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    Google Drive saves files as 0KB

    VERY frustrating loss of several hours of work. I diligently saved intermediate versions of my Affinity Designer document directly to my attached google drive account. Unfortunately it appears that Affinity Designer for iPad does not check to see if there is already a file of the same name. I moved the file on google drive to a new unique name and reloaded into AD. Everything appeared to be working fine and I continually saved my progress. When I was done with my project I closed the program and found that the save file on google drive was 0KB. I checked with revision control on google drive and found that every version since the rename was 0KB (there were over 10 google drive versions saved but each was 0KB). No error message or indication in AD to any issues. I love the flexibility of storage options in AD (it appears to use any and all options available to iOS files) but this is extraordinarily frustrating. Please address. BTW the whole 'save' vs 'save a copy' vs hitting the 'save' option in the AD file explorer window is REALLY counter-intuitive. It seems the best solution for me was to ignore anything regarding saving in the program itself and go to the AD file chooser drop-down and hit 'save' on the file in question.