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Found 19 results

  1. Best DAM I've come across - Photo Supreme. No image editing (and not free), but a whole lot of catalogue power in there. Also, the best implementation of keywords I've ever come across. If Serif creates a good Lightroom replacement, I'd certainly look at it (since it would fit in well with the rest of the suite), but It would have to be really, really compelling. Until then, my nod goes to Photo Supreme. ( https://www.idimager.com/home )
  2. Depends on what you mean by file management. There have been a number of discussions on this topic over the years. Try this forum search, for examples: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q="best dam"&search_and_or=and
  3. I use a Mac and I have Affinity Photo (After loss of Aperture). I am currently using Apple Photos to import and manage my photos and Affinity Photo for editing when required. However, Apple Photos is not the best DAM and I'm wondering what other Mac users use in conjunction with Affinity Photo. For example, I know Adobe Bridge is free but not sure of how tight the integration is with AP. Any suggestions? Thanks, Aarkeus
  4. It is fab, as are the other DAM features like ability to copy and paste edits to multiple photos in one step and automatic duplicate finding and merging. Probably the best DAM to use with Affinity now on Mac and iPad. IMG_2312.MOV
  5. I love phootools.com Imatch DAM . It's $129 and a best DAM I ever tried. A bit too complicated maybe still way better than Lightroom Classic as a DAM. No RAW development although, pure DAM it is Don't think Serif would be able to develop anything on that level in a quick manner. It took decades for Imatch
  6. When it comes to organizing images in a DAM app can you please have a look at how Apples aperture organized them. They had Project, Album and Smart Albums. Then you could organize any of those items into folders. Also they allow a broad ranging choice of how to store the images, from within aperture library, an external folder on the HD or on an external HD, the options were limitless as well as automatically backing up the original images to a separate folder/drive. With work I will have multiple projects running dealing with between 2000 and 10000 images, Apertures organizing system made it a piece of cake to organize and categorize the images quickly and effectively so when it came time to make a movie out of the photos I did not need to pour through thousands of images as they were already organized in a way I could pull up the ones I needed straight away. I found lightrooms organizing system cumbersome and I had to go back and for between different projects (libraries), I want to see all my projects on the same screen as I tend to go back and forth between them quickly to compare. Can you also add editing capabilities for the basic edits like lightroom and aperture have and then link the photos into the Photo app for more advanced edits. For me aperture is the best DAM I have used and it is what made lightroom what it is today, it's a shame Apple discontinued it, but if you guys took on some of the organizing features that would be fantastic. Cheers JT
  7. Serif had with AlbumPlus a DAM before and I see value in bringing it back. I tested several DAMs and liked none really so I like to see Affinitys take on that. Until then I think digiKam is the best DAM so far. ACDSee and Magix Photo Commander are the worst. Lightroom for my taste is in between. Photoshop Elements Organizer has one of the best UIs, but it can't write XMP-wg-rs face tags which renders it useless for me. Even not the 2019 version csn do it while Lr does this since years. Really stupid. digiKam has the most complete feature set but the UI could be improved. Picasa was the best DAM until it got discontinued. I hope Affinity DAM to beat it.
  8. Hi Timo You make many good points so thank you for being constructive. Summing all this up, I absolutely agree that a DAM is essential for most users who like you, want that one stop approach where everything is at hand. Of course I see the benefits to that approach. I used this approach myself for many years with both Aperture and Lightroom. I am very familiar with all their excellent features. Some of these features are crucial for many users. To conclude I just make the following points in relation to AP together with MAC OS: AP & MAC OS combined can offer the vast majority of the features found in most DAMs including LR and Aperture: I agree that you do need to the capabilities of the MAC OS. But like any software (including LR) you need to know this too. Many people if they were aware of the power of AP combined with MAC OS would not need a DAM (Most features essential to them would be right there). I do not need a DAM. A DAM for me personally just adds a 'middle man' into my workflow and duplicates many of the features I already have; making things more complex. Like you though, I feel know need to convince anyone that this workflow works for me. My initial aim was to change your original misconception that the MAC OS was only capable "putting some stars and colour to a picture or reading the metadata from a file". As I made clear above "AP & MAC OS combined can offer the vast majority of the features found in most DAMs including LR and Aperture!" Having said all this, I really do look forward to the Affinity DAM. If developed correctly then I too may want to give it a go. For information though, I consider Apple Aperture to be the best DAM ever! :) If Serif purchased Aperture and developed an Affinity DAM it would be a great day! For now though. I will stick with my OS combined with AP. Regards Wayne
  9. Hello Occulon, The best DAM I know is, by far, Photo Mechanic. But It is only a DAM, another software like Affinity Photo is needed for editing. And It is a bit expensive. You can also have a look at Graphic Converter from the german company Lemkesoft (Mac only, 32£). The devellopers claim that it is a "swiss knife" and, indeed, it is one. But sometimes too many functions on your knife lead to a bulky size and some difficulties to handle... (it may take a whole week to handle the preferences panel ). Anyway, for the price it is a very good DAM. There is a function to make basic RAW editing, but it is not very efficient (the soft is not made for that), so I guess you will need another software to do the work properly. Using two or three software to manage your files is not a problem. It is actually more lightweight and secure. What is needed is a DAM not too "greedy" with hardware ressources, and a good RAW converter with batch processing before editing in Affinity, or any software you want, for the finishing work. Batch processing in the RAW software part is essential to manage several files in one time (to create previews for instance). I have used Lightroom since 2012 and the 4th, 5th and 6th versions before completely switching a few weeks ago for a combination of three softwares : Photo Mechanic, Iridient Developer, and Affinity photo (I also use Nik plugins for a long time). I still learn to use Affinity Photo Properly, but that workflow suits me perfectly. It is above the budget you have mentioned. But, you can focus on the RAW developer, because it is the most important part if you use RAW files, Affinity is not very expensive, Nik plugins are free, for now. And Graphic converter will do a good job. There is also a free DAM named XnView, I know it for a long time since I have used the Windows version in the newspaper I was working for. You can have a look at it. Regards, Fx
  10. Thanks stokerg, I'll check out the DAM...and the best DAM prices! (seemingly exceedingly high). Well, have checked out a few of thee DAM companies, my budget range is significantly lower than their monthly average fee ($2450) per month. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think DAM's are for the average photographer.
  11. Multiple times, Affinity team answered (here or on Twitter) that a DAM was under development… I even had a private discussion on iMessage with a developper where we talked about Aperture and the DAM: Quote: “We’re hoping for 2017 for the DAM app […]” and my answer before ending the discussion: “Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with xxxxx for the Aperture thingy.” I'm still sticking with Aperture because it's the best DAM + non destructive tool I've been able to test, and I know we are multiple sharing this opinion. As many too, I've put aside all thinking of switching (no way I'm going on Lightroom) because Affinity said they were on it. This is the biggest sad news for my near future workflow…
  12. There is a plenty of alternatives which are doing very same (raw processing) and some of them open source like Darktable or RawTherapy. There is also quite cheap Luminar 2018 and Polar, although I didn't try them. For my taste Darktable is enough. I am paying Photoshop+Lightroom subscription for a few years and hardly opened Lightroom at all. Didn't notice any real advantages but I am not a photographer and perhaps just didn't look deep enough in Lightroom. Still would prefer Affinity focus on making Photo and Design more innovative ps. As of "DAM" aspect Lightroom is way behind specialised DAM software . iMatch for example which is also quite affordable and imo best DAM software available.
  13. Thanks @MEB so Serif will go the DAM route ? Happy to read that (if i'm right) but please make it to be far more the best DAM ever. Dono't forget to make it connect with everything Affinity installed on the same machine, Right click open with Photo or Send to Publisher etc... Love that !
  14. Aperture still works fine with OS X 10.12.6, only for your information. No broken functions - at least all what I need works. Can't speak about creating books, slideshows. It kept even my coloured icons (I hated the grey ones to the point of nearly abandoning the best DAM I've experienced so far). Capture One, on the contrary got better again in the development part, but with the management part I experienced weird behavior (like lost pictures). That was very annoying because C1 10.1 was the reason to update OS X, and to update C1 the reason was the compressed X-T2 RAW files. As much as I hate that kind of "want something simple, need to do two costly or not working other updates" cases, I only got a small scratch. Sure, if I would remain with Nikon D810 and Fuji X-E2, everything would work with Aperture. But the X-T2 was just too attractive to not try it. And we're still waiting for a proper Affinity DAM.
  15. Thanks @MEB !! I doubt Serif will need our encouragement to "make it to be far more the best DAM ever." They already seem to "get it." Please do be aware there are some of us out here who have legacy data (photo adjustments) committed to Apple Aperture, who would really appreciate a migration path. (You need a test case...?) I'd asked whether to plan on using Lr for long. So I sure appreciate @MEB for the "glimpse behind the curtain." Are you able to disclose any details such as target timing? Be assured I would NOT hold you to any such forecast nor quote it, I'm just asking for planning purposes. Thanks! Let me know how I can help.
  16. I could just say "Cool, thanks" and except that things will be OK. But I am just a little to paranoid for that so.... ...in summary: 1) Right click > Edit With Affinity Photo (or Image > Edit With > Affinity Photo) allows me to edit the RAW file in Affinity Photo Develope Mode and save it back to the Photos DB in the same way that Apple Photo save back the edited RAW file within its own application. 1a) Continuing to edit with AP in Edit mode and saving the photo (flattened) back into the DB creates a TIFF file? I am not seeing, or cannot find, a TIFF in the DB after saving. What I do see however is a JPEG in the AP file's title (see attached image), but I do not see that in the DB either, so where are these being saved? Just so you know, to search the DB I do one of two thing. Use Spotlight Search and/or with the Photos Library file Right-click > Show Package Contents, and search within that content. 2) Edit (extensions) > Affinity Develop saves the image back to the Photos DB in the same way that Apple Photo saves back the edited RAW file within its application. Note that I can still export the original NEF file from the DB, of course ________ Backstory: The wife and I just got back from Banff for a vacation. I initially saved all file to my iPad, and when I got home, I downloaded everything to my iMac to develop in On1. I kept finding myself going back and forth between Apple Photos, Affinity, and On1 depending on what I was trying to do with each photo. I now, of course, have multiple copies of the same image, which I will clean up later. What I found was that Apple Photos might be the best DAM, for me, if I can smoothly and reliably integrate Affinity Photo into the workflow and not have my DB and iCloud get out of hand. I have a 2TB hard drive with 2TB of iCloud storage. So far photos has only taken up 288GB, so I have a way to go. I also back up to an external drive via time machine and to Amazon Prime.
  17. I have Lightroom and hardly ever open it at all. As a DAM it's absolutely awful . Imo iMatch is a best DAM on Windows. Would love to see something like this on Mac + maybe borrowed easy super quick keywording from Photo application.
  18. There is a difference! Not the end of life but only the end of the development. Aperture has still the best DAM and can be used very well as before and there's no effort to spent. I will look for an alternative if a new OS has no longer support for it. This alternative for me will be neither LR nor C1. Perhaps an Affinity DAM? Wait and see!
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