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  1. I looked for that file, but can’t spot it. I must have continued my trouble shooting, and gotten some answers about what I was seeing, and modified the file. If I see this issue again, I’ll capture a clip straight away and post it. Thank you for your help! EDIT: I just tried to re-create the issue by building a similar file with 3 layers, noise on one of them. I can not reproduce the problem, either. Might this be one of those things that happens when the iPad is due for a reboot?
  2. Last night, I wandered over to the Serif / Affinity home page and saw - new to me - an announcement that Pubisher for iPad is “Coming Soon.” This to me is as solid an indication as could be. It’s been hard to wait for this because Affinity tools are so freakin’ good. There’s just no other way to say it. The wait will prove worthwhile, as sure as water is wet.
  3. By holding shift on an iPad keyboard, you can draw horizontal or vertical straight lines with the brush tool. Is there a way to draw straight lines of any angle with the brush tool? Thank you Nevermind again…holding the shift key then tapping seems to do it.
  4. When you’re in the iPad version of Photo, how do you know when you’re zoomed-in at 100%? Found it. Navigator.
  5. When I apply the Noise filter to an image in Photo for iPad, I see one level or amount of Noise in the preview…then, upon pressing “Apply,” the resulting noise is much less, and this is after selecting 100% Intensity. I’ve experimented with all of the controls for the Noise filter and I can’t get any better (to me) result than the one shown in the clip. Can anyone share insights as to why the preview shows one thing, but the final result is so drastically different? The character of the noise itself is fine; I’d just like to end up with the same degree of noise I see in the Preview. Thank you Noise Changes.mp4
  6. If Affinity Publisher for iPad is coming soon, that is seriously excellent news. ”wibbly wobbly timey wimey” made me smile…thank you for that. I’d like to use that in future, with your permission, of course…
  7. What’s more, I can’t get this file to export as PNG with that texture; the resulting PNG is the flat light blue color. I’ve tried flattening, rasterizing. Same result: flat blue without texture. File is attached to this post. Thank you for looking. 12 x 18 Medium Blue Texture.afphoto
  8. This is weird to me…when I tap 1 time on the top layer in the clip, its noise becomes visible. When that same layer is not “active” the noise disappears. Is there a reason for this? Thank you Noise Layer Issue.mp4
  9. My bad 100%. The illustration in question was rotated slightly…when I was working in it I could’ve sworn the illustration was squared in the viewport, or however you want to say it. Apologies for the for the false alarm!
  10. Is there a preview or wireframe mode in iPad Designer such that you can view the art without stroke, fill…just the geometry itself? Thank you
  11. Yeah that does sound pretty reasonable..Had a hunch it might be something like that. Other similar pairs of lines I can get to join, so I must have inadvertently done something to the ones I can’t join, like close them.. Thank you!
  12. 2 lines converted to curves. Unclear why I can't join the ends; join is greyed-out. Clip shows the problem. Thank you! CantJoinCurvesAffDez.mov
  13. Imagine making a shape, like a wooden plank. As you added shapes to make your plank, (parent layer named "Plank" - under this idea, rather than having: Plank curve curve curve you'd instead get Plank Plank-1 Plank-2 Plank-3 Useful, or faff?
  14. Any sense of what could be interfering with the selection of unlocked objects on unlocked layers? Thank you!
  15. Why, as a matter of fact, I shut down my iPad after each session. Since yesterday’s selection problem, I’ve used and shut down the iPad two, perhaps three times. So, yes. When I say, “either arrow tool,” I am referring to the tools in Affinity designer which look like arrows and which are used to select objects in the open file. They occupy the top two spots in the tool pallet. Screen capture attached for clarity. Put another way, the inability to select objects with either of the tools in the program used for selecting things in the drawing, with the relevant layers unlocked, and with those layers’ visibility turned on, is problematic. For my money, it feels like a bug, and I shall report it as such. Thank you for your help.
  16. In point of fact, the rectangle in that file is not in front of the other objects (arrows) which I was trying to select; the arrows are in front / above the rectangle. Moreover, the rectangle has no fill. So, provided that the layers controlling said object are unlocked, and the object itself is unlocked and on top, are there any other conditions which must be met to enable selection of that object? As you can see from the file, it’s a very simple arrangement of few elements. Nothing tricky or complex is occurring in the file; nothing is clipping anything else. So, can anybody weigh in on what other impediments there could be in selecting an object with the arrow tool? Thank you.
  17. Now that’s a statement that makes one sit up straight and pay attention. What are the “other impediments,” when objects and layers are unlocked and “Edit All Layers” is checked? This sounds very mysterious, as though there’s some Unknowne Knowledge lurking about. I’ve been using software like Affinity products for a long time. In all of the software tools which employ either layers, or locking, having items / layers visible and unlocked is all that’s needed to then select those unlocked and visible objects with some sort of tool, often an “Arrow” tool. There’s really no reason for a software environment to be coy about the process of selecting objects. Either something can be selected or it can’t, and the reasons for either need to be straightforward and identifiable by the User attempting to get work done. Maybe there’s a truly excellent reason for this, and I would like to know what it is for all of our sake so that the collective knowledge can be improved so that this great software tool can be utilized to its fullest potential. Thank you
  18. actually, in my original post, I did mention parent layers, etc. My point in mentioning parent layers was to say that all layers involved were unlocked, and there was no apparent impediment to selecting objects using the arrow tool. Thank you
  19. I stated that I was unable to directly select unlocked objects on unlocked layers by using the direct selection or object arrow; I could select them only in the Layer studio. File attached. Thank you in advance for any clues. selection_problems.afdesign
  20. I have the now-latest version of Affinity Designer for iPad OS, and the latest iPad OS version. In my illustration, I just made a line, gave one end an arrowhead, duplicated that arrowed line, and now i can’t select it with either arrow tool; I need to select it in the Layer’s Studio, and with several items named “curve” it’s a bit trial-and-error-ish. Is there some reason, I can’t select an unlocked object on and unlocked layer beneath and unlocked parent layer using the object selection tool? Should I report this as a bug? Thank you!
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