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  1. Hello, is anyone have a problem with dragging stock photo from unsplash.com ? my affinity designer suddenly forced close when dragging a picture from unsplash stock in affinity designer
  2. Apparently you are correct. This is from the Unsplash License: Photos cannot be sold without significant modification. Compiling photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service. So it looks like using Unsplash images in a book would be safe to do since I am not selling the images.
  3. In the Stock panel, input a search term and hit Enter. Affinity Publisher crashes immediately.
  4. Hello, Affinity Photo 1.9.1 + MAC does not drag and drop free photos onto new document from Stock panel with Unsplash, yet it works with Pexels and Pixabay Does anyone have the same issue?
  5. Hi, When I choose Unsplash from the Stocks-Tab, it only says "Connection Failed" every time. I tried a couple of times since the 1.7 update, never worked. Pexels and Pixabay work fine though. Any ideas?
  6. Everytime I try to import a photo from unsplash in affinity photo and affinity designer - it crashes. I am using the lastest affintiy 1.9.1 how can I fix this?
  7. When I try to upload an image from Unsplash the program stops working and closes. The same happens in Designer and Publisher. When the image is from Pexels or Pixabay everything works fine. The problem occurs since the last update to 1.9.1.
  8. After updating from Affinity version 19.0 to 19.1 the program now crashes when a picture is imported from unsplash. All drivers etc are up to date( Done for bug fixes in version 19.0). Another problem that I have found is that the invert tool does not now work when using the selection brush. The dashed lines change as expected but you are unable to work on the other part of the image that you want to work on, I.e when working on a sky selection and you swap the part being edited for finer detail editing.
  9. Affinity Photo crashes to desktop when dragging Unsplash Stockphoto This happens every time I drag a stockphoto into an existing document. The problem does not occur when using Pexels or Pixabay. I'm on the latest version Running latest Windows GTX 970 /12GB of Ram
  10. Hi, I've had a problem for the last couple of days. If I attempt to add a stock image from Unsplash both Designer and Publisher crash. I'm on Windows. Pexels and Pixabay seem unaffected. Thanks, Martin.
  11. Hi guys, I would like to know how to grab and drop an image out of the Unsplash stock library into the my art board. Thank you from🇯🇵
  12. Was working before but I don't frequently use the stock as much so not sure if happened after update. I start any document new/old and use stock image option. Unsplash image is clicked, then I drag an image Im going to use on the canvas but affdesigner crashes and basically turns off as in the app window closes. I reopened affdesigner but it seems the issue wont go away after trying again.
  13. I am using the latest version available I think ( When I drag an Unsplash image from Stock Studio palette , AD immediately closes. It seems to be fine if using images from Pixabay or Pexels. Help?
  14. >Open Designer >Search stocl/unsplash >Drag random result onto document *crash* I tried in 1.9.0, updated to 1.9.1, still same problem.
  15. Everytime I have tried to directly drag and place a stock photo from Unsplash onto my screen this week I have had to press Ctrl Alt Delete for task manager in order to restart both Affinity Photo/ Designer because they both simply stop working....only the mouse cursor moves screen. This isn't the case with Pexels and Pixabay which are both working as normal. Is anybody else having similar problems? Any advice would be much appreciated
  16. why i get only 30 pic suggestion on Unsplash in affinity photo and in the other like pixbay /pexeis i get more pic on the same subject . for example if i write "Dog" in the search i get only 30 in unsplash can someone advice ? Thanks Doron
  17. Dear Affinity, I welcome the new update especially with the new stock photos and looked forward to downloading some great photos,but when I open up my software and try to log into Unsplash Affinity Photo just keeps crashing, and I get I have enrolled with Unsplash and have become a member but this dosn't seem to help. Id like to get the window that comes up under the Unsplash box instead of which I get Safari open with all the datails about Unsplash, (see enclosed Screenshots). Truasting you can help me with this Yours Faithfully Barry Smith
  18. Rather than repeat what I've just entered over in the Photo bugs section, I'll just link to it, since the problem seems to be identical.
  19. I am new to affinity. In Photo and designer you get a scroll bar when using using Unsplash but can not get a scroll bar in publisher. Help please, on youtube I see the scroll bar on peoples software.
  20. Necromancing this old thread—but as predicted, Unsplash has slowly moved towards paid (premium) content. I hope they'll still keep offering a good amount of quality open source images in the future, but I'm suspicious... https://unsplash.com/blog/introducing-unsplash/
  21. To avoid all copyright problems, ask the artwork's creator; if you can draw it over, make changes. If they give written permission, you are in the clear. Maybe you have to pay for what you want, but that is normal, not? I think there are enough websites like Unsplash and Favicon to free-to-use- artwork and photographs. For other pictures/artwork, you have to pay but hey! We all have to make a living! Chris
  22. I LOVE Unsplash and using it within Affinity is amazing! However, I use Unsplash a lot and create my own personal collections to use in my projects. It's a great way of organizing groups of photos and makes them easy to find later on. My feature request would be to etiher: be able to log in to Unsplash to access your own collections or browse & search collections as well as images (perhaps even a simple option of search by collection URL might do the trick? Example of collections I use: https://unsplash.com/@melior64/collections
  23. I think one of the problems is the image banks either get bought out and or they change their terms of usage, Unsplash began demanding licence fees for their API so they were subsequently removed from Affinity's Stock Panel, this happened in the version 1.10.1 update: If you added an image bank to Affinity, who is going to pay those fees should the image bank you added do what Unsplash have done? For this reason I doubt making a feature request will get you very far.
  24. Hi There I use freepik quite a bit, so much so that I have a sub with them. Are there any plans to implement a Freepik plugin like the unsplash in the stock tab? freepik.com Lize
  25. I have noticed something odd with unsplash in publisher in that results do not have a scroll bar so you can only view the first set of images returned from a search. Changing the source to either pexels or pixabay allows the results returned to be scrolled. This issue with unsplash does not occur when using photo or designer. Running on windows 10 and latest build of publisher.
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