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  1. When I go to Stock photos I only get Pixabay and Pexels. How do I add Unsplash?
  2. Hi, after the update today I noticed that Unsplash is missing in the Stock Panels of all three apps. Is there a good reason for it or is it a bug? I'm on Windows 10.
  3. Hi, I have affinity designer on my iPad and Unsplash is not available in the stock studio. please help. Thanks, Simki
  4. In the stock panel we list a selection of stock image providers for the convenience of our customers on the basis of it being a free service. Unfortunately in the case of Unsplash they have begun demanding license fees for their API which is the reason they have been removed. The good news is this only affects Unsplash, the other options of Pixbay and Pexels continue to be available. Of course should you wish to use Unsplash images you can download directly from their website using a browser and then import into your Affinity apps by drag & drop or File -> Place, as you would with any other stock library not listed in the panel.
  5. We are aware that since 9th March something has changed in the Unsplash website that means that when using the Unsplash section of the Stock Panel in ALL Affinity products on ALL OS's it is not possible to insert a stock Unsplash image without a crash. On Mac's the app can hang or do nothing. Please do not report this to us again. We do not need any more reports or crash dumps, thank you. The initial beta releases will fix the crash, but Unsplash may undo their change to make this problem go away in the 1.9.1 release build, or more likely we will adjust our end to get this to function again in a later beta and release to all customers soon <EDIT> Publisher betas, on macOS and Windows, now has a fix for this </EDIT> The latest ver 1.9.2 release builds on all platforms should have fixed this issue now, and adding content from the Unsplash stock panel is functional again.
  6. Might be an issue going back to the Unsplash crash a few weeks back but has anyone noticed the scroll bar is no longer there for Unsplash unlike Pixabay and Pexels
  7. Dragging stock image from Unsplash into document causes APh to crash. Works fine for Pixabay and Pexels. I tried rebooting the whole machine and it still happens. Double clicking Unsplash image gets you to image on the Unsplash site, so it seems to be working there...
  8. When I attempt to move an image from Unsplash to the document the program suddenly crashes. Does not occur with Pixelbay or Pexels. Occurs in both Designer and Photo - did not test but likely to occur in Publisher since all three programs share the same engine. Oh, upgraded the other day to latest....1.9.1xxx for all three programs. I get a checkbox request from both Pixelbay and Pexels the first time I used them about licensing.......I didn't get it for Unsplash. Running Windows 10 Just reporting the issue. BTW, if you double click on the image you want in unsplash, it does open up your browser where you can download the image you want. So that is a workaround until they get it fixed
  9. Is anyone else having issues with the use of Unsplash causing crashing? I am using Affinity Designer, vr on Windows 10. Everytime I attempt to grab a reference photo from Unsplash the program crashes and boots me out. Any fixes at this time?
  10. The pinned FAQ was recently updated to say: I'm sorry to have to say "Oh no it isn't!" And since I'm briefly in unseasonable panto mode, let's add: (Bugs?) "They're behind you!" #ahem Photo, Designer (both Mac App Store) and Publisher (Affinity Store) - each the latest v1.9.2 production releases - are still crashing when searching for a keyword in Unsplash stock. This is on my Mac mini M1 running the current version of Big Sur. Searches in Pexels and Pixabay are functioning as expected. Repeatable steps in all three apps: launch app create new blank document (any size) and save file <-- this step is optional display Stock panel select Unsplash type keyword in search field press [Return] (and retreat to a safe distance) crash! I wonder if there have been two problems all along, since I've not seen anyone else report this continued problem since 1.9.2 went through beta and was subsequently released to production? I've attached the crash logs from each app and they all seem pretty much identical. I'm afraid my ability to interpret them is limited, so I can't read much into them. Photo: Affinity Photo_2021-04-07-215137_Garys-Mac-mini.crash Designer: Affinity Designer_2021-04-07-215532_Garys-Mac-mini.crash Publisher: Affinity Publisher_2021-04-07-220226_Garys-Mac-mini.crash Let me know if there's any additional information that you'd like to see…
  11. The problem began when I turn to pixelate, how to turn off this unspash screen?
  12. Every time I attempt to search for a stock photo from within Affinity Photo 1.7 with 'Unsplash, Affinity crashes. I can search the other 2 sites (Pixabay & Pixels) without any problem but not Unsplash. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I am using a Mac with the latest operating system.
  13. I just saw the news that Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Affinity? Does anyone know what impact this may have with Unsplash integration in Affinity apps?
  14. When i create a new document and want to add a image from Stock Unsplash. Affinity Photo Closes. Works perfect from Pixabay and Pexels.. the only problem is from Unsplash.
  15. I'm using the latest versions (1.7.1) of both Affinity Photo – and Affinity Publisher (1.7.1). This crash is consistently reproducible. Steps to reproduce: Open Affinity Photo 1.7.1 (or Publisher 1.7.1) Create new blank document Go to Stock panel Search Unsplash - instant crash Searching the two other Stock sources, Pexels and Pixabay, seems to be robust. OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) See this 33 second video in case I'm missing anything from the description: affinity Stock crashes-Video only.mp4 No new software nor hardware installed recently that might explain this. Curiously, I tried this feature briefly on my office iMac yesterday and all three worked there. On my roughly similarly specced and configured iMac at home, there are consistent crashes when searching Unsplash in both Photo and Publisher. Today was the first time I have tried the Stock search at home. I wondered at first if I might have caused a problem when adding a rule to my 3rd-party firewall, Little Snitch. But the problem persists even when LS is stopped, so almost certainly not relevant. You can see I actually turn it off first in the video. I've attached the two most recent crash logs from Photo and Publisher for your enjoyment. Let me know if I can add anything that might help… Affinity Photo_2019-06-21-171012_iMac27.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-06-21-143220_iMac27.crash
  16. My app (windows) always shuts down while using Unsplash whereas didn't happen before. I also have photo, and publisher but haven't tested the them to see if same thing happens. When on Unsplash I type in any keyword to search images, its crashes when I drag and drop image onto canvas and affinity window just closes. Happens all the time.
  17. I discovered today that I'm unable to drag Unsplash stock photos from the Stock studio panel into any of the the Affinity apps. Pexels and Pixabay work just fine. Is this a bug in the Affinity Suite or problem with the Unsplash service?
  18. I can't seem to get Unsplash photos to add to my work. Pexels and Pixabay both work fine and as expected, but when I drag and drop from Unsplash nothing happens. Don't know if anyone else is having this issue?
  19. I have an issue where when I want to add a photo from Unsplash using the stock photo tab - I get stuck on “downloading” and I have to close and re-open the app. I can search Unsplash fine and see the images to choose from but cannot add them to a canvas. I can add from Pexels and Pixabay fine and without issue. I have tried closing other projects, re-starting my iPad but still encountering the same issue. Has anyone had this issue? It started a couple of days ago and hasn’t stopped. I haven’t installed anything new or anything to interfere. Please help!
  20. Hello, is anyone have a problem with dragging stock photo from unsplash.com ? my affinity designer suddenly forced close when dragging a picture from unsplash stock in affinity designer
  21. In the Stock panel, input a search term and hit Enter. Affinity Publisher crashes immediately.
  22. Hello, Affinity Photo 1.9.1 + MAC does not drag and drop free photos onto new document from Stock panel with Unsplash, yet it works with Pexels and Pixabay Does anyone have the same issue?
  23. Hi, When I choose Unsplash from the Stocks-Tab, it only says "Connection Failed" every time. I tried a couple of times since the 1.7 update, never worked. Pexels and Pixabay work fine though. Any ideas?
  24. Everytime I try to import a photo from unsplash in affinity photo and affinity designer - it crashes. I am using the lastest affintiy 1.9.1 how can I fix this?
  25. When I try to upload an image from Unsplash the program stops working and closes. The same happens in Designer and Publisher. When the image is from Pexels or Pixabay everything works fine. The problem occurs since the last update to 1.9.1.
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