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  1. New work - Our Lady of Brighthelmstone. This was my recent submission for a call to artists put out by a new gallery opening in the city of Brighton & Hove - sadly rejected. The theme was metamorphosis, so I painted the city morphed into a fabulous drag queen, in the style of an Uber-kitsch religious painting (taking “Our Lady of Guadeloupe” as my main inspiration - Brighthelmstone is the old name for the city of Brighton). There are a total of 33 visual “easter eggs” contained within the picture, some architectural, some cultural. If any of you are familiar with the place, have fun spotting them! (Created on Affinity Designer 2 for iPad)
  2. The collection of fanart I created in Affinity Designer over the years of characters from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Instagram: Austiemo Webstie: Austiemo.com/portfolio Facebook: Austiemo
  3. My favorite car made completely in Designer. Instagram: Austiemo Webstie: Austiemo.com/portfolio Facebook: Austiemo
  4. My reproduction of one of Jean Michel Jarre's covers Made in Affinity Designer - 100% vector.
  5. My next reproduction of one of the OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) covers made in Affinty Designer.
  6. It's all about the "retro" vibe. I grew up in the 80's, I was raised by 80's style items and by the designers of those items. So I'm just filled with that vibe and sometimes I need to express it. I have always admired the keyboards of the first personal computers - their texture, their shape, the way characters were applied to them. Also the tube displays and their magical glow, which no LCD screen can render, bring back good memories of distant times. Here I tried to reflect the style of those machines. The inspiration for this drawing came from a modern calculator with round buttons, whose designer apparently took advantage of the sentiment with which people sometimes refer to objects from the past. #affinitydesigner #calculator #nixietube #80s
  7. I bought a X-Tools F1 laser cuter/marker and I made å pattern that I am going to try to etch in to a knife. Made masking in Designer and positioned where I wanted it to be. I will post pictures of how it looks after I have lasered it.
  8. A fundamental question that has engaged people since the invention of the car, and has divided opinions up to today Graphic created from scratch with Affinity Designer 2.0
  9. Made this with Affinity Designer using paper textures.
  10. Just testing to see how many filters, adjustments, blend modes, etc I could use before crashing the latest Photo and Designer Betas. Couldn't!
  11. I'm working up a historical starmap for a fan fiction project, with data adapted from Star Trek, and stylistic cues from the old Dent's Canadian/School Atlas' front half material, which was usually produced in black and white with usage of tones and/or spot colours. This is intended to be ink-usage-friendly for other fans' purposes. I expect to creative derivative works devoted to marking systems particularly notable for "key" resources specific to that mythology, and possibly other spin-offs as well. I'm working in Affinity Designer 1.10.6 because that's as far as my hardware and budget will currently allow. I guess I'm looking for additional "tone"/"Style" resources that may be particularly useful for this project. If you have any recommendations...?
  12. vector art affinity designer
  13. Created an affinity designer tube of. a sunflower lady, A T shirt design on my cheap public and my red bubble store.
  14. I'm having an Ale, Beer and Cider festival in my garden with a few friends in a couple of weeks, so I've made this fake beer label (that I've stuck to an actual beer bottle after removing the original label). Designer entirely in Affinity designer... see if they can spot my label (they don't speak German lol)
  15. 100% Vectores, 100% Designer Object 1.afdesign
  16. Bindweed 500 x 750 mm | 300dpi Affinity Designer Part of the 'Untamed Project' and a mix of Raster and Vector drawing Raster Outlines with Vector Backgrounds Coloured Version with Texture Overlay using the new 2.1 Asset to Fill Feature Tinted Version using Hue Overlay and without dot texture
  17. Started these AGES ago as just a fun experiment, thought I'd finish them now. Playing with textures, shadows, reflections.... colours. First started in V1 of Affinity Designer, but finished in V2... I used the warp tool on the wood reflection. I used a custom brush for the wood grain, so it's not a true vector, but not a wood grain dropped into a circle www.gsdesignstudio.co.uk www.facebook.com/GSDSAffinityBrushes
  18. After seeing the design shared by GaryRS in his post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/186604-the-hat-aka-einstein-shape/ I was intrigued by the '13-sided shape that can be arranged in a tile formation such that it never forms a repeating grid'. Anyway, whilst fiddling about I discovered Affinity Designer's Advanced grid setting 'Horizontal triangular' can be used to make 'the hat' shape. So I just thought I'd 'tip my hat' to GaryRS and share that bit of info! 😉
  19. Playing around with reflections, shadows and blurs with my brush set. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1459578140/22-vector-brushes-for-affinity-designer
  20. This my first artwork totally using Affinity Designer and Photo. I've converted from Adobe as I'm now retired and just producing pictures for my own pleasure (mainly motor racing). This is the late Carlos Pace's Martini Brabham BT45 at the German GP in 1976. Based on a photo by the brilliant Rainer Schlegelmilch.
  21. For fun, here is an A. Designer file resuming as precisely as possible (as best I could...) the original look of macOS folders. The file is prepared to easily customize them with your icons (just black and white) and icon and background colors. The macOS folder icons are taken from Apple's typeface series, SF Pro. Here is the download link for this free typeface with many other very practical variations: https://developer.apple.com/fonts/ I hope this will be useful to you... (en français) Reprise des icônes des dossiers système de macOS Pour le fun, voici un fichier A. Designer reprenant le plus précisément possible (du mieux que j'ai pu...) le look original des dossiers de macOS. Le fichier est préparé pour les personnaliser facilement avec vos icônes (simplement en noir en blanc) et les coloris d'icône et de fond. Les icônes des dossiers de macOS sont issus de la série de polices de caratère d'Apple, SF Pro. Voici le lien de téléchargement de cette typo gratuite avec de multiples autres déclinaisons très pratiques : https://developer.apple.com/fonts/ J'espère que cela vous sera utile... Montage_macOS_FOLDER.afdesign
  22. Artwork created for Facebook page Affinity Designer - Hands On Used some of my own custom brushes for texture.
  23. created with Affinity Designer 2 in reflection of a real VW Beetle Convertible driving around. Serves a Logo for a TShirt.
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