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  1. I've been focusing on shaing and coloring techniques in Affinity Designer lately. With this Blue Cobalt Shot Glass, I used gaussian blur, layer blending modes (Color Burn and Average) and opacity to acheive the effect that I was looking for. What methods would you use? UPDATE 3/15/2015 Thank you for all of the great input. I'm including the following to this post: The original image I used for inspiration My .afdesign file so you can see the layers Further Explanation (What I was trying to acheive) My goal was to make this illustration as "real" as possible. I've been expirementing with Gaussian blur, gradients, blending modes and opacity to acheive realistic highlights and shading. blue_cobalt_glass_RE.afdesign
  2. A while ago I went to a portfolio show to get advice from some leading graphic designers in the area. When I showed one designer this logo that I did for a women’s group he said to me that at first didn’t realize that they were people due to their heads not being very visible in front of their arms. He also thought that the curves of the dress made it appear like they were rubber gloves. He suggested that I move the arms further apart so the head would be more visible and to straighten the dress out more. The image on the left is the redesign I did after listening to his advice. There many other type choices I have been experimenting with that I might try as well. I would love to hear what other people think!
  3. Hello! I am a mobile game artist and designer. I have always been using Illustrator, but have recently discovered Affinity and I am completely blown away by its capabilities and speed! I have the 10 day trial, but after everything I have seen and done with the program, I will be making the full purchase upgrade right after I am done posting this example. Here is just an peek of a couple ideas I have been playing around with, which eventually will be a fully usable and customizable GUI Asset Sheet for people to use in their own games and apps. This program is amazing, and I cant wait to dive a lot further into it! :) Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi! I have had great fun with Affinity Designer's shapes and making this series. So relaxing! I have learned a lot while doing this, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell as I post more-- such as, how to use gradients, boolean operations, converting to curves, centering objects, grouping, bitmap fills, etc. Essentially I've learned how to use AD while making these. I will say that after a bit I realized that if I was going to call the series "Compass Roses" they should have at least multiples of four points, so some of the early ones broke that rule. That said, here are the first five and I will post the others in a bit. There are other wonky things too, but I call that a process of learning and I'm very happy with the last windroses especially. I'm still working on my "villains" series, but they take a LOT longer to do than these compass roses...
  5. I found Affinity Designer after deciding not to continue with Adobe Illustrator's monthly subscripton fees (after using it for several years). To learn the interface and tools, I decided to hand trace the classic Electric Light Orchestra logo from the 1976 "A New World Record" album cover. I love using AD, and looking forward to more features that will make it even better than Illustrator :)
  6. Affinity designer is my first AI type program Ive used (as AI is too expensive) - heres a quick logo mockup for a design competition - they're an electronics company... Still wondering when they're or if they already have put a save as png option? z-icon.afdesign
  7. Hello all :) This is my second completed attempt with A.D. ( first is my avatar ). This was all about learning so please forgive the many mistakes haha! Made it in drawing persona, next will try something wholly in pixel persona. Got to say really loving Affinity Designer!. Congratulations to all their team. I think once you add the items mentioned on your roadmap, lots and lots more people will be waving goodbye to Adobe. ThePinkRings.afdesign
  8. hello, I tested affinity designer, a true wonder with a bright future without a doubt. Monster.afdesign
  9. I was making a icon to use as a replacement for the one automatically displayed on the desktop when I plug in my kindle paperwhite and it turned out quite well. So, I thought I'd make it even more accurate and make a marketing-type poster. All vector and all done in Affinity Designer, including all the text, lines and icons on the display. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, mainly because its really a lot of rounded rectangle shapes, but that's what makes vector art (and AD) great :) I'm hoping to make a more 3D-ish one that appears to be rotated around 20~30 degrees around the y-axis sometime, but I'm happy with this "straight on" one, too. I've also include the icon as a png if anyone would like to use it. Hope you like it! edit: re-uploaded the png with a few minor fixes for some strokes getting too big after resizing the layer
  10. Hey ! I've created some iPhones flat mockup. (you can download source) Just moved from Inkscape to AD. Working in Affinity Designer is just pleasure :) It's more comfy and intuitive. Cheers! iphonesAD.afdesign
  11. Just a couple Vector Images i've done since I got Affinity Designer Last week :) hope you enjoy! Kanye West Head.afdesign My Face Flat Design.afdesign Xavier Shaw Face.afdesign
  12. So, a potential client contacted me about doing some motion graphic work for a conference. They want to go with this true detective type of look. If your not familiar with the show check out the title screen found here Anyway, I probably will end up doing this in apple motion if I get the job. I decided, before I commit to the project, let me try and execute the look or get some what close to it in a still frame sample first. This what I am going to present to the client since I do not have a lot of sample work that reflects this sort of style. Most of the stuff I have done isn't anything I want to show anyone because they are dry, old, corporate project from the tech sector that really limits my creativity! Anyway, this would be a fun and challenging project if i get it! I created this entire image using nothing but the pixel persona tools. I am really curious to see what tools are available for image manipulation in Affinity Photo because i can pull off a lot of techniques that I would do in Adobe Photoshop in Affinity Designer already!
  13. This is my fist post... not sure how to make the images smaller. hope it works out. Any way, this is my first experience with Affinity Designer. I'd like to share with you! Jake Zhang website: jakeanime.com instagram: instagram.com/jakeweirdpower
  14. So I have this client project for a legal department that want something "edgy" ( how I hate that word) Anyway, I wanted to try and pull of this fo 3d look. This is not final but this exploration taught me a little bit about the 3d effects in the fx panel. I will definitely have to play wit that feature more but it quite powerful! This entire piece was created in Affinity Designer. I amazed by this application everyday! interesting moods
  15. https://dribbble.com/shots/1809240-Music-Player-UI-NCD2014 Just a project I did for NDC 2014. I don't have a lot of time to work on personal work, but I'm trying to find the time. Most of my work is internal, and private unfortunately. This was my first serious go at using Affinity Designer for a project. It was a decent experience, but I did miss a few key things.
  16. A work in progress. A small political satire. I live in South Korea and having a missile wielding excruciatingly fearsome and devilish handsome dictator as a neighbor makes life here interesting to say the least. This work is based on an actual photograph of the 'great leader'. I am being sarcastic, of course. No offense intended. Cheers! Ps: Loving the ease of use of Designer. Can't wait for the future updates!
  17. Hey Gang.. :) Having a blast learning A.Designer. This is my first take on a vector drawing. I'll show more as soon as i get the time to work on this :) Oh, did i mention this is ALL freakin' VECTOR? yeah.. the light rays too... that seamlessly blend with the background :O the biggest wow for me was.. a layer above every other layer, which has a gradient, noise, and overlay blend mode.. it ties everything together sooo goood... i think im falling in love with you Affinity -.- but i have a girlfriend, darn...
  18. My first masterpiece created in Affinity Designer. Behold.
  19. I'm still working on it, but here's a drawing of a Miura for you to play with in Designer. If anybody fancies improving it and sending it back that would be fantastic! :) Miura.afdesign Cheers, Matt
  20. Inspired by Matt's post i decided to give it a try and draw a Lamborghini too in Affinity Designer. Here's what i got so far:
  21. Hello folks, Been practising with Designer and completed this wee critter in over the past couple o' nights. Still trying to streamline my workflow but practise is good (and fun.....) If anyone has any tips on how to make this better (especially the balloon) then I'd love to hear them. :D Cheers! George [shamelessplug] For more creatures like this, head to my website - www.eejits-online.co.uk [/shamelessplug]
  22. Hey everyone, I've just been playing with the software, it started out as a quick doodle to play around and I'll be damned if t didn't just suck me in ;). I certainly like the way that Affinity Designer is headed. It has the key functionality from illustrator, but doesn't make you jump through as many hoops. Things I love: The dynamic shapes - there is similar functionality in illustrator with one of the astute graphics plugins but there is a much more extensive range here. i love the eclipse tool, really handy for shadows sand highlights on spherical objects. The transparency tool - is really great, no need to mess around with image masks to create a simple alpha grad The pressure graph - a great way to control the thickness of the lines. Insert inside - I didn't know that this functionality was available inside illustrator until i found it here Elipse gradient - Same again Things I would Love to see: Multiple fills strokes and effects - I have only just started using these in Sketch, iDraw and illustrator but they have become really handy for creating a more efficient workflow. I especially like the implementation in Sketch Outline stroke - Sometimes nice to use a stroke as a starting point expand it then tweak it. Offset path - Really handy to be able to expand a complex shape outward or inward Select Same… - It would be nice to be able to select the same fill or stroke colour to be able to easily recolour artwork. Adjustable Colour Swatches - I haven't seen this in any of the vector packages I've used but would be great to be able to assign a colour from the swatch palette to multiple objects and by updating the swatch you could automatically update the colour on all the objects (kind of like in inDesign). I've used this briefly in ToonBoom Animate and it worked really well. Quick Zoom Shortcut - I really missed the cmd-space shortcut to zoom. I was using a pen /tablet combo so couldn't use a scroll wheel… but I guess i would get use dot the trackpad alternative ;) Release compound path - I couldn't figure out how to separate booleaned objects (but that's probably just me) Anyways just some thoughts. as I said I'm liking the way it's headed and look forward to doing some more doodles sometime soon. Take it easy. Dave
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