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  1. Plufz

    Tolerance pencil

    @DM1 any news on this? Seems weird only denham and I would be the only ones having trouble with this? Does people not use the pen tool?
  2. Plufz

    Tolerance pencil

    Thank you for your quick reply. And good Idea to record a video. Snapping is off. Here is a recording of the screen, hope it is obvious where I click with the pencil, the “show touches” circle is huge, but just try to look at the center of the circle. I’m thinking the tolerance maybe is made with a finger in mind and not an apple pencil? https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2fig9ozep2vkqr/IMG_1275.TRIM.MOV?dl=0
  3. The tolerance is way way to high when using Apple Pencil. If I click 1cm from a point when using the pencil tool it believes I’m clicking at the point. Even when I zoom to max I’m not able to use the application at all. Is there a way to change this, like a setting? OT, but maybe it would be a good idea to change the defaults too? For me the application is useless in its default state.