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  1. Fantastic software!!! Please make another application for windows etc. Make an adobe premiere alternative… I have switched over to everything of yours. Tired of adobe price bullying. I used adobe for 20+ years and now you are my go to apps. I still need a video editor along with , I bet, many other people… Thank you Nelson
  2. Would that be a logical next step to add to the existing group of tools?
  3. I would love it if you would create a Video Editing Software like premier (but better obviously) As a college student I have two choices pay the expensive price of £16 a month for Adobe's okay software or get it offline illegally and unsafe. I have already Purchased Affinity Photo, am about to Purchase Affinity Designer but would absolutely love it if there was a affinity video editor for my media. I know this might not be your kinda thing but it would be so great and I know so many people would rather use this than adobe. You're ahead of them, keep it up.
  4. I was just wondering if Affinity might ever add a video editor to their suite of software. Any thoughts on that?
  5. It would be really grt to have a Affinity Video Editor.
  6. Vidpros.com is a fantastic website where you can find a wide range of video editing options for Windows and other platforms. It's always good to have choices, and it's understandable to be tired of the pricing of Adobe products. Thanks for sharing your experience, and here's to finding the perfect video editor that fits your needs!
  7. I love Affinity photo and am going to get publisher soon, do you think their will be a professional video editor coming out? would love to see it.
  8. Hi dear directors I would like to ask since now we're gonna have 3 softwares after the soon release of publisher I would like to know (Well there be another software after publisher which is for Audio and Video editing and making ? ) that would be awesome XD I HOPE THERE WELL BE . THANKS.
  9. You guys need to make a video editor.
  10. Video Editor with 3d Element plugin so i can create 3d logos and special effects thats needed the name of the plugin is called Video copilot 3d element by Andrew i hate adobe they charge a monthly charge and thats why i don't use them anymore.
  11. Hi, Ashampoo is the video editor that I have found in 2021, I had Serifs movie editor and as you all know they have discontinued that and have no plans to create a video editor in the Serif Suite. Now, they are doing great with their Affinity Line and that stated if you’re on a budget and can’t or don’t want to pay Adobe’s ridiculous prices, then use the Affinity apps and this movie editor. Please read through before you buy , not just the overview. It runs about 30$ USD. best of luck to you all!
  12. Since it is related, for anyone looking for an affordable deal on a good video/sound editor: Humble Bundle is having a new video maker deal. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/your-sounds-your-movies-professional-video-and-audio-creation-software Video Pro X11, Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum, Sound Forge 13, and a few music maker apps for $33. And deals like these show that the video editing software market is overly saturated at this point. It would be, in my opinion, unwise for Serif to invest too heavily in a new video editor, unless it does something completely innovative.
  13. As a long time Adobe user going as far back as CS5 up-to now with the current Adobe CC; I've learned almost all their suite of programs. But looking around for Adobe Alternatives cause I got a sticker shock when I recently renewed, what I see here is yes Affinity has a limited set of apps that appear to be focused on graphic design first. For me, the primary Apps I use is the video-editor Premiere, The graphic editor Photoshop, and third would probably be the audio editor- Audition. What would seem to immediately complement Affinity here is a Video Editor. My father is a web programmer and I have a limited profeciency in regards to building pages, sites, and scripting; so I definitely have an appreciation for being able to have a Dreamweaver type tool to make the job of web design easier. But I would expect Affinity to prioritize creating a video app to add to their collection. That or potentially to accompany Photo(I recommend changing that name by the way. A name with the word photo is going to be hard to get people to think Affinity rather than Adobe's Photoshop. Maybe something like "Pixel Design" or "Pixelator" get people to think Affinity rather than Adobe) a vector tool for those that need to create or redesign graphics and pictures that can be scaled up larger for print.
  14. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @CharlieK. A simple search would reveal a bunch of topics asking that question: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q="video editor"&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=56 And reading some of them would reveal an answer: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/102350-video-editor/&do=findComment&comment=549404
  15. Hello, Sean Sorry, I had lost track of this thread.... RSD (Responsive Site designer) is closer to Muse, in the sense of no coding at all needed. You can do so as well in Pinegrow, but kind of you "see" more code with Pinegrow. Which can be good... sooner or later you will or might find out that coding gives you more control (I only mean a basic grasp of HTML and CSS) even if still doing it all with a visual tool for speed's sake. For a code-less experience, maybe that RSD from Coffecup. But I kind of believe Pinegrow is extremely i nteresting as a solid and evolving solution, going very much with the technologies (but both do, I believe both support Bootstrap... I think one gives support 3, the other 4... for small business and so, is yet better to support the older one. My only feel is that with Pinegrow you "might" end up understanding at least the code structure, even without being your self able to actually create the code (if you don't get yourself to steadily learn how to code in that tag based "language" or the CSS specification). Which I agree is not super easy to learn... Takes some time, but is not impossible. A smooth way to learn, maybe not the best, but a kind of less hard one, is by using these tools that seems both do export a somewhat coherent code (far are the days of Frontpage or the like) which you can read later , try to understand what does what , looking a bit into the w3c schools or other free library those tags and properties, and with the safety that these people behind these commercial apps are always trying to keep updated with latest technologies. From that paragraph comes my best advice for this, in this, and the close future (as I have never a single idea about what will happen in 3 months on web coding, changes way too fast) : The trick with wysiwyg is this: Never use one that generates bad code for SEO, and even more important, for sustainability, easiness for other coders to edit or improve it, or for the future you that knows a bit how to code (I am assuming you don't, as you are after visual tools, but maybe you could be doing this way only to speed up (I'm faster by code, at least for very specific needs)) this at start does not seem important... But in reality is not just important, is crucial. The little code I've seen exported in my trial (again, don't have personal interest in purchasing this type of tool) did look at least decent. A bit redundant, but not terrible, what used to happen with other brands. I think I so exports from RSD too, and did look right, but in this point I am not 100% sure, as were some tests I did from some chat we had around here some months ago. The other amazingly important, surely even more (as you might never code, nor send the site for improvements to a web coder (I have been asked for that task way often, tho) which are the situations when you need that the visual tool is exporting clean, correct, and simple code) is that the tools is up-to-date. This is outstandingly crucial. While the tool receives updates, even if those are only just adapting to what the browsers go supporting or making deprecated, or to this or that new framework, etc, etc, etc, you need that like heck. As you are not coding, you are fully trusting in them to fight against all that and ensure that the exported code is compliant with everything, truly responsive with new resolutions, etc, etc. Indeed, is a major advantage, not just speed, for an advanced developer to use this, as it rpovides all those fixes, css resets and whatnot, and responsiveness, all what adds an extreme work load for coders. In real life scenarios, a web developing companies has its ways built-in, or just frameworks (again, this is yet another concept of a third party caring to maintain stuff, or like when game developers use a game engine, and mainly focus on the specific game logic code mostly.) But is also true (imo, a reason why Wordpress has gone so far) that freelancers, and their small business owners clients, don't have the kind of time to do so much maintenance coding, and so use whatever thrid party that helps them to shorten times) . If a tool, framework, library is no longer maintained, might be fine for games in some rare situations....for the web... no way... too many factors, everything constantly changing. So, I can say it is 2 key things, summarizing: That is very intensively maintained (ie, at least every 2 months, supposing as a given that is one of the good ones, doing good stuff) , and that the auto generated code is at least good enough (I yet to see perfect code exported by any of these...). I instead am not so eager about Affinity making an entire suite for everything on earth. Given the size of these applications, I don't see doable even for Adobe to generate in a reasonable time (for me) a web editor of these capabilities. Or an animation tool. Or video editing/composing tool. All these and many more have been suggested around here. I believe is best to focus on what they are doing amazingly well, consolidate that ( Photo, Designer, and perhaps, tho imo is much a longer way, Apub). These are the core of any 2D work, and 2D moves a giant market compared with the other mentioned tools.Specially as is the case that there are tons of comparable apps, but not so many in the case of a versatile and complete vectors editor, and a raster one comparable with PS. What they have are two jewels, it'd be a pity not to polish those till every bit, as if they get it, they are a real alternative. Even Apub, which I guess will close the circle in 2D (image edit, design, etc) will take a long time (if it gets it) to be able to be a 1:1 alternative with InDesign or Quark, let alone a full and complete wysiwyg software always up to date and maintained with not just every new web technology and web coding, but also new phone responsive design, etc, etc. Or a video editor with today's huge competition, very mature software from many brands.... The field is IMO much more clear in the race with PS and AI, mostly as there the main real competition are mostly just those two, and a large percentage of ppl is really against the subscription (mostly) and even cloud concept. I mean, is not only that the apps are really in an advanced status already (AP and AD) is that is an ideal moment to get strong and make it solid now. May not be far the day that another competitor might try to make a good PS replacement or an AI one... so, for that moment, IMO, much better if Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are so strong and of the likes of the pros (this only happens when fully polished) that no matter what comes new: its quality, price and gained terrain would beat whatever new that would appear... But is one of the main reasons why I do firmly believe is time to strengthen AD and AP (and they have different teams at it, so is no obstacle that the company is also working in APub ). Diverting more efforts into a web editor, an animation editor, a video editor, and very much specially with wyiwyg (because: too many competitors, extreme price in human hours of later on maintenance, a lot of serious web coding people and companies not believing a single bit in anything different than plain coding with today stuff being all dynamic from server) web editor, all these resources, money and coders hours... not the best right now. Maybe if everything grows and evolves, market position, etc, I believe the company will naturally want to expand to new areas, that would come naturally.... The iPad versions IMO have been a success: They reach soon and impact hard, I'm seeing extremely good feedback in several points that quite matter, on the recently released Designer for iPad. Plus seems some features in Designer for iPad will go to the desktop, so I'm not sure, it kind of seems to me is all a bit of the same thing and all evolution counts. Making such impact in the tablets is not a small thing, while IMO is not the field of professionals yet, is an extremely good way to gain people in general, even if I think the pros are massively (and probably will always be) in the desktop.
  16. Have a look at Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve (free of charge) or DaVinci Resolve Studio (€ 319) postprocessing video editor. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/en/products/davinciresolve/
  17. I'm looking around for Adobe competitors with a similar suite of creative apps, obviously Affinity isn't there yet, but from what I see that they have: A graphic pixel app in Photo, I'm not sure if Design is suppose to be a vector app. I'm sure the longtime Affinity users can inform better about which apps are which. But in terms of this creative switching from a juggernaut like Adobe to Affinity, I would want to see A solid video app comparable to Premiere Pro, Power Director which CyberLink makes and other similar professional level video editors; second on my list would be an audio editor, recording, mixing, and mastering audio is part of my skill-set so if I hear sub par audio in my video I would take it to my audio editor and work on it then import it back or if Affinity in this case programs for the different apps to talk to each other and recognize when a shared asset is changed then the change is promptly reflected in the other app that the user has it open in. If a change is made to a picture in Photo(Name change please, that's too generic) then it's immediately reflected in the other app. But Thirdly as far as desired apps would be a vector app so those pixel graphics that Photo exports can be converted to shapes and paths. My close fourth is maybe a comparable Motion-Graphics app, but I might be getting a little greedy there. Oh and I don't want to leave out that one thing that bugs the bejeesus out of me with Adobe is when it comes to mobile apps Android users get treated like red-headed step children that always get kicked to the back of the line in terms of developing for mobile apps similar to the desktop apps. More apps and/or better developed apps for Android users would become a big factor is a decision to switch to Affinity or not. But in recap: A video app, an audio app, a vector app to go with the pixel app, animator maybe, but definitely priority to Android users would be things that would make me seriously think about moving away from Adobe jumping on Affinity's ship. For the other Adobe users in the forums(Even if it's not Adobe but some other creative company), if you haven't left Adobe and/or considering purchasing Affinity, what kinds of apps and other things would convince you to pull the trigger on Affinity ?
  18. I was gonna say just Davinci Resolve, as it has a mass following everywhere.... and counts on a mac version. But yep, the 300$ version adds 4k and 120 fps instead of 60fps, as a pair of important differences with the free version. With the free version, I believe you can get until UHD, 3,840 x 2,160 res. The free lightworks version (also available in mac) neither support 4k. Have you tried Openshot video editor? I haven't. But if you do not wish to put in this 300$ (I'd totally go with Davinci Resolve Studio) you might want to try this free, open source one. Seems it allows 4k, but demanding a fine machine for that, not any typical low end for the office one (well, that's never a good fit for editing in 4k, with any software !) For video editing, if the editor does support multiple threading, well, then as many cores/threads, the better. Some do focus instead in GPU rendering. Then for those you need to focus in a better video card. No knowledge about what options are in these mentioned above. I've been since always a Premiere user, then Sony Vegas as was what my latest company purchased, that besides super basic editors in other companies, and/or just Blender included video editor. Indeed, I don't know how I did not know about this Openshot, when I am a total blender fan and intensive user (probably as I use to just render everything direct from blender, and very occasional use of the Blender video editor, then composited outside in any of the Windows editors) but seems the 3D titling, and stuff, if you need 3D stuff, is done by having Blender installed (installing it is super easy, dunno if it forces you to handle blender(that's a bit more complex to learn)) Anyway, as it is free, and there's a mac version, you might want to try it. If wasn't for the 4k need, you'd have several very good available for the mac (imo among best options, the Davinci) But this open source one has no limits, is just a matter ot seing how you can handle it, but as with all open source, please give it a veeery patient try, as you might miss a jewel due to some quite different UI or some incomplete area, but being the tool worth it in general. That was my approach with Blender, and it has paid (literally) quite well, that patience. Again, haven't tried this one. The screen and feature set do look good.... (that it allows 4k I found it in the Q/A users supported system, not in the description, typical thing in open source... u gotta dig more than usual, hehe. ) https://www.openshot.org/features/ And yet another option, Hitfilm Express. https://fxhome.com/express Seems it also counts on Mac version. And as Davinci free, it suports 4k but UHD only (the smaller "4k" (not really) resolution). It does seems easy to get up to speed....Some stuff is achievable with addons -dunno if paid- but is fine to me to pay for some specific feature needed, IF needed.... Their pro version, and seems there's a pattern here, lol, is also 300 bucks. So , there yo have it... go open source with Openshot and Blender(what my passion would tell me to do) , or save some bucks and buy Davinci resolve (what my brain would tell me to do... but it still would want me to use for this Blender... so, who knows if my brain is ok at all.... ) And you have as well Avidemux, a good old friend also in Windows, but that's quite more limited in capabilities, imo, unless you are mainly cutting, mounting and exporting. Thing is, the open source one (Openshot) looks good, and easy to learn.. But again, have not tried Hope it helps some way. Edit: Stupid hint/anecdote of the day : I made certain pro game intro, for a commercial game, which was quite of the like of both developers and the powers that be (The Distributors/Emperors/Kings/Eldars) with....drums.... CyberLink PowerDirector ! And YEARS ago....like 12 years ago, lol. No point of comparison even with the most basic cr4p of today, which is much better. One can make videos with everything that has certain min specs, that's my point...And actually, that one was pretty fine for some basic editing, already back in the day. Dunno what are you after, the kind of tasks, I mean.
  19. That is actually one of the futures I imagined, since it's the reason why we use Figma for most of our work. Web and software development is very cross-disciplinary, so we need something that developers can also use, and not have arbitrary boundaries get in the way. If it's performant enough we don't care that it's in a browser. We do care if we have to have a second computer or dual-boot just to open a file. It's the worst kind of task switching we have to do when we use Affinity products. We don't have that problem with Figma, so we don't use Affinity as part of that pipeline. The problem companies are experiencing is that there's no perfect set of software with OS compatibility for technology-oriented businesses. We can't use Apple for everything because it's under-powered for 3D rendering and content creation. We can't use Windows for everything because of how poorly it works with backend development. Linux works great for 3D, content, and development. So why not have everyone just specialize then? We don't want to create silos, and our success depends on multidisciplinary teams; that's just how things are now nowadays. We consolidate our tools as much as we can to have everyone on the same page. It's easier to deploy, onboard, and support. The whole team uses one IDE, one Git client, one VM, one project management system, one modeling and animation app, one video editor, and it's great. But when it comes to the vector and print design it's a mess. The apps that have stuck around that everyone uses are Figma and DaVinci because they work everywhere we need them to. At this point I see one of two things happening that will solve the problems that companies are facing with regards to software and OS support for teams that need to do everything smoothly. Microsoft will improve their OS and WSL so that backend development is just as good as it is in Linux, or someone is going to create a cross-platform design suite (web-based or otherwise) to make it universal. At this point, I think it's more likely that Microsoft will fix the problems it has with software development. They've been putting a lot of effort into that and it's almost there. That means Windows can become a universal operating system. If that doesn't happen first (and it might not happen due to limitations inherent in Windows), I imagine that Adobe will create cross-platform apps, since they probably have a better understanding of what companies are struggling with. But that's just from the business side of things. I'm also concerned about students and the millions of people who are in that in-between space of being a solopreneur that are not part of a big company. Even if Adobe releases cross platform solutions, I don't see Adobe looking out for them. Maybe Serif might?
  20. For professional grade tools: Davinci Resolve: it's a full featured video editor and have great color grading and audio mixing, the down sides are that you'll need a powerful PC and Fusion is not suitable for motion graphics. Hitfilm Express: good video editor (davinci resolve shill better), has good motion graphics tools, but lacks a lot in terms of audio mixing. For audio, the best is Cakewalk by bundlab, it's a fully featured audio editor that supports video, you'll have all the tools you need.
  21. "Extensive" ?? MoviePlus has hardly registered on most video editor's radar, just a low end amateur product development stopped almost a decade ago. Proper video editing software would be a ridiculously difficult market to break into when products such as Resolve or Avid Media composer are free. A DAM is just a glorified database, Lightroom just uses SQLite. One of the market leaders for photo DAMs, iMatch, is just made and developed by one person. It wouldn't be difficult to recruit a couple of specialist programmers to pull it together if Serif don't have capable people in-house already.
  22. Why do you think it would be great if Affinity made video editing software? There is nothing to go on here other than what they have done with Photos, Designer, and Publisher which are an entirely different field. I think the real reason people want this is they want a cheap video editor. There is no shortage of video editors for every platform already. I don't think the market is dying for another one.
  23. For videoeditor I use Kdenlive, as it offers all that is required in easy manner. For video clippings I use commandline (you can just copy-paste video stream data inside the container for a new file) as it is 100% lossless process unlike the media cutter files (unless you use a lossless format). For 3D animations I use blender, as it offers more than needed. For 2D animations I use Synfig or Pencil2D and considering now to use ENVE. And here comes the BUT.... I would love to have a way to make an short animated files. Nothing serious, be it just "each layer is a frame" kind. Sure it would be very nice to have a timeline so one can go in time/frames to given position and then make a path that something moves between keyframes or morph the shape from round to box etc. Just very simple and basic ones. It could be used in Affinity Photo to morph even pixel images with its Liquify Persona. We do not need full animation studio suite. That is something that requires completely own level of features. We do not need full video editor suite. Again that is so complex subject that no reasons. We do not either need 3D modeling software. Again so complex subject that just no go. So what we do need? I support idea that we need a very simple short animation feature that allows someone to get a layer to move around a given path at X seconds or make a few seconds vector changing etc. If it even would be exporting a series of image files so we can use other editors to do the actual animation, and it would be great. But the challenge really is to get some image data to be changing its form from A to B in time of X. Very simple animation, movement etc. Challenge really is that how quickly something becomes "I want more" and it is can of worms situation.
  24. Here's the thing though - Serif is two orders of magnitude smaller than the giant Adobe corporation and when smaller companies expand and overextend too quickly then it can often have an unhappy ending. Right now, Serif has produced three professional quality software packages that rival what Adobe and others put out. Personally, I think it's better that they keep on updating and improving these great products at this time rather than expand into new software areas, e.g. DAM, RAW editor, video editor and so on where there is already existing very strong competition from both paid-for and free software products.
  25. I also think it’s not (yet) a logical next step. To me a DAM (asset manager) would be more logical and personally desired 😁 though I answer actually to suggest some free and amazing video editors Shotcut - a free, open source, cross-platform (win, mac, linux) video editor https://shotcut.org/ DaVinci Resolve is the world's only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/ DaVinci Resolve is completely free, truly remarkable and you’ll find many Adobe converters on YouTube. Also for iPad InShot and LumaFusion the latter which I haven’t tried yet personally and is the only paid app here. Cheers
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