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  1. I don't see this as an improvement, because then that key combination shouldn't interfere with the current menu, so, tell me why when I select one alignment without pressing DONE, the UNDO command UNDO that alignment. I think there are more than one thing to cover here. But is ok, call it improvement if you want.
  2. Here is the scenario: 1. Select object 2. Enter Alignment 3. Select alignment, for instance, Horizontally/Left. The object moves properly 4. Hit keys Cmd+Z in order to undo the operation and the objects returns to it's original position but within the alignment menu the button I selected remains selected 5. When I clic on Done within the alignment menu, the objects moves again to the left NOTE: It only happens when I keep open the alignment menu.
  3. Ingwe DK

    Save as PDF Crash

    While using Designer, sometimes when I select the SAVE AS PDF at the PRINT dialog the program crashes. Regards.
  4. It's incredible the quantity of bugs I've found in both apps Photo and Designer... They should be still on beta!
  5. I opened the Guide Manager at Affinity Designer because dragging it out just move to minus zero instead of deleted it. So, in the Guide Manager the delete button was inactive until a created a new guide.
  6. Why to bother posting bugs if the support team don't even reply? The worst 80 dlls I spent on Designer and Photo...
  7. No, since this problem I didn't try it again. In response to xman, I have a fresh installation of High Sierrra.
  8. I just selected several layers and when deleted them, the app just hanged with the Delete status bar
  9. Ingwe DK

    Save as PDF Crash

    No, it is with any file and no Apple Crash Reporter appear. It just freezes and when I go to FORCE QUIT option the program is in red letters with NO RESPONDING
  10. Ingwe DK

    Delete button at Guide Manager Inactive

    No, it doesn't work the way you said. That's exactly what I'm reporting. When I drag the guide back to the ruler it just move to a negative number and I realized it because I entered the Guide Manager and the guide was there. And yes, you can delete a guide from the Manager, otherwise why is there a DELETE button?
  11. Recently I purchased but Designer and Photo. One thing I noticed within Designer is that when I scroll the page, the ruler guides doesn't move until I stop scrolling and also, when I set a guide and while I'm dragging it, the app doesn't display the measurement, so I need to stop dragging and drag again so I can see the measurement position of the guide. Regards.
  12. Ingwe DK

    Cursor Bug

    So, when I try to scroll, even when the cursor is out of the work area, it still showing the tool so I cannot scroll horizontally and the cursor appears when I left the scroll bar...

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