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  1. Hi All, I'm trying to add another website (Unsplash) to the list of websites in the Stock tab in the studio but I have no way of doing so - any suggestions - many thanks - Mike
  2. I think that Affinity Photo could really benefit from added sources in the "Stock" Panel. I'd really love to see Unsplash on there, or a way to add custom sources other than Shutterstock, but I'm curious how others feel.
  3. I get a compressed file named "snowqueen.zip" that decompressed contains the single snow_queen.afphoto file. That file includes all the numbered snapshots mentioned in the Workbook, so it is both the finished project & the intermediate steps. The download does not include the two additional files "girlportrait" & "snowmountain." However, each of those files has an affin.co URL reference on the pages where they are first mentioned (p.368 & p.370, respectively), which are redirects to the Pixabay & Unsplash sites where those files can be downloaded. I assume they are not included in the zip file because while there are no restrictions on their use, downloading from those two sites gives users a chance to review the (very liberal) licensing terms, leave comments, credit the authors, etc.
  4. Perhaps. However, it seems to be legless! Has it been drinking? There’s also Unsplash, Morguefile, Motosha, and (quirky but fun) Gratisography. @Mithferion published a long list here.
  5. Why so coy, Miguel? Many of Brooke Cagle's photos are freely available from Unsplash. That particular example is here.
  6. It looks like it to me. I will dry to down load it. Previously I used the suggestion to try Unsplash and just picked a picture that looked similar.
  7. I don’t think you should be sharing workbook resource links here, but the ‘girlportrait’ one took me to this CC0 image on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/en/portrait-woman-hairstyle-elegant-1754894/ The ‘snowmountain’ link tried to take me to a page on Unsplash (where, as on Pixabay, the content is freely available and redistributable) but I got a timeout error.
  8. I just wanted to attach this example to show what I mean with my idea. (just consider the fact that I'm not a Web Designer myself ) Here is the font used. All Images come from Unsplash. Best regards! Web Site Design.afdesign
  9. Unsplash would be nice to have on the list, as would Pixabay, but there are quite a few good 'paid for but royalty free' image collections that professional designers might want to use instead of Shutterstock.
  10. I would like the ability to add other Stock providers too, Unsplash looks good, I agree with Verdi.
  11. Has this hard "No" turned into a "Maybe" yet? Having Unsplash there would be a rather nice time saver.
  12. Hi Jim Air, Welcome to Affinity Forums We don't provide the images used in the tutorials (except those in the Beginners section) but you can find similar ones in several free stock sites as Lee D suggested. Here's a few you may want to take a look: Pexels Pixabay StockSnap.io Unsplash
  13. Awesome feature, will use this a lot! But if you drop an image into an already opened file, it imports it much bigger. If you drop it into Affinity's homepage it works fine. Steps: Create a Affinity file size: 5411 x 2516px (size of the image bellow) Open this via safari: https://unsplash.com/photos/QqSlW0a2Dwg (click the download button from here - it opens the high res image in a new safari tab) Drop image in affinity Check the imported image dimensions in the "Transform Studio" on the right pane (update: and if you try to resize this layer to the original dimension, via the Transform Studio, it freezes the app) Someone with iOS beta 8 could try this? and from other sources besides safari... Thanks Stuff: iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) Affinity 1.6.5 (Beta 1) iOS 11 beta 7
  14. Here's one good example on why freehand selection tool would be extremely useful. Please try selecting only this caterpillar (without shadows): https://unsplash.com/photos/sBS1-iAwYO0 I can't get this creature perfectly selected with the Smart + Refine selection (refine doesn't refine as much, and freezes a lot) and simply because doing this freehand with the apple pencil is much much nicer. We just need to have a freehand selection option that only connects both ends if they're very near. So if the apple pencil leaves the iPad surface, it only closes the loop it its extremely near. [like pixelmator's > select > freehand selection tool] Just as background info, here's a timelapse on how i used Pixelmator before to make collages: https://youtu.be/4z3fi14k1GY?t=32s (starting at 32s i use the selection tool). This is currently not possible with any of Affinity's selection tools and my main feature request for the app. @Julian Hartinger could you please edit this title (by clicking edit on your first comment) to be a bit more specific? something like: freehand selection option should only connect both ends if they're very near. Thanks iPad Pro 12" 2015 - Affinity iOS - Latest Beta
  15. Posting this issue here on the Beta forum... Just tried on beta on iPad Pro 12" (first model). Steps to reproduce: Open a new affinity file 4000 x 6000 px Import this image via safari: https://unsplash.com/photos/0wroxMXvPxk/download Long-press on the image and select "Copy" (this copies the image to the iOS clipboard) Go to Affinity > ... > Pasteboard > Paste Use "move tool' to place it on the lower part of the canvas Click "..." > "Duplicate" (with this image layer selected) Use "move tool" to place the 2nd layer on the upper part of the canvas On the "Layer Studio" select both layers (by swiping left each layer) Click "..." > Merge > Merge Selected bugz =>> nothing happens (it should merge) Click "..." > Merge > Merge Down bugz =>> nothing happens (it should merge) But if you click "..." > Merge > Merge Visible it creates a new layer with both images merged
  16. Pixabay and Unsplash are my 'go to' resources for free photos these days, but image*after is also worth a look. Here are a few more links for you: Sites with High Quality Photos You Can Use for Free Free Clip Art and Public Domain Images Creative Commons Search
  17. Hello everyone! First post in the forums, so here's a little introduction/explanation first: I've been looking for a good alternative to Illustrator (which I use in my daily job) for my freelance work and came across Affinity Designer. I lurked through the forums a bit, saw the introductory video about a hundred times and eventually when Illustrator abolished my last nerve and obliterated any pieces of patience I had left, I knew - Affinity Designer will be the software I use! I thought it would be a cool idea to try and record my first project with the program and share it with the community. It's nothing special, mostly shapes and gradients, but I had to start somewhere, so here goes: A video of the process: https://youtu.be/QlpYsvdkpEY The photo of the t-shirt guy is from unsplash.com. Thanks for having a look!
  18. Hi there, I've just downloaded the free trial for Affinity Designer on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3. I've got the i7 model (4650U integrated graphics) with 8gb ram and I'm experiencing some fairly substantial lag when playing around with a single art board and a handful of photos. It is frequently generically laggy and the program has frozen as 'not responsive' 9 times in 30 mins. It recovers from the not responsive state relatively quickly (maybe 2-5 seconds). To test the demo, in total, I have: - 7 elipse shapes, each masking a photo from Unsplash (all seven total 57mb in file size) - 1 rectangle shape - 2 text fields I'm doing all this in the 'draw' persona, meaning the photos are at full res if you zoom in enough, despite being scaled down significantly to fit onto the screen. Have I got some random setting accidentally on overdrive, or is the testing build simply buggy and therefore not representative of the final product? Any ideas? The surface typically handles large PS files fine. Cheers, Jordan
  19. Photo that was used : https://unsplash.com/photos/Jt-P4DSF5oU No idea what the specifications of the camera is. So just invented something
  20. Hi everyone, Having seen MrDoodlezz really cool letterhead mockup which you can find here, I thought I would have a go and have created an Ipad equivalent using the live filters as well! Please find the Affinity Photo file: Download here. Feel free to use for whatever you like! The image used and all embedded images are from www.unsplash.com. Hope it is useful for people! Cheers Tom
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