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  1. Hello @Paul Wild, welcome to the forum. Since you are new I want to give you an advice that does help all of us. If you have something like your request in mind it is best practice to first search if a topic already has been discussed. And if so then to join this discussion. This prevents some topics to pop up over and over again. You can do a search either with the built in search field at the top right of the page or by typing your question into Google search and add this to the words 'site:forum.affinity.serif.com'. You can read here about 'Image Trace' solid 13 pages of discussion (if you have the patience to do so 😉 ) There's also some information about AI import and export. This is something you most likely will not have in a really pleasing way because features between the two packages are too different. What does work is import AI PDF files (to some extent). Native AI format export is more likely not to happen. Apart from that, happy browsing the forum! d.
  2. I purchased Designer and Photo years ago but I just couldn't replace Illustrator & Photoshop because of a few missing features that are just workflow basics. I've moved to the Windows platform and just downloaded new trial versions of them to give them another chance, and these problems persist. Most of them relate to features that prevent the user from making critical, unprofessional mistakes like inconsistent color use across multiple documents. If you are deigning a flyer, a business card and a name badge, you can't have variations between them. These are a few [very] minor omissions that I am missing that risks me making amateurish mistakes: - Global swatches don't carry to another document when copy-n-pasting a logo from one document to another (same as in Publisher) - Swatches not carrying over to the new document also means that overprint setting are lost because overprint is defined in the swatch, not in the object. - I can't tell what color mode I'm working in. If my mode is RGB for a flyer, I need something to shout out at me, or at least give me a clue that my print job is going to be disaster. A simple RGB/CMYK icon would suffice. Even Photo displays its color mode in the document's header, but Designer [where it's more important] doesn't. - The colour picker only picks up RGB/CMYK values, not a global swatch. Even if I've pasted a logo into a new document and it's displaying a global color, the eyedropper doesn't read it as a global color so I can't even reliably copy colors from my source logo. - To duplicate an object by dragging it, I have to press the Alt key before I select the object, not during the drag. Most of the time, I need to be certain I have selected the correct object before I duplicate it, however, now I have to duplicate something and then find out if I selected correctly. I don't know how many times I have moved items I want to duplicate and duplicated items I didn't want to duplicate because of this. An application is not fast to work in if I'm constantly undoing my actions. - Changing the colors of margins & guides. If I design a blue brochure, my margins and guides disappear. I need to make them red or yellow or anything. I don't expect to be able to mix my own colors, but a dozen pre-mixed swatches to choose from would solve this problem. (apart from working in wireframe mode) - Connecting the selected transform corner in the transform palette to the free transform with the move tool. It's very strange that I can select a corner in the transform palette, but then I always rotate around the center. I have to manually type rotation values in degrees to get the rotation around a corner. Why the disconnect? This disconnect is similar to the disconnect I experience between the swatches, color mixer and eye dropper. - Previewing at export. Even in Photo, I can't see the effect of the level of JPEG compression being applied to my exported files (neither in Designer nor Photo). I have to export a file half a dozen times until I hit upon that sweet spot of small file size to barely noticable quality loss. Even the open source GIMP does this with a live preview at export. I can do awesome professional work, and then break it all with a poor export... and not even realise it. - Proofing colors. I really need to be able to see how my colors will separate before I save my PDF. If I've accidentally worked in RGB, this will reveal my mistake as I go to repro. Overprinting and knockout will also be a disaster if not picked up in time. (Who here hasn't experienced the dreaded white text set to overprint and wondered where all your text went?). This feature alone forces me to keep a professional, licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat around to preview color separations. In my final repro file, I have to know if my spot colors are still spots and if I'm printing fine black text as 100% black, or a full color breakdown that will turn my single color print job into a full color one. Previewing the separations (or channels in your photo editor) points out my potential errors. - Overprinting settings. The previous point leads straight into this one. Why is over printing set in the swatch and not the object? If I want some small paragraph text to over print, but large display text to knockout, I have to make 2 identical black swatches to do this. Why can't I specify this on an object-by-object basis? I guess "Multiply" does the same thing and works as a work-around, but you're targeting print designers, and use the term overprint yourselves so why the strange and risky implementation. - Snapping to "round" values. When manually selecting a color in CMYK, we are inevitably creating a color using round number values from a color chart. It's slow and frustrating trying to select exactly 50% in a slider as it hops from 49 to 51 and back again while we search for that perfect pixel placement. How about snapping to increments of 5% by holding down the shift key? Your snapping features are awesomely powerful, but only in the document. Why not extend this into the sliders and the rest of the application? (Admittedly, I don't know any other application that does this, but it makes sense and would be welcome.) Basic features that are even in open source software seem to be missing. We waited for years to get arrow heads. You claimed it was because you wanted to get it awesome, but they are no more powerful/different to anything else out there on the market. I suspect we only got them when Publisher was released. Did we have to wait for a whole new app to be leased to get arrow heads? Now we sit with other missing basic, common features like: - Blend/Interpolate - Stroke drawing tools like a grid tool and a straight line tool. These are enormous time savers. - Tabs. (I understand you want to protect Publisher by keeping high end text features like hyphenation, drop-caps and text wrap out of Designer, but this feels like a very basic feature compared to your range of kerning, alignment and Opentype features already here from day one) I understand that everyone's needs are different and you can't satisfy everyone, but you are targeting print designers as well and illustrators and web designers, and these are all features every professional expects and is surprising that they're not here. You give us features that most professionals just leave on the defaults because few of us even understand them (like color profiles and LUTs), but then drop the ball by not pasting a global swatch from one document to another. It's confusing and just doesn't make me feel confident in the files I send to print. Please can you look at these issues before adding new features. I understand that new features are needed to sell products, but a lot of us early adopters are just wondering where the small tweaks and refinements are. It seems that your development team needs to consult with an old school designer or printer to get these fundamentals right. It feels like you've only got young designers who have grown up with an RGB workflow and have never had to bang out 6 flyers in an afternoon and send them to print with the job being rejected.
  3. Hello @hvskeyy and welcome to the forum. Since you are new here I want to give some advise to better find your way around. You are referring to Affinity Photo (APh) but you posted in the forum for Affinity Designer suggestions. Just make sure you are in the right section before you post (and this can be confusing sometimes with so many sections 🙂 ) It is good practise to first look around and search the forum if a topic has been brought up before. And if so then first read that discussion and eventually join in. This keeps things a little more organised for everyone. You find a search field at the top right of each page. The results for 'animation' bring up this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=animation That said, I want to point you to one of those many threads about the topic of video and animation. There you can also read a statement by one of the representatives of Serif. In 2018 it was stated that there are no plans for an animation software: Good luck browsing the forum! d.
  4. I wanted to thank the Serif team for adding what I called "Select Object by Trait..." (listed as #6 in last year's post) to Affinity Designer 1.9. It definitely helps speed up the workflow. I certainly appreciate the added functionality; great job!!! Hopefully we can see a few more of these remaining 8 features. I listed them here again and would love to hear people's thoughts on them. Most of these suggestions can span all the affinity desktop products, but some are Designer specific: 1. Organize Assets, Swatches, Brushes, Style Libraries with an edit mode, using an interface like the the "Presets Manager" in Shapes, to allow for re-arranging, renaming, moving between categories. 2. Stoke Pressure Profiles can be saved on an application level. Organize and manage, with an interface like the "Presets Manager" in Shapes. It’s all about efficiency, and not having to reinvent the wheel (stroke!) every time. 3. Layers Panel – Select objects and groups and rename them with a multi-rename tool. Instantly get organized so you and even other people can understand the layer groups and objects in your Affinity document. Interface would allow the user to add a numerical counter as a prefix or suffix when renaming. Handy before using Export Persona to create some basic naming conventions. 4. Sort Layer Groups or artboards in the Layers Panel alphabetically, ascending, descending. Yes, it will change the arrangement order, but properly organized groups can make complex file layers much easier to navigate. Handy for PDF Exporting where the order of pages depends upon the artboard order. 5. Save selection sets that can select items spanning multiple artboards and also within groups. Often similar objects need to be adjusted or moved, but they are on multiple artboards or nested in other functional groups. This can quickly solve that problem. 6. Select by object trait (stroke color, stroke thickness, fill colour). A handy way to quickly select and adjust objects with similar properties. Otherwise selecting these can be a nightmare in complicated projects. YAY! THANKS FOR ADDING THIS AND MORE! 7. Select and replace non global identical colours. Does your client want all the red elements blue? What would they look like in teal or taupe? Play rapidly to your heart’s content. 8. Search Assets Panel ACROSS BOTH categories and subcategories, results displayed as filtered choices. Do you have multiple categories/libraries and need to find the right icon fast? This can save you time. Currently a search has to be made within each asset category, which can take some time if you have multiple asset categories. 9. Handy Show Grid checkbox in Isometric Studio Panel. True, you can use a keyboard shortcut, but it would be nice if this button was upfront. Handy when you are working in Isometric view you have to turn on and off the grid to see the artwork uncluttered. Chances are you have the panel open to constantly switch planes anyways… I hope this helps to add votes for the unsexy underdog features. 😊
  5. I didn’t recommend those threads. I merely gave them as examples of what you can see if you do a search. The post you mentioned was from 2016 and the forum software has been upgraded many times since, so the statements in it aren’t particularly relevant here. I don’t know how to respond to your last statement as it can be interpreted in a number of ways.
  6. @NIcholas van der Walle My understanding of this forum is that it is a place of open exchange - not a place where marketers are trying to promote whatever they have to sell. And of course not to build pressure on Serif to cut a deal with this or that plugin software company. In general I think Most people here are no fans of a subscription model Most people here are not a fan of Adobe resp. their way of creating lock-in and then pricing (ripp-off) policy. It is probably significantly more fun to be an Adobe share holder than an Adobe user, from a financial point of view. Most people here search for solutions for their use of Affinity software, not to hear about great plugins that don’t work for their choice of tool IMHO you have taken your position already further than it betters your or your employers position here.
  7. Hi @Simone Nobili, welcome to the forum! It is generally a good practice to search the forums before adding a feature request like this; you may have discovered that there are numerous existing requests for the same thing which you could have added your voice to, and adding new threads with duplicate requests like this is a bad idea, as is also explained here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/53-feedback-for-affinity-designer-on-desktop/.
  8. Please do not create or duplicate new requests, add your voice to existing requests instead: forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?search/&q=checkerboard background&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy To work around the missing feature, you can always add a simple background layer with any pattern you like: Save the Pattern layer as an Asset to reuse it in new documents. Copy it to a Designer document and save it there as an Asset as well; it will work even though Designer doesn't have a "Pattern Layer" feature. On Mac, there is also a possibility to replace the default checkerboard.png and checkerboard_big.png files with your custom PNG patterns. That's what I did. Here's how, but you should definitely know what you're doing when performing such "hacks", so proceed at your own risk…
  9. Absolutely. I get where you're coming from. And as far as your post concerns me, because it also does, If I riled – or otherwise bored to death – someone personally, I deeply apologise and can assure you that I'm working on not being such a pain to deal with. But, in parting, I must respectfully stress that you should seriously look at our angle, too, Mark. The entire topic of this thread is discussing the erasure of… an entire thread with no explanation or warning on your part. That was probably “just business”, and wasn't strictly personal, because it wasn't personally directed at anyone in particular, but… surely you can appreciate how that may rub [many] people the wrong way, right? I fully stand by what I've said before: in 20 years of forum-going I've never seen anything quite like that, and it does change my perception of these forums for the [much] worse. Secondly, regarding my dealings with Patrick, something which in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have brought up here in the first place, but now that the damage is done, I should clarify and leave it at that: that episode in particular was personal, and a customer interaction mishap. And yes, I fully admit that I'm trying to call your attention to it, one Serif employee at a time if need be, because that kind of thing really is damaging to your image and outcome (you see, if I didn't care for Serif, I wouldn't have asked for an apology at all or even call anyone on it; I'd have just left the forums for good right then and there and skipped buying Publisher altogether, so the fact that I'm still here “pestering” you is actually a positive, in its own twisted way ). I'm sorry, but that's the simple truth. I did not enjoy being singled-out on a quote and having my intelligence publicly insulted, and I reserve my right as a paying and dedicated customer (… if only! NDA signee, too) to a) vent about it publicly as well and b) demand an apology (I did apologise by my long posts in advance, FWIW and by the way, because I know I'm partly to blame, but… as I usually say, “it takes two to tango”). Other people in my situation would have reacted differently, that much is obvious, but they surely wouldn't have been indifferent to it, and nothing good would ever come out of such an episode regardless of their reaction. However, I also admit that I've been hammering you and all bystanders with it too much, and it's time to wind it down a bit. Still, I'd kindly ask you, once again very much on topic in a very meta fashion, to not just take the easy route and threaten disgruntled users with locking down yet another thread (I mean, it did veer off-topic because of me, and I and other users got defensive, but nobody went as far as outright insulting anyone else, so one could argue we were still being civil), as that would further prove my initial point and drive me and potentially other users away. Why not try and mediate conflicts instead? In our collective case, regarding this thread deletion, maybe you could reverse it and/or at least explain your decision; and in my personal case, maybe you could create the internal conditions for some kind of acknowledgment/apology, as I feel I am really acting in good faith here. It's just that simple and easy; we all meet halfway, no fuss, and I keep on cooperating to the best of my ability (I can't speak for other users, but my gut feeling tells me that if you partially reversed your decision – by, say, reinstating said thread, albeit in locked form –, the forum would remain a more welcoming venue, even if in a more restricted form if you did, indeed, decide on tightening up the entire roadmap thread situation). So, as for that off-topic rant, that's also a wrap; if you wish to discuss my personal issue any further, you have my e-mail address (just do a search for “João Gomes”, my real name, and I'll pop right up) – and, indeed, an e-mail message on this subject on your inboxes already, waiting for a reply, unless it somehow went to spam or something, which I'd find very strange as it was a very formal message and we had already exchanged messages before –, so I kindly suggest we take it from here and move that discussion over there instead. Anyway, guys, I'd really prefer to go back to giving constructive feedback on threads dedicated to features and do some demo videos, so… once again, to everyone else that was dragged into/drowned out by this, peace, and happy designing!
  10. Ahahaha. Thanks for getting all philosophical and meta, man. No, really, I'm not being ironic here, because people don't talk about those issues nearly as much as they should, just because they are taboo or something (and then, guess what, people go without help and die). Indeed, I'm not all too happy with all the stuff that's been happening around me, like losing one teacher, from that group I keep harking back to, to suicide, my mom's best friend to cancer, my ex from my life (she's still around… somewhere) because of depression and career choices on opposite sides of pond, and whatnot. But hey, I'm getting help for all of that, and then some. Thank you for caring, so I should also tell you that, between professionals and friends, I'm pretty much already covered. As for being out and about in Lisbon, and drunk at that, interestingly enough, I'm far from it (aha, I know, I know, it's Saturday… fair enough; but while I'm no stranger to the occasional night of mild-to-heavy drinking, the last thing I'd do in one of those occasions would be to come here to bash on Serif, as I do tend to drink only in good company, and almost never alone; also, as you may guess, I wouldn't be this articulate – especially in English –, either ). As a matter of fact, I've been staying at home these last few days working on two posters/abstracts. Wanna see? They are peeking behind us right there, in Word, the entire ensemble awash in full, nighttime “f.luxed” glory. I am, indeed, procrastinating by venting here with you people, that much is true. That's kind of what I do when I get stressed out about deadlines. But you do worry too much. I really am sticking to a program here, there's a method to the “madness”, and I've been in this game since waaaaay before all that stuff – and even the triggers for most of the really screwed up stuff that's been happening in the world at large – went down. And speaking of worrying about stuff, I would rather worry about Serif for the time being, than with all the other stuff you've just mentioned (besides, how can you be so sure I don't do so already, during other times of the day and the week? Walking and chewing gum, man, and that's what my family and friends are there for… ). The thing with Serif is that it makes me rather sad and personally hurt (especially the thing with Patrick; no, really, it is that personal, even though I never spoke with the guy face to face, because I do care for these guys and was pretty much dismissed as a useless idiot who supposedly didn't understand business models… I may be a royal pain in the butt, but… seriously? I've been kicking myself ever since 2004 because I wasn't gutsy enough, nor had much money in the bank, to buy Apple stock, as I basically predicted the “iPod halo effect”, their meteoric rise, etc.). Serif was an exciting company, and trying their products (updates, betas, what you have it) was a bit like getting new toys for Christmas. Except they were supposed to be useful “toys”, put bread on the table and be worthy of an unreserved recommendation from myself towards others (because that's what I'm constantly asked for, about a plethora of stuff). For context, you have to understand that I was pissed mad at Adobe with their CC-only business model stunt, back in… I don't even recall, 2012? 2013?… to the point that kept creating anti-Adobe artwork on many Facebook pages for a while (you won't see me do such a thing right now with Serif, as I'm mostly just… disappointed, really), and promptly fired up a heartfelt e-mail at Serif, actively pledging for a Mac-compatible CC alternative way before anyone else had even read or probably even uttered the words “Affinity [whatever]” (even though it was already in early Alpha stage, if I'm not mistaken… But do you see a pattern there? It seems that I also predicted/guessed Serif's entire business model several years in advance, just by doing a cursory search of design software company websites), and did end up forging a closer relationship with them when it comes to the nitty-gritty of it than the majority of people here in the forums (AFAIK, since I haven't discussed this with my lawyer and won't risk it, I am not legally allowed to discuss the details, so let's just leave it at that; it's just a general factoid that does add further injury to insult). As you can see, I did have bit of an emotional investment put into this, to put it mildly. I saw these guys, these genius and gutsy underdogs, as a bit of a lifeline from yet another evil empire that wanted to extract yet another rent out of me. Kind of late 1970s Apple against IBM, or early 2000s Apple against… everyone else, all over again and in my niche of business. It is political, and it is related with the economical shenanigans you've mentioned in more ways than you may think. I'm actually a very politically outspoken person (if you go to The Guardian's page on Facebook, you'll see me there on occasion, also wasting bits of my “precious” time for anyone who will hear it), and these things really mess with me, whether they are “pure” politics or otherwise (if anything, everything is politics, as I often say). So, yeah. When it comes to my tools, on which I literally depend, I now feel a bit abandoned. Orphaned, even, if you will, because there are no better alternatives, as I'll explain further down. And I can't help but feel that Serif, for all its insane sales figures, is really suffering from a special brand of hubris, not quite unlike the one Adobe suffers from (albeit on a smaller scale, but definitely on the same spectrum), which may hurt us all deeply in the long run. Heck, it's hurting me so much right now I don't even feel like using one of their apps anymore, and will actually steer people who trust me away from it. I'm absolutely, positively not overreacting over this, man; I had months, if not years, to try the app and mull over it, and I also gave Serif quite a long time to concoct some kind of response to me grievances here in the forums. To be insulted in a heated moment is one thing; to be ignored for weeks on end, well… that's just further icing on the cake. And, on top of all that, to not even be able to make use of the very thing that prompted all that strife in the first place, maybe for many years to come, well… that's just the cherry on top, and the proverbial last straw. As a matter of fact, and in hindsight, seeing how these issues have been dragging on for so long, are yet to be resolved and may even only be addressed in v.2.x, I should've been doing just that since the very beginning, and treating Affinity Designer v.1.x as one of those “commercial betas” Apple and Google are so fond of doing (hey, I'm a first-gen, Apple Watch Sport [retroactively called “Series 0”] owner, so I really know what I'm talking about; I do put my money where my mouth is and love to “test” that kind of stuff, while being fully aware of the risks, so it's really nothing new to me, but I also warn other people of them and usually tell them to “wait until version 2 or 3”… Guess I was too optimistic about Serif way back when, whoopsie-daisy). As for my issues with Affinity Designer, just how serious the lack of alternatives is, and the way I feel about the entire thing, here's another, even better analogy: my brother is a musician; he treats and babies his instruments like… the most prized possessions that they really are. If he loses them at the airport, or if they break, he's completely and utterly screwed… And he must constantly carve and bind new reeds, because they wear out and their design makes a big difference on the quality of the sound. I – also a former music student, mind you – feel very much the same way about my professional tools, and even though software shouldn't require as much maintenance, if at all, it absolutely should allow you some creative freedom as to its very mode of operation, too (that's Petr van Blokand's entire schtick: “build your own tools”, he says… I wouldn't go so far as designing my own vector drawing app, but couldn't Serif, at the very least, relax things a little bit? Pretty please?). I depend on them, and they better be functional, elegant and flexible, otherwise my work will feel like – and become – a terrible chore, instead of the unencumbered form of personal expression it damned well should be. I don't want to – nay, I can't – design vector-related stuff while boxed into a first-and-foremost illustration-bound application, and Serif's marketing and branding is absolutely deceiving in that regard. Also, being someone with a keen eye for UX, not only do these issues and unnegotiable choices sadden me, as they prevent me from using the app for anything but the most basic stuff, they irk me in more ways than one. Because not only am I not able to make good use of these tools in their current state, they could be 10x better – and actually useful, if not perfect or complete – with so, so little investment. With the right kind of investment. Or with the right[ful] business model, in Adobe's case, but when it comes to those guys I'm really not holding my breath anymore (can you believe that I did think, for the first few years, that they might reverse course? How naïve and optimistic can one be… right?). As for Open Source, while it's the model that pleases me the most when it comes to politics and economics, it suffers from an entirely different set of issues kind of by default (mostly UX-related, especially in the insufferable Scribus, but the licensing issues when it comes to commercial standards – like, say, colour books – that we, unfortunately and for the time being, must adhere to, are also a sticking point), which steered me away from it many years ago. Then, there's Corel, but it's so alien (even though I did take my first steps there), and so expensive, that there's no point in even considering it. And the same goes, in a nice, parallel line (as I did start my DTP training on it, too), for QuarkXPress. And, yeah, FreeHand's dead, regardless of what the “FreeHand forever” crowd will keep telling themselves, in a state of collective delusion and insularity that makes my long rants or even using Scribus (*gasp*) seem sensible by comparison, ha. So Serif it is, then. Except it isn't. Yet. Finally, as a cute little addendum: I do sometimes muse about switching from my very cumbersome Word+Mendeley > Classic DTP (InDesign/Quark/Publisher) academic workflow over to a strictly LaTeX workflow for my thesis and for papers. I have no idea how I would even go about it, and what the advantages might be, as… you know, that crowd is weird, even by F/OSS standards, and even though I am a die-hard fan of Don Knuth, and probably read a lot more on the subject than most designers I know, I really don't know what to think of it yet. Maybe it is, indeed, a more elegant and flexible way to typeset academic books, if a bit too “left-brainy” for our poor, WYSIWIG-formatted minds, but it's still too early to tell. [Edit: I just checked, and yes, it is too cumbersome. TeX and LaTeX were created so non-designers would be able to create beautifully – if a bit too simple by our standards – typeset documents; the thing is, I'm a professional designer, and I'd rather work with a WYSIWIG editor even during the writing phase, as I know my way around Word styles, footnotes and cross-references, so if I can convert those straight away into a DTP app, I'm all set.]
  11. Yeah, the "Sync on/off" button doesn't have an "obvious" option to fully re-sync. If you have Affinity Photo, you may want to temporarily pass over your document (File > Edit in Photo) to "fine tune" any individual symbol instance or its child elements by using the Links panel, without having to unsync. Symbols and linked layers apparently use the same underlying technology, so you can change a lot of attributes like that. Due to an obscure but harmless bug – a.k.a. "happy accident" – on Mac there's currently even a way to enable the Links panel directly in Designer. But even the "official" switch between Designer and Photo is quick and seamless; keep in mind that technically, the Affinity document format is identical for all three apps while the doc extensions primarily just define the default app to open it. Hm… I don't really see the issue here. In fact, "re-sync" is there all the time: place a new symbol instance of the original symbol or duplicate one of the others that comes closest, and tweak again. I've been experimenting with symbols in conjunction with Photo's Links panel a lot, so you may want to check out some of my posts with "crazy" ideas on that subject: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?search/&q=symbols links panel&author=loukash&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy
  12. Hello @ZachFB and welcome to the forum. Even if it looks it will be for only a short time reading your last statement. It would have been a good practice to first search the forum to see if there is already a discussion about the features you are missing. Actually there are 🙂 This thread goes over (currently) 14 pages: Here's a list of alternative solutions for tracing by forum member @v_kyr. So there's no urgent need to implement this feature in AD (even though I do not object the suggestion to have it implemented): The same applies to vector blend: I admit this is a technique that cannot be done in AD right now and there is no workaround for it. Unless you use a seperate software and import the result. Apart from that, both, image trace and vector blend are in my opinion not 'most basic' features. But we do not have to discuss this since everyone has different priorities. Good luck, d.
  13. Hello. I am thinking about switch to Affinity designer as main vector software. So I downloaded trial. There is a lot of possibilities and nice interface with good contextual flexibility. Really good. But you know well about good things. So I will write, only what is wrong in my opinion. Very Poor hotkeys: short list, no ability to set hotkey right from interface. No functions for reset rotation/scale/shear for object. Especially desired for mass-edit. No drag behavior with text input fields. I need to click and call slider instead just drag. This old and excessive UI. No free canvas rotation with mouse tweaks (only menu options without hotkeys) Rotated canvas looks ugly/aliased. (pic 1) even raster software can do it clear and nice, why vector software can`t? Right click menu still use full list with dimmed options instead short list. Look at pic2. Why should I see half of non-working menu? More contextual flexibility please. No contextual help or function search. Like select node and press Ctrl+F1 instead F1 (global help). Why Ctrl+J is for duplicate? J == join (and used so in other applications). It looks like you are not familiar with hotkey logic: somkey == function. Alt+ somkey == alternative or opposite version of this function. Ctrl+A = select all, Alt+A == deselect all. There is no reason to use Ctrl+D, because second key (Ctrl) used. It can be reasonable if you use A to select all and D to deselect. Check Blender (3d software) as an example of highspeed hotkey workflow. May be you think about full hotkey support and contextual Pie-menus. No fast-scatter tool (check Inkscape): select few objects, select spray tool and scatter em. That easy. Affinity forces me to use Aero and do not start at all with fast interface. But I switched it back after start and all work fine and fast. Please replace error message and termination to temporary warning (with checkbox «do not show next time»). If Affinity need specialsettings for 3d-acceleration, you can add your profile to nVidia drivers or share it. Thanks for your attention. No need to reply here. If you like so, send me e-mail. pic1: pic2
  14. Aha! Finally, some sort of answer. No need for novels. Do you want me to upload the NDA you had me sign, or is that against the rules it contains itself? Maybe there's thousands of us, yes, but in a sea of millions, we are indeed “special” by any measure, because we are indeed a 1%-ish minority of users. By the way, ask your PR department to do a search on your e-mail servers for “João Gomes”, my real name. You'll see some of it is interesting, and some of it is rather… sad. And not through any fault of my own (other than writing big texts, I guess, but I stand by what I've always said, that your own employees should be held up to a higher standard here in the forums than your end-users).
  15. Most likely the price point they have set for the software is too low to justify the hire of a programmer to add this functionality. Serif has always set their software on the value end of the pricing spectrum. I can't see any other explanation for why 12 years later they still can't support Arabic language. I don't know in real life how big the company is, but many companies that do business on the internet look like big companies but in reality are just a small team of 2 to 10 people sometimes working out of someones garage. Now I'm sure Serif is bigger than that, they have global distribution even back when products were sold in physical CD, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are big enough to hire 1 or 2 extra programmers. But if you look according to a quick internet search, Arabic is spoken by roughly 420 million people in the world. I am an Arab, I know for a fact that most of the market here is for cheaper value software and as soon as a solid alternative to Adobe products is introduced, a huge new market segment will be open to them immediately. These days you don't even need a regional company to help you market, you just flood google ads with marketing your product. That is a lot of software licenses waiting to be sold.
  16. You should consider posting those on a separate thread on Publisher's sub-forum for bug reporting. My €0,02. But it does worry me a bit that those are even a thing. However, please bear in mind that Publisher is still a pretty young app in its current, release-quality incarnation, so there's that. Well. This has been a bit of a sticking point for me, personally. Namely, about features that are in Publisher and won't be ported to Designer. In fact, one of them was indeed “ported” to Designer, fully by accident, which was in and of itself an episode that generated quite the commotion here in the forums but into which I won't delve much (if you wish, you can search my earlier posts; you'll run into it eventually). Suffice to say: the Designer, Publisher and Photo codebases are, by design, the exact same. All features are present, in some way, in all apps; the only difference being which are exposed and which aren't. That's why a feature like StudioLink is made possible, as is opening each file in any of the other apps; when you load Publisher, you are in fact loading huge swathes of Photo and Designer code with it (only the UI code, I reckon, is left out, as the core engine is exactly the same). That's also why it's so quick to switch from one Persona to another. Obviously, when “porting” one feature from one app to the other, Serif devs have to test it for usability, and even before getting to that stage they have to ponder the implications, both commercial and technical, of exposing it. I can't safely say the reasons are behind their not answering this plea. Maybe they considered it and decided against it, or maybe they didn't have the time to even think about it, or maybe they did but didn't have the time to actually reply. In any case, I'd say that quoting yourself ad infinitum, while whimsical, doesn't seem to be having an effect. Especially when done in such quick succession. But hey, you got my attention, and further proved my point that there are indeed more users than me worried at the omission of basic features. So kudos for that, I guess. Now, for my actual, well-informed and on-topic two cents: To all the users that keep saying that “you can open your .afdesign files in Publisher/Photo to perform task x/y/z”; well, that's all well and good, except more often than not it isn't and just adds extra otherwise unnecessary steps (on other state-of-the-art Designer competitors, at least), especially when the feature in question is so dumbfoundingly basic and ubiquitous that there is zero excuse for it not to be there after four years. I certainly hope this isn't that thread all over again, with yet another commercially-justified StudioLink compartmentalisation decision, and that Serif deemed Find/Replace as a DTP-only app (heck, even Photo should have it… Indeed, any app that allows for text input should have it, even if you have to eschew the ubiquitous Command/Control+F shortcut in favour of another tool that is more deserving of it in that particular context). You already know what I think about those decisions, so, if that's the case, you can pretty much count on “Findgate” right here.
  17. Yeah, a lot of stuff to read in that thread, sorry. Having said that, it gives you some idea of the passion that some users have for the software and those new features. (If no-one cared there wouldn't be 26 pages of posts.) You should be able to pick out only the videos posted by Ben to get an idea of the new features without necessarily reading all of the comments and suggestions but there's still quite a bit of reading/scrolling to find them. (Try going to the thread and doing a search for ".mov" (without the quotes) within that thread only, see attached image.) I would say that making your suggestion - or asking a question - here rather than adding to the pre-beta thread would be best. You're generally more likely to get a response to a new thread than adding something to an old one. Also, the more specific you are, the more relevant the response(s) will be.
  18. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Your questions are about Affinity Publisher but you have posted to the Affinity Designer suggestions forum. The suggestions forum for Publisher is here. Perhaps you should repost there. I'm pretty certain I have read more than once that ePub is not going to feature in the first release of Publisher; perhaps later. If you do a search in the forum on ID files you will find a considerable number of posts where Serif staff and developers have explained that the format of .indd files is proprietary (private, owned by Adobe) and so it is impossible to create an importer for it. I also understand that the related .idml format files will be able to be imported at some future date. Jeff
  19. On my Apple computer, it has an Affinity Designer Help at the top of the window. It helps me to find a word to search for the information. Here is an important problem. For example, I was looking for a word, Paint Brush Tool because I cannot find it on my software - so I entered it and it would show me the instruction but that popup a window which is a blank page. Every time I find something but it is still a blank page - except it popup a word, for instance, Studio that showed me where to find it. It does not make a sense. Please fix it. ...Paint Brush Tool is not there and it must be hidden somewhere. I searched that information on your website and it is hard for me to narrow to find it so I had to post it on this forum.
  20. As a new user coming over from Illustrator, I am speaking here strictly to my experiences when encountering features that are not present in Designer. I have become a huge fan of Affinity and I want you to succeed, it is obvious that there is a real need for another great set of software tools for designers today, a conversation for another thread.. lol. That being said, I find that this suggestion forum is a mess. I think having a forum like this is useful, it allows for conversation and idea exchange. However it should be accompanied by a change request forum that is stricter in its implementation. What I mean is that there should a separate board that has clearly defined rules for posters to follow, that board would be in purpose specifically for new users, as well as devs, to see which changes are being requested the most, and if they have already been requested before we take the time to write up a request. As a busy freelance designer, I want to help make Affinity Designer awesome, but I don't have time to dig through endless suggestion posts. And just making another post to add to the insanity feels like a waste of time. An implementation may look something like this: 1) subject line should just clearly state the change being requested, and the body of the comment describe the reason for the request. 2) Only one change suggested per topic. 3) A voting system so if the request has already been made we can second its importance. I read somewhere along the way that the Devs are worried that these requests will take precedence in the actual development road map, and the users don't understand the constraints and demands of the development cycle. A very valid point, however all that is needed to address this concern is a clear statement pinned to the top of the change request forum outlining that it is not the actual roadmap, and although user feedback is appreciated the Dev team will have the final say. We are all adults, we get it. But making us feel like we are not part of the process, because the only way we can make suggestions is through a cluttered and messy conversational "suggestion" thread is not going to be good for the long term growth of the software. Affinity needs evangelists - empower your users to be excited about sharing your software with others! Trust me, this forum alone would turn off a lot of designers I know from giving Affinity Designer a real chance. In closing, I am super excited about my first month of using these tools, the software itself is already great and has tons of potential. I am also encouraged by how easily I am usually able to find the help I need with a quick search of these forums, the Customer support team is very quick and helpful to respond. Thanks! -J
  21. It's a spot color if it is a spot color palette. There is a little dot in the lower right corner: There is a search field at the bottom of the swatches panel: They Pantone libraries are simple CSV files. First, make a backup of the folder containing the Pantone libraries. You can make a copy of the folder, say on your desktop. Open them in Excel or whatever spreadsheet application, sort anyway you would like and save as a CSV. Copy those to the AD Pantone library folder and Bob's your uncle. Here I am displaying the version 3 Pantone Solid Uncoated library. It's in alpha order: Oh. And for whatever reason Serif thought it would be a good idea to rename spot colors as their damn Global moniker. It's a dumb decision that I hope gets changed. So in the screen shots you can see that it is using the actual spot color name. Once added tot he document palette, right-click and choose Rename Spot... The name will be the real name and it will be highlighted. So just ctrl/cmd + c to copy it. Then right-click over the swatch again and choose Rename Global Color... Then paste the copied spot color name. See? Stupid. Mike
  22. Hi there. I wanted to share the following for those who want to Warp Text, but you need Photoshop Elements (PSE): In PSE, there is already a feature for warping your texts. The problem is that if you Save it as PSD and open the file in Designer, it's just pixels. After a quick search, I found the following. PSE is capable of converting Text to Shape (Curves), and there is an Add-on that allows the user to access said feature. So, after a test, I could fo the following in PSE 10. First, writ and Warp a Text in PSE. The Add-on will appear in the Effects Panel (I downloaded the Demo Version). double click and the "Elements+ Demo" window will appear: After the conversion has been applied (remember to duplicate the Layer to have a Back Up). Save the File and open it in Designer/Photo. It will appear as a Compound: I tried to do the same in Photopea, but I couldn't find a function to convert the text. If it's there, that'd save you the trouble of using PSE. I will post this on the Tutorials forums, maybe it will be of use for more folks here. EDIT: To convert text to Shapes in Photopea, right click on the Objetc, inside the Layers Panel, and select "Convert to Shape". You can save the file as PSD and you will have the Vectors available. Best regards!
  23. @gdenby wow, thanks for the suggestion. i'll need to google/search around a bit to fully understand all the features i'll need to use (admitted newbie here) but I'll work on that, and appreciate your spending time coming up with a possible solution and giving me a screenshot to work from in my further research! thanksagain
  24. hperticarati, I don't think there is anything wrong with the development team providing the ability to use different plugins with Designer, in fact I think it would be very useful. If people want to pay a monthly fee to use a plugin, I have no problem with that. I just don't think the development team should be spending time and money towards making sure a plugin that uses the subscription model works with Designer. I don't see the logic in renting software and certainly not plugins. Sure, like in your case, if someone else is footing the bill to rent the software then it is fine but I find it ridiculous that companies like Adobe and others expect its users to pay a monthly (or yearly) fee to use their software for the rest of their lives (or until they no longer need or want to have access to them). I would guess that the number one reason so many people search out, find and then buy and use Affinity products is because they are looking for a capable alternative to Adobe's software and forced subscription model (I'd guess that number 2 is a lack of innovation and bloated software from Adobe). Affinity users are using their freedom of choice to support a solution that doesn't require a subscription. So why would they want to escape the subscription model with the software only to get back into it with a plugin? While I think that the lack of a required subscription is what attracts people to Affinity products, I think that the ease of use, the incredible power and innovative features are what keeps people using it. I'm guessing that the vast majority of people here aren't interesting in paying a subscription for a plugin. If the developers add plugin support for Designer (which I'm guessing they will) and once they do, then it is up to the developers of Zeplin to make sure it works with Designer.
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