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  1. natedavid

    Can't save in the iCloud Affinity Designer folder

    Affinity is supposedly looking into it. We’ve been talking back and forth online. Solve for now for me at least has been export/replace to the same location (Dropbox/iCloud/etc).
  2. Gotcha. So there’s really no point “saving” since exporting with layers should maintain the edits correct?
  3. When I try to open a file from iCloud and make edits in AP, there isn't a save option from the main drop down with the file open. Just shows a save a copy. If I hit the back button and tap the three bar menu, I get the option to save, but even though it says it's saving the tif or whatever to iCloud, nothing happens. So stupid not to be able to edit in from Lightroom and save back. ScreenRecording_12-31-2018 10-24-17.MP4
  4. natedavid

    Can't save in the iCloud Affinity Designer folder

    Having a similar issue here. I haven't been able to find much info about it online. I can open tifs from iCloud just fine, layers show up as expected (even from photoshop). When I save and close from the project screen, however, it doesn't overwrite/update the original file. Doesn't even show a modified timestamp in the Files app, and when you reopen the same tif from iCloud none of your AP edits are there. The only work around I've figured out so far is exporting with the original file name which will give you a "replace" dialogue. Only downside is for some reason, even if you select to keep the layers when you try to open in Photoshop the tif gets flattened.
  5. After opening/editing a tif from iCloud storage on my iPad Pro in AP, saving from the project screen doesn't update the original in the Files app. I get the save dialogue with the original file name but nothing changes anywhere, not even a modified date. When I reopen the same tif from iCloud none of AP's edits are there. I haven't tried saving as a copy yet, but from what I've read, opening from and saving should overwrite the original file in its existing iCloud location. Is this normal behavior or am I missing something here? Thanks!