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  1. Hi dev team it is really time for Affinity being able to align selected path nodes not only along the page edge but also along only the selected path nodes. This is what affinity does it is somewhat stunning that this is not yet implemented! Freehand in the 90s had this !!! This is what is should do: align align align the selected nodes and not the paper edge only!
  2. Hello Affinity, I am with the Affinity software since it got out - have it for Mac and iPad. I am very exited to see the Publisher app to come out soon too but have some stomach pain here. The main angle I see this is coming from Macromedia Freehand that unlike Adobe Illustrator / Indesign offered layout, masterpage, text tools (Indesign) and Illustration tools (Illustrator) in one application with another major advantage: different paper formats. So in stead of having different InDesign files you could have all in one design document. I see Affinity stepping into the same highly frustrating and annoying limitations Adobe forces onto users. Freehand got killed and typography and text frame tools where separated so nicely that you need to buy both Adobe apps. I really hope that in the long run chaining text frames, master pages, etc will be accessible for Designer too and not only be limited to Publisher.
  3. 2014 was the first time it mentioned that this is such a "must have" tool to have for paths. Literally Affinity Designer cannot be productively be used for anything remotely like technical illustration where you need call outs etc. So please this is now 2019 4 to 5 years later now! Even Gravit Designer a web based app has super path end options !!!
  4. dear lord - this is such an easy yet so useful function !!!
  5. Hi Team, I find the current save option very limiting - it would be nice to centralized save on file in iCloud and be able to open the file on Mac or iPad without import/export. This would improve their workflow significantly.
  6. It seems publisher as a DTP app copies / embedded external images via the place command increasing the file size which obviously is not a good idea. afdinity designer unlike illustrator already cannot link images. what is the plan for publisher? That is somewhat besides master pages one of the most used / needed function when working on publications.
  7. I see thank you - I was not aware of how this function was hidden. I noticed that when saving first and then changing the type to linked files remain bigger than when placing images changing them to linked and saving them.
  8. Also for the sake of versioning and syncing there should be an option to load and save to iCloud in addition particulaly for those who use the desktop app too.
  9. A blend shape tool would be perfect so you can also make better form following gradients inside an object
  10. Based on how curious AD is it seems that some pages it exports fine and other pages have at random artboard edges naked white edges. sometimes this are thin lines - sometimes also pretty big and noticeable. I to prevent this added bigger rectangles than the artboads but I remained having the issue. So I exported as PNG and made a powerpoint slide and from there exported as PDF. This PDF seems to work dramatically better but I noticed that there are also there sometimes fine white edges. I am not sure if this is a PDF engine issue in macOS Sierra. When loading a PDF page the content swims meaning it moves minimal which is odd.
  11. I set the scale to 8.5" yet when I reopen the document it is 8.0" the same happens with scaling canvas Current iPadPro app
  12. This is great to see looking forward to seeing it "on my iPadPro" hahahaha
  13. This will keep Designers file size lower and allows me to continue working on the raw images and Designer will refresh the new edits automatically. If this is possible so for posting this - I googled it and did not find anything
  14. Affinity Team I have to say this was an impressive presentation and a lot more impressive app. Photo for iOS is fantastic. The UI does not use much screen space, gestures work great, just amazing. Poor Adobe with their toy app. Really looking forward to Designer too for iOS. Then this is complete!
  15. On macOS most apps like Pixelmator can directly import from the scanner using the build in scanner printer driver. Photoshop will use the scanner plug-in Would be great if Affinity could do the same
  16. This is still happening and hughe disturbance in my class when students cannot send and share the pdfs without images sometimes not being included. I know we could rasterize the image to make it work but rasterizing is not really the ideal solution to that problem. I reported this bug quite some weeks/months ago. When will this be fixed?
  17. so useful when you work with different font sizes etc and want to maintain an overall consistent baseline
  18. Can Affinity Designer not snap the node handle to a vertical / horizontal 45 alignment or snap it to other nodes?
  19. You post was on "Posted 12 October 2014 - 07:22 PM" we have now 26 March 2017. Any news on a standard tool to have?
  20. Is that right that Affinity does not offer opacity control via Wacom tablet pen pressure?
  21. Duh that is what threw me off. I did not make that connection. Perfect all working!
  22. It seems that the rasterize command is based on the document DPI setting. Is there a way to rasterize an object in a 150 DPI document with lets say 300 DPI?
  23. cekuhnen

    Improve Eyedropper Tool

    Yes and now - you make a copy of a style. But sometimes You just want to copy something from an object rather - or then test a different object, or another one and and and The copy paste in the style panel makes sense when well working with style you will add mainly. The style eye dropper allows a different fast explorative workflow Affinity currently does not offer - another bummer.
  24. Just noticed as well that the vector erase tool is missing. I am stunned at two things. 1. How fast and modern the Affinity products work. This is really refreshing and great. 2. How many basic tools are missing yet more advanced things were included. This is really frustrating. When I bought the package I was not even thinking about looking for an erase tool because I assumed that it is simply a common core to have.

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