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  1. I've been battling Affinity Publisher to make a two-sided program. The best way to describe what I'm struggling with is in pictures. The first pic will be a screen grab of what I see. The second pic will be a screen grab of the resulting pdf export. Note that the blue background does not extend to the edges of the document. Any guesses why?
  2. It was built in photoshop. I don't know what the [square plus sign] is. The magnet with the line through it means "don't snap this to grid" though Affinity is snapping it anyway. I'm sure this mess is because I brought it over from photoshop, but I still would like it to work...
  3. thanks for taking a look! Program.afpub
  4. Vaughn771

    Image Reference Frame

    OK - then I guess this isn't an issue but a feature request. As long as one has selected to show the guides, then having a wireframe of the main object (picture frame or whatever) can only be helpful to show. Cheers!
  5. When moving an image around within an image frame, I can make the reference lines disappear. See attached. Side note - I am absolutely thrilled that you folks (Affinity) are taking this project on. Kudos. textframe.mp4