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Found 41 results

  1. Android tablet getting pretty good. And there is no combination in it if you add the affinity suite. There is no full creative apps in Android it would be amazing if we could have apps like the affinity suite. Thanks and I hope y'all think about it
  2. It's great news that Affiinity is receiving greater visibility and popularity. Purchasing your software has given me a greater sense of freedom and I thank you for that. Since you've now moved towards the iPad platform, will you also be working towards developing your software on Android? If so, do you have a projected timeline? I do most of my work from PC but when traveling I'm always on my Android. Hope to hear good news! Thank you.
  3. hi, I have a question - do not you plan to enter Affinity on Android devices? - today devices with this system are able to support the software often have better solutions than those in Apple - an example may be Note series from Samsung, these phones and tablets have a great hardware specification as well as have an excellent S-pean
  4. It has been asked in the past and funds are needed to do this, but how about rethinking of bringing Affinity Photo to the Android system? Now that Clip Paint Studio has been (timed) exclusively brought to Samsung (S7), why can't it be done for Affinity Photo? S7(+) is fast and got loads of internal memory, besides it can be used with Dex. A sidenote: through Samsung Galaxy Store I was able to download it for my Note 9 (!)
  5. i really hope there will be an andorid Version sometime soon. the new samsung tab s7+ would be so perfect... Can't belive this would be such a Problem to compile for android, when there is an ios version out...
  6. is there a proposal for affinty photo for android
  7. Hi, Affinity Developers! I was just wondering if Affinity Photo and Design will come to the Android platform. Are there plans for Android in the pipeline? Cheers! :)
  8. Hello and greetings. I got a strange problem, when I finish editing my pictures in affinity photo and export them, to forward them to friends on my android phone, I can't see them on my phone. (Galaxy A3, Android 8.0) I use the JPG format for exporting, since this seems to be the usual format for this kind of device. I tried different resolutions, DPI settings, changed the pixel format and the ICC profile, but nothing seems to work. The profiles which I used, where Adobe RGB (1998), Pro Photo RGB and srgb iec61966-2.1. The last one is displayed in the info from the pictures of my phone cam, so I hoped it will work, yet it didn't. Final workaround for now was to use a JPG picture from my phone and to copy and paste the desired picture in to that file, just too few and send it with my phone. It worked but this can't be a solution! Another point which may be vital, was the transfer from Adobe Lightroom. I used the “external editing” option in Lightroom to send the RAW files to affinity photo. The settings which I used for the formatting process where: tiff, ProPhoto RGB, 16 bit depth, 300 dpi, no compression. Question is, how do I make these exported JPG pictures visible and usable in my android phone gallery? I hope someone understands my problem and has a better solution.
  9. With Google releasing a Chromebook having 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD I think they are setting up the playing field to take on Windows. Do you think we can get the full Affinity Photo desktop client for Android on Chromebooks with an adaptive interface that can switch to the Affinity Photo touch client when in tablet mode?
  10. Hi everyone, I made an icon template for Android apps. Hope you'll like it! android icon template.afdesign
  11. Hi, I want to export my vector file into SVG file that can be read in Android Studio. But I don't know how to set the preference of SVG in persona export, what should I choose? (svg digital - smallest or digital - High quality) Should I set the DPI or resolution? I think SVG file is vector based that didn't need DPI info. Please help me, I need this information to decide between Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator to make product illustration for my company. Adobe Illustrator have smaller svg size, easier settings and have preview on web of SVG if I compare with SVG from Affinity Designer.
  12. As there is a version of Publisher on iPad may I perhaps hope that there will be a version for the other many thousands of tablet enthusiasts, not to mention the many smartphone users, who run Android as an operating system. Somewhere in the future maybe. John
  13. Hi, I have purchased both Photo and Designer and cannot help notice that serif is making it available on iPad!!!. I wonder if Serif will ever make versions for android, since android is now outselling IOS I cannot see why it is not available on android.
  14. I am debating on purchasing a new tablet .... the one that caught my eye just happens to be the new samsung galaxy tab s6 which is a beast of a system especially of any android tablet to date... i was wondering if affinity would come onto this platform in the future..... i also use another program for my lightroom needs which happens to be on1 photo raw 2019 and on their 2020 version.... i was happy to know that it will be able to be used on mac ios /ipad / pc/ android / and mobile platforms..... having the affinity program would be a sweet deal on the mobile side for android on the mobile side for photoshop needs if it was possible..... i know this is on the ipad..... which i do respect that you have.`..... but hopefully you can consider the android side one day also .... on the pc side.... i own both programs.... and the work flawlessly and i love them both...... but now just have to work on the mobile side ..... Manny
  15. Are there any plans to port Affinity Photo and Designer to the Andoid OS? At least to the higher end tablets like the Galaxy Tab S3 or S4?
  16. Android is the more popular platform for tablets. Any sign we might get them? I understand the stats would need to be high to run well but....please!?
  17. Hi, I've been using a Samsung galaxy tab S4 to draw on Android and while the stylus responsiveness is great the Android platform lacks a truly fully featured drawing application. I've been looking into moving from Photoshop on Windows to Affinity and while I realise iOS and Windows are very different systems it would be useful to have a unified software application between Windows and Android, are there any plans to create an Affinity Photo and / or Affinity Designer application for the Android platform? Thank you for your time, M
  18. I have the image "87" and the white lines are dotted, but when i want to upload to android studio, doesn't works, like image "88" I been tried all of kinds of export, or is like an specific export?
  19. Hi Affinity Team, we are developing more and more apps in both iOS and Android. PDFs from Affinity Designer imported in XCODE work fine. SVGs from Affinity Designer imported in Android Studio break once in a while. Certain paths in the SVG won't be shown after import. There seems to be a problem with certain path directions. So if the first path is clockwise, all following paths that are drawn counter-clockwise won't be able to be imported into Android Studio. (Please see third attachment) If I import the Affinity SVG (that doesn't work in Android Studio) into Adobe Illustrator and then export the file again as an SVG, the import in Android Studio works find. I don't know if Adobe is setting all paths to the same draw-direction when they export to SVG. Please find attached 1) a SVG from Affinity Designer 2) the same exported from Illustrator and 3) the import result in Android Studio with die Affinity SVG. If I can provide further information, please let me know. Tim icon_Affinity-Designer.svg icon_Illustrator.svg
  20. Hi I was wondering when you will be giving us Designer for Android? I've been trying to get a cheap surface or laptop to use your program as I refuse to buy Apple products and I use Designer a lot and I mean A LOT.. I know of a lot of people that would benefit from an Android version and want to buy it but you don't have anything released yet. Will you be releasing one? and do you have an eta on when?
  21. Hi, There is affinity Designer for iOS. It should be nice if there will also be an Affinity Designer for Android. Any plans for creating an Affinity Designer for Android? Thank you. Chris
  22. Android OTG, on the go, I have been experimenting the recent days on using my Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, for my On The Go photography. Last year on vacations in Crete and in Croatia, I have used it by transfering photos via one of my cameras wifi, using the hotels wifi. It is OK to do so, but it takes some time. I even had to sit in the hotel lobby because of slow wifi in the flat. Nex time I will use the cheap OTG adapter, 10 € only, working just fine with my Trancend USB 3 SD card reader and my SanDisk USB 3 Ultra memory stick. The Android tablet is easy to carry around. I do not use my Windows Surface tablet that much traveling abroad, is a bit big and a little clumsy, and also expensive.I lock it up in the safety box if there is one in the hotel flat. There was none in the flats we rented last times. So, that is why I carry around my Galaxy Tab. It is not cheap, but it is not expensive, like the Windows thing. And the size is just right. I have this small OTG adapter, so i can read my camera RAWs picts from the SD card. I can transfer them to my external memory on the tablet, develop my Raw files in Photoshop Experss, Snapseed or VSCO, share them on my social media and even start up making the book. My wife makes a great job each vacation, by designing a book every time we are abroad or at home on vacation. As we mostly are hiking and trekking, we meet some very nice people, see some interesting places, great scenery and so on. So, photography means a lot to me and us. A lot. The Adobe Photoshop Express is a good RAW editor, it reads my RW2 or CR2 files without converting them to DNGs first. Lightroom another good app. Adobe wants me to pay a CC subscription to use all features in Lightroom, the one I need for using RAW files, I have to pay 49 Euro per month for that. I don’t know… that much? The Adobe stuff are the best there is on the Android, yes. I can pay if there is nothing like the Adobe stuff. There is. It is free and cheaper. Snapseed is great and free. Really great. If the RAW files are in the right directory (Google Photo) there is no problem. Snapseed do not read any DNGs outside that folder. I can not do without Snapseed on my tablet or phone. I use it a LOT. VSCO is another favourite, it also reads my RW2 or CR2 files without converting them to DNGs first. Good exposure is needed in VSCO, there is very little chance of rescuing deep shadows, dark or underexposured photos. VSCOX even filters and corrects videos (beta)…! The raw2dng converter makes life easy for me OTG. If I want to use Snapseed, that I use most of the time, this app is a must. Snapseed likes DNG. I like Snapseed. That’s it.
  23. Hello, designers. I was wondering if it could ease the process of exporting assets for an Android project. After delving into it, I wrote an article. Exporting assets for Android using Affinity Designer
  24. Decidedly, I can't wait Plugins for Designer https://material.io/tools/theme-editor/
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