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  1. Freaky Mouse vector art for your viewing pleasure! Took me ages to complete, oh how I suffer for my art. Don't tell me you like it, it only encourages my bad behavior.
  2. Bindweed 500 x 750 mm | 300dpi Affinity Designer Part of the 'Untamed Project' and a mix of Raster and Vector drawing Raster Outlines with Vector Backgrounds Coloured Version with Texture Overlay using the new 2.1 Asset to Fill Feature Tinted Version using Hue Overlay and without dot texture
  3. Procesos: Uso de efectos, ajustes y mesas de trabajo. Paneles: Capas, Muestras, Color, Trazo, Efectos, Estilos, Inserción. Herramientas: Mover, Rectángulo, Elipse, Nodo, Pluma, Esquina. Referencia de estilo: Poster A. Mikhailov - 1925. Recurso de texto: Letra de canción "Un beso y una flor" de Nino Bravo. Vídeo del proceso:
  4. Created an affinity designer tube of. a sunflower lady, A T shirt design on my cheap public and my red bubble store.
  5. Camouflage II Finally finished the second Camouflage Vector Drawing. Completed in Affinity Designer 1.7 with a little help from the 1.8 Beta. Continued with same theme as Camouflage I but with a completely new set of vector objects. Original size 1500 x 500mm 300dpi Uploaded at 3543 x 1181 jpg Eight layer Composite Embedded file set
  6. New piece - Wut? 100% vector. All created in Affinity Designer iPad Beta v1.2
  7. Hey, buddies! This is an artwork inspired by artists who do miniature with resin and other craft artifacts. I’ve done a while ago, using Affinity Designer 1.x.Hope you guys like the result ☺️ Oh, if you like this kind of work, please, consider follow my YouTube channel 🙏, soon I’ll upload more content. Thanks Affinity ❤️
  8. 100% Vectores, 100% Designer Object 1.afdesign
  9. I am still using the trial (5 days in) and trying to get a handle on the program before time runs out and I have to decide if I want to use it on my old surface (it freezes up every time I use the program, so I am trying to settle on if I want to save up and get a newer Surface or go to an iPad or just deal with freezing). I'm having a lot of fun and getting to where I'm understanding some of it I think. Free-hand and purposefully trying to keep it simple. This is a very different style from my usual digital art so it feels weird to me, but I am enjoying it.
  10. After seeing the design shared by GaryRS in his post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/186604-the-hat-aka-einstein-shape/ I was intrigued by the '13-sided shape that can be arranged in a tile formation such that it never forms a repeating grid'. Anyway, whilst fiddling about I discovered Affinity Designer's Advanced grid setting 'Horizontal triangular' can be used to make 'the hat' shape. So I just thought I'd 'tip my hat' to GaryRS and share that bit of info! 😉
  11. This my first artwork totally using Affinity Designer and Photo. I've converted from Adobe as I'm now retired and just producing pictures for my own pleasure (mainly motor racing). This is the late Carlos Pace's Martini Brabham BT45 at the German GP in 1976. Based on a photo by the brilliant Rainer Schlegelmilch.
  12. Hola. Mi nombre es Juan José Pérez. Este es mi primer post para la comunidad y primer arte serio realizado en affinity Designer. Espero sus comentarios. Gracias! Hello. My name is Juan José Pérez. This is my first post for the community and first serious art done at affinity Designer. I look forward to your comments. Thank you!
  13. Hi, This post is a mixture of share your work and lesson learned. To get some practice with vector art, i start with photos of real world situations, and try to trace the curves manually. My goal is to stay 100% vector, and reach a high degree of accuracy even for small details (e.g. badges and symbols), but using as much simple shapes as possible (e.g. stars and ellipses for curves). After working several hours after business work for the last weeks the result is a mixture of nice / promising, and stuck in too much effort. Below you find the current state, missing lots of the under-carriage and fine details like tubes, nuts, color gradients. Lessons learned: Real photos always have a perspective distortion. This leads to some complexities: every wheel of the train differs, and ellipses don't accurately match a wheel viewed from perspective. So everey wheel needs to be adjusted individually, and every shapes needs fine tuning after conversion into curve. It might be easier to render this in 3D vs. trying to achieve this level of accuracy with Designer (lacking tools for perspective correction for pure vector documents). Some objects needs to be partitioned to correctly render the Z-axis / 3D Designer gets slower over time, after 2-3 hours you need to restart. Especially blur filters (or Layer FX) are taxing to the performance and lead to Designer become less responsive, even on my PC which is quite beefy. Now I'm curious how you rate my work, and what you recommend to improve the workflow (or artistic direction accuracy vs. abstraction vs. realism vs. imagination). This is 100% fun work, no intention to go commercial. Photo used as basis: own work. RBB is an active small steam train public transport with fixed schedule, used by tourists and commuters on the island Rügen in north-east Germany.
  14. Started these AGES ago as just a fun experiment, thought I'd finish them now. Playing with textures, shadows, reflections.... colours. First started in V1 of Affinity Designer, but finished in V2... I used the warp tool on the wood reflection. I used a custom brush for the wood grain, so it's not a true vector, but not a wood grain dropped into a circle www.gsdesignstudio.co.uk www.facebook.com/GSDSAffinityBrushes
  15. I've recently been spending time creating items for Christmas, and have been working on some paper cut out effects for Affinity Designer. This has involved creating lots of assets, brushes, styles and a colour palette. If anyone is interested in grabbing this package, you can find out more in this blog post that describes all the bits and pieces etc. The images here show some of the things that can be created using these items.
  16. Playing around with reflections, shadows and blurs with my brush set. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1459578140/22-vector-brushes-for-affinity-designer
  17. Most of this drawing was done with affinity designer. Affinity photo was used for some elements. It was a trial and error process took about a month to complete. A few tweaks have been made.
  18. Title: When The Rocks Hide Us #001 Media: Digital - Infinity Designer Dimension: 3000px x 3000px
  19. Hallo. In meinem neuen MAGAZIN62 - Heft Nr. 7 habe ich mal auf 24 Seiten für alle Affinity Designer - Einsteiger einige Grundlagen zusammengefasst, die man für das Arbeiten mit dem tollen Programm benötigt. https://magazin62.de/
  20. Hey Everyone, Here is a timelapse video of me creating a watercolor still life painting in Affinity designer. I had a lot of fun playing with the different brushes and testing the different capabilities of the software. Enjoy! Here is the video from start to finish: https://youtu.be/y6l6-wOOf2A Let me know what you think? Thanks, Mike
  21. Artwork created for Facebook page Affinity Designer - Hands On Used some of my own custom brushes for texture.
  22. Not only my first Affinity Designer image, but my first forum post, as well. So, you know, HI. I purchased Designer a while back, but my computer gave up the ghost shortly after. Other than trying to familiarize myself with the software, and watching a few tutorials, I never had the chance to create anything with it, until now. I wasn't an Adobe Illustrator user, but until yesterday, I was a Photoshop user. After using Designer, I decided to switch to Photo. I have a thing for Mid Century Modern, so I thought I'd try something similar with Designer. Because it is mostly a bunch of simple shapes combined it was a good first project to give me a feel for the software. It's nothing compared to some of the other creations I've seen on here but I had fun with it.
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