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  1. Great, thanks! Most promising 1.0 release ever.
  2. scamper

    Snap hints

    Maybe I have different expectations for snapping behavior, but what I find missing is that little “catch” when, say, the side of one rectangle meets the side of another rectangle. I’ve turned on every conceivable snapping option (is that part of the problem?), yet when I drag a rectangle, it just passes by the other one as if it weren’t there. If I take the time to pause then I do see fuzzy (anti-aliased!) colored lines appear, but they’re often “off” by a few pixels due to their inherent blurriness (yes, operating at 100% magnification), and there is no physical snap that assures me that two edges are truly coincident. Am I missing something, or is physical (magnetized) snapping still to come?
  3. I’ve never seen scrollable toolbar panels, so this really threw me! IMO, scrollbars should either default to being on (overriding the OS), or the panel should be large enough to accommodate all the items.
  4. I can't figure out how to select an entire shape with a single click. I'll explain... Say I type the letter "e" and convert it to curves. Now I want to select just the hole, but I don't want to have to zoom in and select every node that defines it. How can I click once to select the entire hole? Photoshop and Illustrator both allow me to use the Direct Selection tool (analogous to AD's Node tool), and Option-click to immediately select any shape by clicking anywhere on its outline. In AD I must double-click the shape to go into edit mode (sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology), but clicking anywhere on a shape's outline -- trying all key modifiers -- just adds a new node. I can't figure out how to actually select the entire thing at once. The good news is that, since you're not presently using the key modifiers, bringing this behavior over to AD shouldn't conflict with anything. :)
  5. In Document Setup… in the Resample dropdown, the default selection is "Nearest Neightbour."
  6. +1 I noticed this too, even with fairly simple shapes like round-rects. Expand the stroke and there's lots of distortion.
  7. I'm not sure this workaround fully addresses the issue. There is a difference between strokes and lines (to use AD's own parlance). A line is mathematical geometry -- I can convert (aka "Expand") it to a shape at any time. However, a stroke is just a visual effect that can't be expanded. So, while I can indeed adjust the alignment of a stroke effect in AD, I'd still like to be able to adjust caps, corners, *and* alignment -- all three -- with regard to outlines. Photoshop is the closest comparison, since it, too, has both stroke types (and they're both confusingly called "stroke"!), and the alignment can be adjusted for both kinds of stroke. It's important to be able to adjust the alignment of either type. Hope I explained that clearly. It makes sense in my head. ;)