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  1. I agree entirely with fde. It really has all been said. I'm thinking quite seriously of ditching this whole repetitive thread which has definitely become a scratched record. I'm sure the Serif team have quite a full programme of work to make 'bump-maps' and 'tables' as accessible and useful in Affinity Publisher as they were in PagePlus. Maybe they will even consider enhancing Publisher to the WordPerfect level by providing both chemical and mathematical symbology so that thesis and paper-writers in many more disciplines can use its already extensive capabilities. And yes, end-notes and foot-notes would be nice. But, as a 'professional' process engineer and sometime programmer myself, I'm not holding my breath for any of these. Perhaps the poor struggling programmers and code-writers can also get to vet the advertising material put out by Affinity in future: This current trend of using the term 'professional' grade for tooth-brushes, aspirin, paintbrushes and putty is degrading the English language. It is fast becoming a useless epithet. Much of the wasted words of criticism in this thread have arisen from the somewhat over-enthusiastic advertising copy-writers for Affinity Publisher, who might perhaps have been just a little more circumspect in dispensing their craft. Incidentally, I currently make extensive use of Publisher, Designer and Photo to produce a monthly printed and online community magazine --- see <theroundabout.org.nz> ---- but I certainly don't lay claim to it being a 'professional' publication.
  2. Hi fde101. Yes, we do indeed suffer from Windoze 10 and there is indeed an inactive Microsoft print to pdf application within it! Following your advice (and a quick test) shows that the Microsoft PDF printer does indeed print the correct imposited PDF document prepared in Affinity Publisher! Thank you so very much for your advice. Hopefully, we can now move on to the next disaster! Regards Taumatarea
  3. Thanks for that. We run a 56 to 72 page monthly magazine by printing 4 x A4 sheets on an A3 sheet of newsprint. (This is a free public-information magazine run by volunteers with costs covered by local advertisers and donations. We run to about 2000 copies per issue). The Serif Pageplus imposition has worked extremely well for us. But we are aware that Pageplus is Legacy Software. Hence the planned transition to Affinity Publisher. We currently use three RISO SF printers that take a PDF file as input but really are like fast photo-copying machines (only much heavier!). This means the file must be taken to them rather than printing directly a PC or MAC using any supplementary software. My comment was not so much about the imposition process in Affinity Publisher (which seems to be adequate) , as the fact that Publisher cannot apparently produce a PDF file without losing that imposition. Right at the end of the Affinity Publisher printer list is 'Adobe PDF' but it does not currently do anything. Exporting to PDF does, but the imposition is then lost. So, for our purposes, Affinity Publisher is somewhat comparable with Scribus 1.5.3. in that we can only do the page imposition manually. We have tested all the Beta copies of Affinity Publisher and presumed that the saleable Publisher was now up and running. But, in effect, it seems that we have just made a donation for its further development. Fortunately, it is not particularly expensive. We are also moving from Serif PhotoPlus to Affinity Photo for our graphic art and photo preparation but this has now been delayed because of cross-compatibility issues. A meaningful time estimate for a functioning Publisher-imposited PDF file output would help. It is, of course, entirely possible that the procedure shown in the Tutorial has now been superseded with the recent upgrade to version Certainly, the screen-images shown in the tutorial are not identical with the current reality. Ah well! Life and software are full of challenges. 'Twere ever thus!
  4. I too find footnotes indispensable in setting page numbers for our magazine. I also miss the old 'Efffects' in PagePlus because we could quickly craft vivid advertisements 'on-the-fly' without having to purchase even more software. Similarly with 'cut-outs'.
  5. Hi. Although imposition of page numbers on a booklet is working, it is not possible to SAVE any document to the PDF printer at the bottom of the printer list. This means that booklets cannot actually be printed with the correct Affinity-created page numbers because EXPORTING to PDF format does not hold the imposition needed. Currently, it appears that the only way would be through that (virtual) PDF printer. (I note that the TUTORIAL on printing booklets conveniently terminates before the printing command is invoked. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337465816 Perhaps the procedure will be clearer once this tutorial has been updated to cover Affinity Publisher It rather looks as if we will have to continue publication of our magazine using the older Serif PagePlus X9 for a little while yet. Anyone know how little?
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