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  1. No joy for us Windows users, the struggle is real indeed. All the same thank you for your generosity.
  2. Thanks for your kind comments @dannyg9. I should do some bit of studies on the Art Deco travel posters you mentioned. I`m fairly new to AD and am still trying to find my style.
  3. Thanks for coming to the rescue @anon2 and @Old Bruce. I just discovered that this specific issue is not a bug. Actually, I was trying to add multiple strokes to a piece of text and I didn`t know that this was a striving against the wind. That highlighted object in my screenshot above is actually one piece of text - letter 'Z' (Anurati font). Now I know better, thanks again!
  4. I`m following this tutorial on multistrokes but for some reason, I am not able to duplicate/add strokes. Clicking on duplicate has no effect and neither does clicking on 'add stroke' below. What am I doing wrong?
  5. A lot of nesting and Gaussian blur was involved. The texture was very challenging to get right. I am learning realistic vectoring from Isabel Illustration who is also a member of this platform. On her review of this piece of art she cautioned me against over blurring and I hope to successfully implement her suggestion in my next piece.
  6. The article is quite useful for restoring back to default settings, particularly when resetting any changes made to the Toolbar, Tools and Context Toolbar. Thank you for sharing. However, it does not say anything about backing up or about restoring backups. Upon investigation I notice there is a default Backup folder that Affinity creates in my normal user directory. But there is no documentation on how to make the actual backups or how to put that backup folder to use.
  7. Thank you for your response. I am using Affinity on Windows and I am sure it does wipe out all my imported brushes and styles too. This has happened to me for at least 3 times and I`m now hesitant to jump over to the newest version. I stand guided if I am not following the correct update procedure: When I launch my Affinity application I get a welcome notification that there is a new version and I am given 2 options, either click OK or click Download. I click on Download and run the newly downloaded setup file. Then when I open I am back to square one with the brushes and assets. I don`t really mind having to import them one by one again but I am wondering if I could somehow be saved from this process. Its painful.
  8. Newbie here, hie all! Can someone please enlighten me on how I can safely update Designer/Photo/Publisher to a newer version without losing my imported brushes, custom assets etc. Each time there is a new update I always lose my brushes and I have to painstakingly install them one by one again. Is there a workaround to this? P/S: Sorry if this has been asked before. I have dug through the forum and couldn`t find a similar thread
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