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  1. I am using versions 1.9.1 of all three affinity apps - they all crash when trying to use images from unsplash. The other two sites work fine. What happens for me is that I get the search results from unsplash no problem, but as I try to drag onto the page/document, it crashes every time, in all the apps. Somethings up . . .
  2. This was working fine until yesterday, and seems to be something on Unsplash have changed causing the crash. We will mitigate against the crash, but it is possible Unsplash will undo whatever they did yesterday and it could start working again sooner than an Affinity patch is released.
  3. When I attempt to click for a stock photo within Affinity Designer with 'Unsplash, Affinity crashes. I can use the other 2 sources, Pixabay & Pixels without any problem but not Unsplash. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I am using the latest operating system of Windows. dc616e4a-16f3-449b-9f39-ba076bd08672.dmp
  4. At least try to get the name right. It is not "Upsplash" but "Unsplash." Including Unsplash (among others) as a source for stock images is in no way a recommendation to send any images there. If this amounts to Affinity Photo 'advertising' Unsplash, then the same is true for over 1000 other apps as well. If, as you theorize, Unsplash's plan is to start charging for images when they get enough of them, it must be a remarkably long con, because they currently have about 850,000 free photos available.
  5. Among these, special upvote for Unsplash. Very high quality material. Or... I like it a lot. Pixabay... I have read people reporting several images not being really free. Also, I have noticed myself several images really being just a hue/curves change of some other free or copyrighted image elsewhere or even in the same site. Maybe it is a bit less cured than others ? It appears to me so. I don't know, though. Anyway, is a risk anyone has always with free images for which you don't have a license of whichever type of use/uses, or a document ensuring it is really CC0 (it's a zero, not the "o" vowel). (better than Public Domain, as, it appears public domain is not equally valid in every country). I only say this just to recommend being extra careful... for educational material, though, fair use covers these issues pretty well, my worry is mostly for commercial products, which is most of a designer's/illustrator's output. The files from commons.wikimedia, and other serious depots with a Creative Commons license attached to each file (but those licenses are often more restrictive than people think) are safe. While I am at it, another strong recommendation, at the level of Unsplash, it would be https://www.pexels.com . All images are licensed with the site's license (free for commercial and etc), or CC0. So, amazing.
  6. And another example. Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@krivitskiy - grayscale photo of woman with silver nose ring photo – Free Face Image on Unsplash example 2.afphoto
  7. Example (Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@cristian_newman - grayscale photo of closed-eyes woman photo – Free Portrait Image on Unsplash) ) example.afphoto
  8. No relationship. No affiliation. I'm a customer. Same as for Affinity Photo and Designer. Attribution answers the question of did I do this or is it from somewhere else as people sometimes want to know. Other than that, no connection. None, whatsoever. I did the same thing with my other post giving credit to my source: unsplash. I rasterized the fonts so it would be easier, convenient to use the images and not to compromise Clanbadges right of control over the design. Imagine how much of a chump move it would've been to post the font characters instead, only useful if you purchase the font. That would've been blatant marketing. I didn't do that. it's useful for Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day, Borders and other such useful, utilititarian purposes. And in the future I may do that. And, every time I do so, after this, I will provide attribution. Seems like the appropriate thing to do. I'm using the AFP format to be consistent with it being an AFP resource. Technically. I'll give you that. Not much different from using unsplash if you think about it. More than the font, these are resources, same as styles or palettes or icons, just another set of designs to do something more with, a creative asset. In my eyes, no more, no less.
  9. Learn to create a consistent style and color palette for your photos. Grow your followers, get fans and build you brand. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Master File that you can use to consistently create the same look and feel for your photos. This will bring them closer together. Establish your style and show people that you have an artistic concept behind your works. Video about Curves: https://youtu.be/UAYKacUL86U Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials Photos used: https://unsplash.com/photos/g0b_tx3i0_8 https://unsplash.com/photos/xgWZ-h4Bh-4 https://unsplash.com/photos/4QTfjewH4RU https://unsplash.com/photos/q7GJsXhDzng
  10. I knew that I wanted a pentangle included in this picture, so apart from all other pictures sourced at unsplash, the pentangle is mine/mine/mine. I was determined not to go trawling through the internet looking for an easy life in choosing other people's graphics - free or otherwise. So, by using shapes - and my tired brain, I was able to manufacture the pentangle to how I wanted it to look. After many crashes when using the Perspective tool (my computer hates it and always freezes and crashes when it's used) I emerged from my deficient computer's sulky, inadequate gloom, and had myself a customised graphic. Time to invest in an actual faster computer I think.
  11. Hi Peter, the clouds are a free stock photo from Unsplash. I just used the menu in Affinity Designer to access Unsplash, searched for “clouds” and scrolled through until this one popped up. It had rich colour that echoed some of the reflections on the plane’s fuselage and the light source in the photo was close to that on the plane. I am thinking about just experimenting with Perlin noise to create clouds. I am inspired by Slammer’s work in this area. You might want to have a look at his aircraft illustrations too.
  12. Thank’s for the screen shots, though unfortunately we still can’t see the Layer stack to see what’s going on in there. In the tabs, above the panel saying Unsplash in your screenshot, the layers stack should be the tab marked ‘Ly’. Click on that to show the layers. Is it just this project that’s not letting you Save or Save As…? Or all projects? If you don’t mind it being publicly accessible are you able to post the troublesome file here on the forums for us to poke and prod? Regarding where it says Unsplash, that’s not an advert but the Stock panel. You can access three different online stock image sites via this panel which offer free to use stock images. (though it goes without saying you should check each sites T's & C's regarding what you can use the images for).
  13. Learn how to actually use the Displacement Effect in Affinity Photo. Here are some awesome tricks to make it work and get great looking results.This quick fix for the broken Displacement Effect in Affinity Photo. With this solution you can get rid of the ugly outer edges. If you know my channel, you know that i always add some extra insights. So we are going to use the Blend Ranges and an ambient Light Layer to make it look even better and really create the illusion of a Text painted onto the wall. ORIGINAL VIDEO - Watch and Subscribe to Digitally Fearless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi6Or1fFQOw&feature=youtu.be Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ Images Used: https://unsplash.com/photos/RoqDml-KUn8 https://unsplash.com/photos/77kp2TbcPxo
  14. In anticipation of a rather rare wintry day here in the "Sunny South" I created the sorrowful scene below from an image that (I must confess) I found somewhere two or three years ago. Unfortunately I cannot provide appropriate attribution to the original image, which I think came from Unsplash. A little selecting, a little Quick Masking, some Refining Selection, some cutting and pasting, some brushed birds, and some Snow Overlays by Paper Farms (assets) and behold! A truly dreary aspect.🥶😀
  15. Hello all, perhaps I am getting old, but where can I find the standard / default Icons/Symbols in Designer? I thought they were in Assets. I created a few symbols a few months back and used the standard "templates" for this. Now it seems they are gone. I mean the icons, like Telescope, Camera shutter etc. Is Unsplash removed from the affinity apps as well? Help you can help. Hendrik
  16. Natch but the effect is horrible. It may look impressive on a youtube video but at 100% it's <insert your favourite derogatory expletive here>If you want a laugh try it on a 16bit image. I don't like anyone taking someone elses photo', albeit a public domain one, and giving advice on how to improve it when their advice is rubbish, the eyes are <expletive> up, the extra blue on the clothes is debateable, the blue in her hair is <another expletive>. I like the original, I have my own ideas on how to improve it but I wouldn't publish them on the www The image is available here https://unsplash.com/photos/T4bFs7q9E94
  17. Hi, I use Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 2004 To reproduce the bug: 1) Open the file "alexandru-zdrobau-BGz8vO3pK8k-unsplash.afphoto" with Affinity Photo. 2) Double click in the layers pannel on the layer named "(Curve Adjustement)". 3) Close the "Curves" settings requester without change anything. 4) Uncheck the checkmark on the right of the layer named "(Curve Adjustament)" Affinity Photo will crash alexandru-zdrobau-BGz8vO3pK8k-unsplash.afphoto
  18. With many thanks to so many Forum members who have patiently taught so many of us! And especially to @Affinidesigner for the Subtle Sharpening macro (Resources), to @AdamStanislav for his elegant Modrina LUT (Resources), for the Falling Snow assets by Paper Farms, for the original image (Stephen-ellis-bc5UDvKty7M-unsplash) which I cropped, for the deer image I found somewhere ages ago and stored "just in case," for the little red cardinal who was sitting on my garden fence, and for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, which are a joy to use every day. Happy New Year, everybody!!
  19. This began life (or was resurrected -- see below) when I was fourteen, at school in 1965 when Games was rained off and I started doodling in a notebook whatever came into my head. I've still got the notebook somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on it just now to show you the original scribble.But here's the weird creepy thing ... ten years or so later I was idly flipping through a book, A Century of Creepy Stories, at a friend's house, when I came to an illustration ... that was my teenage doodle! It was different, obviously, but had all the elements: the old man, the long-case clock, the water ...And then I remembered ... when I was seven, we had a caravan holiday in Cornwall. Under my bed, I found someone had left a book ... A Century of Creepy Stories! The room is by Vidar Nordli Mathisen from unsplash; the bath from a photo by Max Murauer from unsplash; the clock and the wooden posts are my own photos; the other elements I borrowed from the internet.
  20. Hi! Yesterday I found a video on Youtube, that shows how to use the verry cool G'MIC-Plugin in Affinity Photo. I have worked with it in GIMP for many years, and it works verry nice there. But in Affinity Photo it causes an error message or is greyed out and inactive in some other cases (for example on images from Pixabay and Unsplash), and it does nothing at all. Has anyone here experiences with it and possibly an idea how I could fix this problem? I already startet a thread on the G'MIC- forum for this also.
  21. They should be OK, but I’m afraid I’m not convinced that they are! Even with sites such as Unsplash there can be legal issues, as discussed here: https://www.thephoblographer.com/2019/07/15/unsplash-copyright-infringement/ My thanks to @haakoo for sharing the above link in another thread on these forums.
  22. @Alfred I'm not sure this Unsplash image by Dan Cook has anything to do with Affinity software... user @pathma is under restricted posting till they explain better
  23. Today we are looking at Tilt Shift: How it's done. The secrets behind it. The story of it's origin. Tilt Shift is a fun effect that is most often used in digital Software for Miniature faking. Make the world look like a Toy World. It's easy, fun and can be done with almost every photo that was taken from the right angle. Support me on PATREON and get my Affinity Photo File with all layers as a Thank You: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Find me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@multi4g Photos used: https://unsplash.com/photos/7R9JQJB9R2A https://unsplash.com/photos/o98T4Fj30Qk https://unsplash.com/photos/BWtyq5fn6Ng https://unsplash.com/photos/_Kp1WFKoCRk #tilt #shift #tiltshift #toyworld #miniature #fake #perspective #photo #design #art #colorful #fun #dtube #artistic #creative #steemit #easy #tutorial #education #handson #learning #free #affinity #editing #episode #series #making #DIY #minute #quick #pictures #howto #designer #cover #elearning #video #online
  24. Affinity Photo always crashes when scrolling through the stock photos tab. Unsplash is mostly ok but the other two always completely crashes AF instantly all the time without fail when scrolling down. The faster you go the faster it crashes. Using on a 2018 iMac 27" 5K with 40GB or RAM. Any fix for this?
  25. @Wosven Thank you for the responses. Answering your questions. Linked Resources or Embeded? Not sure if I understand your question. I think I do. I downloaded the images directly to my iPad from their website sources. Pexels, Unsplash etc.. Thank you for the linked images bug (will steer clear away from linked images) Rasterize before posting file? To my knowledge I did not rasterize to avoid quality loss of image. Heavy Earth Shadow Bug? That was me creating an exposure, that I purposely made dark, then inverted the exposure so I can soft brush in a shadow. The file should had reflected that. I have no idea why it downloaded for you test way… looks like my file was potentially corrupted. The good news - I fixed the problem just now, (1am my time) but you helped me discover another one. See my opening post.. I have updated it.
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