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  1. Thanks Dan. Rather than working on the same document at the same time, would we be able to see completed documents to check? How does this work? Do we send each other documents by email and just open them in Affinity? Another question occurs to me. What do we do until the final version of Publisher is released? Would it be a mistake to attempt to prepare an issue using the beta version. I'm pretty new to this so would rather only have to learn one software! Thanks again for your help. Joe
  2. Hello all. I'm taking over the production of a magazine of at least 50 pages which has text and photos. We are thinking of using Affinity Photo and (eventually!) Publisher. I have a couple of questions: There will be two of us producing the mag, one principally on text and one on the pictures. If we both have the Affinity software, will we able to see what the other is doing? Further to this, does it matter that I an on a Mac and my colleague uses Windows? Thanks for your help, best regards Joe

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