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  1. This is the first time I've ever created anything this complex using all vector artwork. Usually my process is to hand draw everything first using a program like Sketchbook and then convert everything to vectors using Vector Magic. But this time I wanted a cleaner, more graphic look. These posted out of order so to be clear the initial design was just the truck with bikes in it as seen in the image with a red stripe. Then my initial attempt at creating a poster is the version with the full truck in it and brown borders on the sides, followed by the finished design showing only the rear of the truck in the foreground. The only element I didn't create myself is the monument rock and tree in the BG. I used a photo I found off a free stock website and then vectorized it, eventually altering some of its elements. You can see in my first attempt at the poster that the background was too dark and contrasty. I lightened it up and also added some noise and blur to help push it into the BG more. I must say I learned a LOT in this entire process and look forward to seeing what Affinity has up its sleeve for V2 which hopefully will make this process much easier in the future.
  2. This is my first attempt at using Affinity Designer so I am open to suggestions from experienced users. In the 1950's, PinBall machines were becoming very popular but machines surviving from that time either have been restored or the art-work on the cabinets has faded to different colours. I took a photo and corrected the perspective in Affinity Photo then moved to Designer to create a new design that closely matches the original. It took a huge effort in researching paint colours, RAL and Hex codes, how colours fade with time and exposure to sunlight so the result is my best educated guess at what the original appeared in 1958. The photo is of an original machine, unrestored paintwork. My research on paints fading is that the original colours wer Green, Red and Yellow, nbow faded to Blue, Pink and pale Yellow. My machine is a Williams Soccer Kick-Off and it is an on-going restoration project - I needed a subject to train myself that produced something that was required. This Document is of the Back-Box left-side (seen in the photo). I have also created Documents for the other parts of the cabinet. I am using RAL colours to match the paints available from my chosen supplier of spray paints. To see the original you need to make the 'Original Design' Layer Visible. Williams_Kick-Off_back-box_left-side_artwork.afphoto
  3. I bought a X-Tools F1 laser cuter/marker and I made å pattern that I am going to try to etch in to a knife. Made masking in Designer and positioned where I wanted it to be. I will post pictures of how it looks after I have lasered it.
  4. I'm having an Ale, Beer and Cider festival in my garden with a few friends in a couple of weeks, so I've made this fake beer label (that I've stuck to an actual beer bottle after removing the original label). Designer entirely in Affinity designer... see if they can spot my label (they don't speak German lol)
  5. A fundamental question that has engaged people since the invention of the car, and has divided opinions up to today Graphic created from scratch with Affinity Designer 2.0
  6. It's over 30 Degrees Celsius indoors now (no airco, all windows blacked out), but outside it was today even hotter and tropical.... so I decided to practise some more animation today in hot, but dry air as an excercise All graphics happily created with Affinity Designer!
  7. Hello everyone ! I'm new to Affinity Designer and I made two stickers as an example. It would be my pleasure to hear your comments. Thank you for all
  8. These images are available to view on my website:- https://www.johnchandlerart.com/ there are more artworks and animations to view there, I'm working on various more to do with animations that I also created working with affinity software. I'm happy with the results of these. Just click on the link. Please do check out these artworks and comment also. Always happy for some constructive feedback from some constructive critiques.
  9. One of the first things I created in Designer. I've learned a lot since this, but I still love it.
  10. Made this with Affinity Designer using paper textures.
  11. I began with a photo and did some tracing. Then applied gradients. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but it is my first effort. I wanted to share it. I welcome feedback or tips, pointers to tutorials, etc. I'm trying to learn to create somewhat realistic images that still have a vector personality to it. Anyway, I'm shy about my work, but I do welcome your comments. Honestly, the hardest part for me was the nose, the hair, the mouth, the eyes, the lips, the face, the skin ... lol ... in other words, I need to improve every part of my skills. But again, I just wanted to share something with the community.
  12. I was inspired by a scientific podcast which does series on particular themes. This time about 'Are human beings animals' where in particular an episode about animal rights and lawyers for animals was very interesting. And had a few ideas in my head to tell a story with 3 colors and one image:
  13. Hello people. I created this project using the affinity designer. Hope you like it https://www.behance.net/gallery/86462907/WhatsApp-Redesign
  14. Just testing to see how many filters, adjustments, blend modes, etc I could use before crashing the latest Photo and Designer Betas. Couldn't!
  15. Hello! I don’t know if we’re allowed to promote other websites here, but my new site recently went live, and all works on it were created on Affinity Designer for iPad. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! http://www.gregsavageart.co.uk
  16. Here's what I loved / learnt / found out Speed. Being a native app, it is way faster than anything like Figma. Super fast preview of fonts, colors, styles etc. I can see how it looks while hover my mouse on! (mind blown and great for creating fast) Learnt to use character and paragraph styles Learnt to use global color swatches Learnt to use symbols (but didn't actually use it) Learnt to use Effects (overlay, shadow etc.) Spent a lot of time on typography panels - character, paragraph and few others. There was an option to stop showing text sizes in points Here are some complaints / feedback / bugs When I export to PDF it exports with a different variation/style of the font. So I had to use PNG exports for now. (tested multiple times) The snapping was driving me mad, but using the 'UI Design' preset under the snapping manager made it easier. I wish I could configure it like I want. I wish there was feedback from the interface when I do things like 'create style', for a while I was confused between normal styles and text styles. Bizarre things happen when I try to select some text partially in a layer that in deep in hierarchy, and paste it outside. Huge bounding box. Text navigation was inconsistent with Mac text navigation, I'm used to using alt + left/right for word navigation. Here it seems to alter kerning. Text panels need simplification, I was lost often among so many exposed options. Perhaps a reduced mode for web supported options? The alignment panel didn't let me choose align to artboard or selection bounds. It was always in artboard, and now it changed to bounding box (which I prefer). I wish I knew why sometimes it was greyed out Overall I understand I'm probably the odd one here using this tool for webdesign among a sea of illustrators and graphic designers. I'd like to hear from other who might use it for webdesign. I wish there was a one-click setup or a setup wizard that showed me presets (where I could pick web design, before I start a file). I'll still continue to use this amazing tool, and share my learnings.
  17. after watching a few affinity tutorials I thought I try out affinity designer by recreating a downloaded character from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/790170697102016941/. I used the bitmap gradient fill to texture ...
  18. THE TREE MOVES vector/photo art for your viewing pleasure! Took me ages to complete, oh how I suffer for my art. Don't tell me you like it, it only encourages my bad behavior.
  19. For fun, here is an A. Designer file resuming as precisely as possible (as best I could...) the original look of macOS folders. The file is prepared to easily customize them with your icons (just black and white) and icon and background colors. The macOS folder icons are taken from Apple's typeface series, SF Pro. Here is the download link for this free typeface with many other very practical variations: https://developer.apple.com/fonts/ I hope this will be useful to you... (en français) Reprise des icônes des dossiers système de macOS Pour le fun, voici un fichier A. Designer reprenant le plus précisément possible (du mieux que j'ai pu...) le look original des dossiers de macOS. Le fichier est préparé pour les personnaliser facilement avec vos icônes (simplement en noir en blanc) et les coloris d'icône et de fond. Les icônes des dossiers de macOS sont issus de la série de polices de caratère d'Apple, SF Pro. Voici le lien de téléchargement de cette typo gratuite avec de multiples autres déclinaisons très pratiques : https://developer.apple.com/fonts/ J'espère que cela vous sera utile... Montage_macOS_FOLDER.afdesign
  20. vector art affinity designer
  21. Hi guys! After being busy animating 66 different animals 🐵🐘 (around 80 on the map, happily moving in real-time) and doing a lot of designing, illustrating and programming for the map itself I'm happy to share the final result of the new Interactive Safari Park Map! 😀 Next to everything being illustrated and animated and having some nice features to make using it fun, it also has animated flowing water, stays sharp when zooming in and has a 2-clicks (!) route planner for each safari! Map graphics, icons and all animals on it are happily drawn with Affinity Designer! 😀 Love its speed and can't stress enough how much time using the export tab alone saves each time! Having a fast workflow just makes everything way much more fun and let us concentrate and use time on what is really important! Hope you like it! route-planner-car-safari-1080p-59.94fps.mp4
  22. BRAVE RITUAL vector/photo art for your viewing pleasure! Took me ages to complete, oh how I suffer for my art. Don't tell me you like it, it only encourages my bad behavior.
  23. Hi, i want to share my latest works. Crown icons. Hope you like it. and also i have timelapse for this design.
  24. Crear estilos combinando la herramienta pluma y pinceles. Procesos: Reconocer los usos de herramienta pluma y el panel pinceles. Crear composición para una tarjeta de palabra japonesa al español.
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