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  1. The saying is: no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. In Serifs position, the first I would want Adobe to know about an Affinity DAM is the day of release when thousands of customers are upgrading to Affinity V3 (and DAM) and thousands of Lightroom V6.14 users are looking to jump. At this point even if Adobe fix the map problem in LR V6.14 which is OK for PC users the Mac users still won't be able to run it on the latest Macs. They have to be on CC and that i$ lot$ more money (per month) than Affinity. Of course, we may have to wait until V4.... V5.... V6 (after that I won't care as I will be long gone as the wife has pre-paid my funeral 🙂 )
  2. The scripting thread has 600 odd replies and was started nearly 6 years ago. The Lightroom thread has over 100 replies and was started only 5 months ago. That gives you some idea that now it has been raised it is probably the most popular thing on the forum in the last 12 months. As a photographer. I live in Lightroom and rarely used PS or use APhoto. though I mainly do Journalism, so you don't do much/any photo editing As a Magazine Editor and someone who lays out books I live in APublisher however I also have Lightroom open as I need to sort and select photos for the Magazine and books. Much as I did when I used InDesign. Hopefully for Affinity V3 there will be a DAM. Most graphics people used Adobe Bridge and claimed Lightroom, being a specialized bridge, was redundant. But I would suggest that more people use Lightroom than use Bridge Hopefully for Affinity V3 there will be a DAM that will be closer to Lightroom than Bridge. If Affinity do a photo DAM that will talk to google maps, then I would think the huge number of people still on the standalone perpetual licence Lightroom V6.14 would jump to the Affinity DAM. Never mind those looking for any excuse to come of the Adobe CC.
  3. @Chills I hadn't really considered that V3 might indeed include a DAM or a LR-esque new app. It would have been nice to have a road map. But I went through the very painful process of switching from Capture One Pro to LR and am not going to do it again, so I am in essence a former customer...
  4. I have been waiting for (8!) years to see if Serif would develop a DAM and in this context also renew and improve the raw converter. But so far no sign of it so I've decided to renew my Adobe Abo. I will continue to monitor the Affinity Suite but will do my photo work with LR and PS. In the last few days I have come to the realisation that the Adobe programs are probably more sophisticated and more "state of the art" but the subscription creates more problems than it solves. I have cancelled the photo subscription and will continue with darktable and DxO until Serif offers a DAM and if not then I can't change it and then I have to live with it.
  5. There is a lot of this sort of thing that goes on. Microsoft was legendary for doing it. Apple were better when Jobs was at the helm but since then..... 😞 I am certain that MS Outlook was not a Microsoft development, Email, calendar, tasks and a contact database all in one. My most used app over the last 30 years. I nearly went to Apple Aperture but at the last minute didn't press the "buy" and went Lightroom. I think it was because Aperture wasn't on PC Also I knew that the Intel Macs were on the way and updates would only be on the Intel macs not the PPC ones. Indeed Apple did an OS upgrade that didn't support Aperture before stopping support Then again with Lightroom Adobe stopped support for the standalone V 6.14 Lightroom weeks before google changed the interface to the maps rendering the Maps section of the V6.14 inoperative. Adobe would have known the change was coming so they could update the CC version in time. I think this was in an effort to force people to the Creative Cloud Subscription system. As the Adobe support page for this says "To continue using the Map service, it is recommended that you update to the latest Lightroom Classic version." I didn't jump. However a decent DAM like Lightroom +Bridge from Serrif would be great. I would pay for it.
  6. I used to use LR, but like many others I gave up on Adobe products after they went subscription after having spent thousands over the years on every version of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Pagemaker etc. I would buy the suite version. I did though, on the whole, like LR for cataloging files and processing RAW. I feel like I’ve tried every alternative and always end up just using Apple Photos. It’s free and gets failry regular updates. I keep all my images in folders on an external SSD which is backed up to other SSD’s daily. The images are all referenced into Photos, but not physically moved to the Photos library. You can do that and have the library (of referenced files) on an external disk. Like many Apple apps it has powers that are not always explained up front. One feature that I just discovered was in using the search function. I can’t remember why I was looking for “beer” but I typed that in and a bunch of photographs were found. All of them, except one, had either glasses of beer or beer bottles. There was one foto that had neither in them. I enlarged the image and there, on a piece of paper was the tiny word “beer”. And it was on a creased part of the paper shot at an angle. I guess this is a benefit of Apple’s newish technology that can find, and copy, words in images. Count me impressed. I also use the edit feature, but don’t use the Photos edit engine per se. I select an image and press enter which opens Photos Edit and from there, in the three dots in a circle icon, I select the RAW processor of my choice. I typically use RAWPower, which is a $30 (I think) app written by one of the lead engineers on Apple Aperture - a much beloved DAM and RAW processor sadly missed by the cognnoscenti. You can also pick Affinity Photo or whatever other foto editing app appears in the pop-up menu. I used to think an Affinity DAM would be cool. I would like to give those guys my money, but I no longer feel that is necessary. Although I would still buy it if they did release such a beast. Cast aside any opinions you might have about Apple Photos and give it a try.
  7. Hi, First of all, well done and congratulations on your new Affinity suite. I really appreciate all the hard work that I can see has obviously gone into this suite and I’m enjoying the UIX updates. There are two features that I feel are holding me back from cancelling my subscription to the other big company who competes with APhoto and those are : - AI Object and subject detection auto-Masking (Intellgient object detection and subject masking). I cannot tell you what a killer feature this for your competition and it’s one that I’d love to see included (even to Mac variant). - A better way to browse my Affinity suite of assets across the apps - Originally I was hoping for something like Lightroom but in hindsight I think something more akin to bridge may be more apt. In any case I’d appreciate if these suggestions could be added to your backlog for APhoto v2 for downstream consideration or even planning! best regards and congrats again on an excellent software release.
  8. Although standards as presets is nice and obviously can clutter the panel as there can be so much variables per preset. Like color mode with or with out bleed and portrait or landscape mode. I therefor would like to point out that one could create templates from just the document specs wanted. You can either assign the template folder in the new menu or drag/drop a template file to the UI of the affinities(not the canvas as this may or may not work) from a dam/finder/explorer. It is also possible to make assets of your files and also drag/drop to the UI from the assets folder.
  9. Take a quick look at Daminion.net. Maybe you are like one of the industries described on that page, or maybe you are a smaller user like me. I am an 82 year old non-commercial photographer, and a Serif customer since 2002, having converted to Affinity as it was released. Serif have been promising a Data Asset Manager (DAM) since the launch of their Affinity range in 2014/5. But it has always been just over the horizon. Most existing DAMs did not accept and render Affinity formats. But I read on a forum that Daminion would accept Affinity files and most of its functions worked, even though Daminion did not officially support the Affinity formats. I decided to give it a try. At that time a lifetime licence was available and affordable. It took some time to get to grips with Daminion, but the support was really good and helpful. It took many months to digitise my large stock of 35mm slides, and scan all the postcard size images to go into Daminion. From 2001 the digital images were easier to handle. But now I have all my images from 1998 until 2023 in the Daminion database. They are now all tagged, grouped into albums and years and locations and events and people ….and so on! The toughest task is that the ‘creation date’ is the date the images are scanned into Daminion, so each one has to be adjusted to show the date the picture was taken. (That does not apply to digital images where Daminion picks up the ‘date shot’ as the Creation date from the metadata of the image). Also I have been able to integrate all my Logs, presentations and videos as can be seen in the attached image. My database now has 4 catalogs, the largest of which has 30,000 images Recently Daminion introduced face recognition. I found it did not fit too well with my workflow,although I could see its potential, especially for commercial users. All was going well until Daminion decided to go for a subscription service, although they did create a special Lite version for existing customers to continue using Daminion. They have decided that the small user is worth keeping. So, from January this year (2024) they have introduced a new tariff which is pretty well a lifetime licence, although the maintenance charge is quite significant. The current tariff is - Light server for strictly personal non-commercial use: 2 connections lifetime with 1 year of free updates: 300 USD Maintenance after one year: 150 USD 1 connection lifetime with 1 year of free updates: 200 USD Maintenance after one year: 100 USD - Light server for standalone photographers (commercial use): 1 named user: 600 USD annual subscription 2 named users: 1200 USD annual subscription I am sure there are more complex tariffs for large corporate users. To find out more about the features in Daminion visit https://daminion.net/feature-tour/daminion-server/easy-asset-cataloging/ I think Daminion is capable of meeting a huge range of needs, and once familiar with it, it is easy to use. I have only a minor gripe. If I need Daminion assistance, they use Teamviewer, which works well, but my bank does not like it so I have to install it and uninstall it every time Daminion need access to my system. There was a period when Daminion failed to render the Affinity formats into thumbnails in the system (though the storage and tagging was OK).It may have happened during a Daminion upgrade, or it may have been an issue when Affinity 2 was launched - but of course, Daminion did not officially support Affinity formats at that time That has now been resolved with the release of version 9, and Daminion now claim to support Affinity formats. My experience is that they do. The images below show the first screen of my images from 2010. The top row (enlarged in the second image) shows how a pdf Log/report, 2 videos and a slide presentation of our 2010 cruise can be conveniently presented and accessed, even though they (and all the other pictures) can be stored anywhere in your system. I chose to date them so they appear at the beginning of the relevant year. The panel on the left shows the tag criteria that I have chosen to use, and the panel on the right shows some of the attributes of each individual image that can be applied (there are a lot more if you scroll down). I am happy to chat further in the discussion if you have questions. I confirm I have no commercial arrangement with Daminion, except as a customer
  10. Hi @Brendan MacNeill, Welcome to the Affinity Forums I can confirm that Affinity Photo is not designed as a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) app for importing hundreds of images at once for review, like Lightroom etc. Affinity Photo is much more similar to Photoshop in this regard, where the app is designed for editing a singular image/document at a time. You can of course open multiple documents/images at once as mentioned above, but there is no 'Library' style function for reviewing, storing or cataloguing your images. If you haven't already, you can try a free trial of the Affinity V2 apps here, to see if they suit your workflow - https://store.serif.com/get/universal-licence-2/trial/ I hope this clears things up!
  11. Hi there, I use Apple Photos to import all the RAW files from my camera, and then the Affinity Photo extension to individually edit those RAW files in Develop persona. I also have my lifetime JPEG collection in Apple Photo, which is why I'm keen to find a workflow. This is a limited workflow, in that you can't do batch processing (the Affinity / Apple Photo extension only lets you edit one image at a time). I'm curious how other photographers manage their RAW libraries with Affinity? Do you: Still use Apple Photos for RAW management and accept that you have to edit each image individually. Use another Digital Asset Management (DAM) product to just manage your RAW files (especially for batch edits of lots of photos), then maybe import the edited JPEGs into Apple Photos? Ditch Apple Photos in favour of another DAM and manage things in a different way? Cheers, Zac
  12. See ... ... and other forum threads about alternative DAM software ... dam site:forum.affinity.serif.com
  13. I’ve wanted to be able to better organize my files and not found an app that will handle Affinity files. I didnt really require edit ability just search and organization. Since I share my iPad files with my PC this presented a lot of potential problems, but maybe all is well. I realized that jpg files modified on the iPad and copied back to PC retain tags, and Affinity automatically reads jpg tags visible in Windows file manager and exports those tags in created jpgs and also saves them within the Affinity photo metadata. These tags seen in Windows file manager can then be searched using boolean operators. This is all I need, I can group, view the thumb of Affinity files and jpgs, and search and sort by keyword. I must be missing something….no I dont need editing as part of a DAM app. Hooray!
  14. Hey guys, We desperately need some clarification. For the past two years it was mentioned several times here in these forums that you are working on a DAM. However, we haven’t really seen an update on that topic in the past weeks and months. And in your Twitter feed you mentioned a couple of times now that you are currently not developing a DAM. So which is true? With the recent changes from Adobe with their Lightroom software and with Apple still not improving Photos really, it would be a great time to put a great DAM out there right now. Many, many photographers are looking for a new solution to this old and essential problem. Also, MacPhun just announced a DAM for their Luminar app. In any case, we just need to know if we should wait for a DAM to be released by you guys or if we should look for other alternatives. Thank you!
  15. Does anyone use a particular with DAM software? Or is it not really necessary?
  16. Thanks @Old Bruce. Do you use a particular DAM software in that case or are you just using folders and files?
  17. Affinity Photo: To the Executives at Serif. Should you choose to search the forums using the title of this post, you'll get at least 20 hits. Some of those hits include statements about a Digital Asset manager (DAM) in development. These requests/discussions go back to 2015. That's 7 YEARS at the time of this writing. Sooooooo, come on now; what's really going on? Taking 2 covid years out of the timeline still gives you 5 years to respond. Would you not agree that you owe your loyal users a DAM product by now? To the Executive in charge, please give us a release date (some hope). We're getting anxious.
  18. Lightroom is DAM (photo catalog), APhoto is photo editor (hasn't DAM features).
  19. @Dave.Kelly, I'm not sure why you mentioned using ON 1 for years or a DAM/RAW editor but here we are talking specifically about the UI of the ON 1 Effects 2023 product & its several AI powered features, both as a standalone app & with AP as a plugin. Among the things I found counter-intuitive with it are how the AI-powered "Super" select tool works. Selecting parts of an image with it are usually straightforward enough but without watching a video or reading through the huge manual, it is far from obvious that to do anything with the selection you have to right-click to pop up the adjustment & filter selection menu. Another is that when opened for the first time, the Layers item on the left where one adds or modifies layers is collapsed & there is no indication at all that it can be clicked on to reveal those options. Several of the other various AI-powered masking features are not exactly straightforward or intuitive to use. For example, once you find where it is hiding in the UI it is easy enough to use the AI Quick Mask tool to mask part of an image, but like several other tools you would not even know it exists without referring to the manual or just clicking on each of the tool icons on the left & then hovering the pointer over each of the icons along the top of the window (sort of an overly complicated version of the Affinity context toolbar). Then there are the things that simply do not work, like the search field in the Add Filter window or that the Crop Tool is unavailable when the app is called as a plugin from AP, or that in the startup screen Recent Photos section the right-click Show in Finder switches to the Finder but does not open a Finder window where that photo is stored. There is much more but like @firstdefence mentioned above, I really have had to force myself to spend a huge amount of time to learning its quirks to do much with it.
  20. I think that part of the issue with the UI in On1 is that it is not a part of a desktop publisher like Affinity and as such the procedures are different to Photoshop/Affinity. If you want to do composites then Affinity is a better tool. I have been using On1 for several years now, because Serif dont seem interested in a DAM/Raw editor and my main interest is managing/editing photos. Sometimes I use Affinity Photo and I dont find the UI intuitive because it is not what I am used to. To me the masking/layers and procedures seem very complicated in Affinity, what with 4 different layer types.
  21. Hi There, I store all of my photos on OneDrive. This works great with AP 2. But culling and rating is not so easy. What digital asset management or library options are there to rate etc. any suggestions?
  22. I'm working at switching from Photoshop. But I'm stymied because once I have more than a few edited images, I don't see how to view my .afphoto files to decide which one I want to open into APhoto for further work. Does anyone have any suggestions? For now, rather than waiting for the Affinity DAM they say they maybe going to provide sometime in the future? Note that the DAM function I really, really need is not everything Lightroom does, just the Library module. Thanks, - newbie susan
  23. You are right, as a photographer, Affinity is no longer for me, I switched back to Lightroom and Photoshop. I must have DAM functionality. If I were a working graphic designer I would have to have DAM functionality as well. Serif has created reasonable tools for the hobbyist, but few working pros would be able to use the tools. For the photographer it would be a near trivial task to create a lite version of AP with a DAM called Affinity Develop, but for all of the apps they desperately need a proper (better than Bridge) DAM. I presently use NeoFinder, at least all of my digital assets are catalogued. Edit 1: As an aside, when I went back to Photoshop, I was shocked at how far along the product had progressed, masking shocked me the most. Serif really needs to up their game... Edit 2: As a company Serif has "hung their hat" on creatives, and not providing a way to manages those assets in their apps is unconscionable. I have close to 1 million raw images, many thousands of edited keepers, many thousands of shooped images, and untold numbers of graphics elements from AD. How would you propose managing those assets without a proper DAM? I wish them well...
  24. I have just started to use Affinity Photo and I have been really impressed by it. It’s essentially been a bit of a Photoshop killer for me, almost, as I still use a number of panels such as Beautify that I use for portrait/fashion work. Like many of us I’d love to see Affinity create a DAM so all of my creativity can be joined up. I also find Creative Cloud useful for syncing across devices and its ability to share images with my clients. There is one other feature in Lightroom Desktop (not CC) that is really useful for portrait photographers; tethering. Being able to take a photograph and it to tether directly into a DAM would be a compelling reason to switch out of my monthly Adobe subscription. I hope that helps. Jon
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