb. There are plenty of free EPUB readers for MAc, Windows, Linux, as well as the usual culprits iBooks, Adobe digital editions, etc. Please view this document on an Android or preferably iPad Pro 10.5. I used a slightly larger 14pt font and small margins so a single page looks nice in portrait without zooming in fixed EPUB. I feel a minimum size device for reading digitally, comfortably is 10-11", although any size (iPhone etc) can be zoomed or scrolled in EPUB "fixed". Attitude_Instrument_Flying_Workbook_V2.8.epub
  8. I have not seen a recent request for this option, so pardon my starting a new thread rather than adding to an existing one. But this is an important function for me and one of my main uses for this program. I export to PDF and to EPUB with my former program. Is this export option in the works?
  9. is there a ePUB export option in your timeline? Would be great ;-)
  10. I am writing a book that I would like to sell print copies of, as well as digital copies through Apple iBooks, and perhaps the Kindle store. It would be nice, if Publisher could export to the EPUB format, and whatever format Kindle uses. If it already does this, I failed to see it available from the menu options. Robby
  11. Yesterday, Apple announced that iBooks Author is effectively dead - no more updates. So wouldn’t now be a great time for Serif to announce that Affinity Publisher will support ePub export? Affinity Publisher is already hands-down the best solution for print output. Why not take this golden opportunity to make it the best solution for electronic output too? Thanks for all you do.
  12. Do you think that you will be adding an Epub export facility to publisher in the near future thats compatible with Amazon, Kindle and others?
  13. I can not believe there was no export capability to produce an Epub2 file, let alone an eub3 file that meets the Daisy Consortium standards.
  14. It's difficult to know where to add a negative comment. I work at a learning centre, a non profit, for seniors getting confidence with technology. I think a few would be interested in Affinity Publisher and I would like them to try it our. Our classroom has 6 desktops. Serif have a good offer for educational establishments but only for 10 or more copies. That requirement is causing my much angst. And I would have members interested if we could produce ePubs, but no, that is not likely to happen apparently. So back we go to PagePlus which we have been using since version X4. Great pity we can't move forward., Doug Turner, SeniorNet Glenfield
  15. I was wondering how close to the original document would be if you exported APub files as a .pdf and then converted the .pdf into an epub with a program like Calibre. Would your document look the same as the pdf, even if you had formatting and picutres? Or would it just need so much work that it would not be worth it? Thank for any experience on this topic. I REALLY can't wait for ePub to be added.
  16. Hi, Just looking at the latest beta of Publisher. Is there no ePub support? I can find the devices ranging from iPads to Kindles but cannot seem to find any reference or support for ePub? Thanks for the help F
  17. Hey, Digital publishing software without EPUB, FB2, DOCX export option? This is not fun! PLEASE make this formats available for export!
  18. Hi, I’m Israel from Hola monstruo editorial. We work with físical format and digital for our books. We need export to ePub in Affinity Publisher is essential google books and Apple Books for our editorial. Soon please.
  19. I would like to be able to make eBooks, so the ability to export to EPUB in Publisher would be nice. It would be great if video was able to be added to the eBook- like for tutorials. Thanks!
  20. I would like to be able to make eBooks, so the ability to export to EPUB in Publisher would be nice. It would be great if video was able to be added to the eBook- like for tutorials. Thanks! :)
  21. I tried to make an ePub last night, but noticed that there wasn't any options to do so. So I had to do it in pages (mac). I know that you can do it in Indesign. Will Affinity Publisher have this option so?
  22. Without the option to create the format epub, puts this program on a losing position (at least for me). So far, the Serif PagePlus X6 has probably much better functionality.
  23. Hello, I suggest support for exporting documents in digital publishing format like ebooks and flash magazines (even tough they are not so popular today). Sorry if it is all-ready suggested.
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