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  1. My next reproduction of one of the OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) covers made in Affinty Designer.
  2. You can see How to do this in my channel on you tube. Hope you like it. Thank you.
  3. an alternative cigarette box which I created with affinity designer 2 🤣 eine alternative zigarettenschachtel die ich mit affinity designer 2 erstellt habe 🤣
  4. Hi there! Years ago, when Windows Vista was about to be launched, Microsoft also launched installers for Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11. They did some efforts to improve the UI of both programs. I was still using Windows XP and I have to say that I loved the WMP 11 Itnerface back then (I used Winamp mostly, to be honest but still...), so I searched for some Screenshots and tried to replicate the UI using Designer. I think I got really close to the original and it's a joy for me doing this kind of works. I'd like to know if anyone else liked this as well. Just in case anyone is interested, for some reason, I attached the AFDESIGN File (V1). I used Inter for the interface text and everything you see is Vector: Best regards! WMP 11 Win XP - Vector.afdesign
  5. I am working on my icons In Designer. I love this vector editor. My new icons is for free download on www.webiconio.com.
  6. Sea of Clouds is another series of cities, bridges, mountains that immersed in the sea of clouds, It starts with Chongqing's Caijia Jialing River Bridge. Yes, I do love Chongqing. It is a very charming city, also known as the mountain city, fog capital, and bridge capital. I draw several illustations of Chongqing before. I hope you will enjoy.
  7. Here are a few vector images I did with Designer. The penguin I did based on a ceramic penguin light we have. The yellowish bird was something my mom asked me to do that replicated a ceramic bird she has. My tea mug. A hummingbird I saw a picture of for reference. A medicine bottle with spray hose in it.
  8. Graphic design is not my area of expertise. But Affinity Designer v2 is so good that I can't stop drawing something. 😊 Here is the avatar I drew for my little boy:
  9. Hi, this is a piece of gay erotica illustration The Waiter Off Duty which I created in Affinity Designer. I'm selling its art print through my website screechyegg.co.uk. Would love to hear your opinion on my art and you can purchase the its physical art print at Purchase link. Thanks! 🙂
  10. I created this image from a scene I saw in a castle in Varazdin, Croatia. I used to be a chemist, so mortars and pestles, chemicals and such interest me.
  11. Wife and I went to a 50’s style diner (Bel Air) and they had a wall jukebox (brought back old memories of playing music on jukeboxes) at our booth. I took a photo of it and their logo signs. I thought I would try creating vector images of their logo and the wall jukebox. I put all the song text inside the jukebox. The letter and number keys really were not perfectly the same. The cards inside the jukebox with the song titles were in rough shape (I didn’t try to duplicate that). I then created a counter with stools and root beer floats and a neon style Diner sign to add something extra. Hope somebody likes it.
  12. I created a vector image of our desk chair trying to make it as close to a photo of the chair as I could. I found a texture brush that is somewhat similar to look of fabric on the actual chair, but not exactly. Not too bad.
  13. I created a gnome from one I saw at my mom’s house and then I created a football field behind it for fun. My mom was a Penn State fan.
  14. This is the first time I've ever created anything this complex using all vector artwork. Usually my process is to hand draw everything first using a program like Sketchbook and then convert everything to vectors using Vector Magic. But this time I wanted a cleaner, more graphic look. These posted out of order so to be clear the initial design was just the truck with bikes in it as seen in the image with a red stripe. Then my initial attempt at creating a poster is the version with the full truck in it and brown borders on the sides, followed by the finished design showing only the rear of the truck in the foreground. The only element I didn't create myself is the monument rock and tree in the BG. I used a photo I found off a free stock website and then vectorized it, eventually altering some of its elements. You can see in my first attempt at the poster that the background was too dark and contrasty. I lightened it up and also added some noise and blur to help push it into the BG more. I must say I learned a LOT in this entire process and look forward to seeing what Affinity has up its sleeve for V2 which hopefully will make this process much easier in the future.
  15. It's over 30 Degrees Celsius indoors now (no airco, all windows blacked out), but outside it was today even hotter and tropical.... so I decided to practise some more animation today in hot, but dry air as an excercise All graphics happily created with Affinity Designer!
  16. Hello everyone ! I'm new to Affinity Designer and I made two stickers as an example. It would be my pleasure to hear your comments. Thank you for all
  17. These images are available to view on my website:- https://www.johnchandlerart.com/ there are more artworks and animations to view there, I'm working on various more to do with animations that I also created working with affinity software. I'm happy with the results of these. Just click on the link. Please do check out these artworks and comment also. Always happy for some constructive feedback from some constructive critiques.
  18. One of the first things I created in Designer. I've learned a lot since this, but I still love it.
  19. I began with a photo and did some tracing. Then applied gradients. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but it is my first effort. I wanted to share it. I welcome feedback or tips, pointers to tutorials, etc. I'm trying to learn to create somewhat realistic images that still have a vector personality to it. Anyway, I'm shy about my work, but I do welcome your comments. Honestly, the hardest part for me was the nose, the hair, the mouth, the eyes, the lips, the face, the skin ... lol ... in other words, I need to improve every part of my skills. But again, I just wanted to share something with the community.
  20. I was inspired by a scientific podcast which does series on particular themes. This time about 'Are human beings animals' where in particular an episode about animal rights and lawyers for animals was very interesting. And had a few ideas in my head to tell a story with 3 colors and one image:
  21. Hello! I don’t know if we’re allowed to promote other websites here, but my new site recently went live, and all works on it were created on Affinity Designer for iPad. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! http://www.gregsavageart.co.uk
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