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  1. Hello again dear community, as I am very new to Affinity for iPad I am once again seeking help. So essentially what I want to do is blend a sky image to a foreground image. The issue is the foreground image has a lot of trees and small details and on the sky layer I am using a mask to only draw on part of that area. What i wanna do is go down to one layer make a selection based on color because i see that as the fastest way then have that selection applied to the mask layer of the other layer so I can only paint without affecting the foreground image. Posting a screen of it, hopefully someone can help out
  2. I understand and I do that. The issue is that because the image he provided has a white sky it has this sort of effect. Check the above post to understand what I mean
  3. Is this a joke? Almost 2 whole years of people reporting this issue and all the affinity team has to say is delete and install again? Is rhis why we pay 20 bucks to have our app crashing losing stuff we worked on for hours for this team to merely ignore this issue? I loved the potential of this app, but it seems as though we gotta wait for Photoshop as the team behind this doesnt seem to care about fixing issues..
  4. Wow what a service. The app is just bad and your only answer is delete install again like we are gonna do this every 5 minutes... it’s unbelievable and the fix does not work... wasted money so I can have this app takes gigs of space with NO files in it
  5. These are dope thanks for contributing. Here is an issue i have. I try using the first picture and its dope, nbut when i put a mask layer on it (the pic is set to overlay) and paint black as to remove bats it messes it all up. Because the image has a background it makes it hard. I tried erase white paper but that messes it up by removing even parts of bats. So is there a quicker, easier way to do this or do I have to select the bats by hand one by one? Also attaching a pic so you can see on the left i painted black and you can see rhe way the pic really looks. In the middle i did a few lines so you can fully see the contrast of what i mean.
  6. Thanks for your time, I appreciate the help. Yes i have done that but still can’t work it out to be realistic. I have been researched youtube vids of people doing manipulations on Affinity but in most of them they don’t speak/explain stuff. No i have no photoshop brushes and also interested in that. But right now I can’t even get fonts to import for some reason
  7. Thanks for the help. Not in my experience I never had any bugs from Snapseed. I have like a billion using Affinity though
  8. Thanks for the tip but still couldn’t find it
  9. Thanks for your contribution but I am looking for a swarm of bats and it doesn’t have to have as many details because either way I would place them everywhere around
  10. I am sure I am working with RAW as is automatically goes to develop settings first. And it still buffles me that a free app does better than something I paid. For.. now i open everything in Snapseed first.. how do you dissble apply tone curve, I don’t see it in settings?
  11. Thanks for your help, i know transparent pngs are the best to work with for this case but the thing is I couldn’t find any realistic ones to work with.. Like your edit is cool but still the effect is not realistic, thats what I am going for more. Its really hard to find a png of a re@listic bat
  12. Obviously to the night shot of a person, that’s where I want the bats to be added. It doesn’t have to be these specific images, but I would like them to be realistic. Looking forward to your suggestion
  13. Hello, I am new to Affinity and photo manipulation. What I wanna learn is effortlessly blending images together to create a realistic look. One example is I wanna add bats to the attached image, but most pngs I find look like vectors so it ruins it for me. On the other hand I found a few bat photos I like but it’s reallly hard to just remove the background as it takes most of the image... Any tips/tricks about how to go about achieving this? Thanks in advance!
  14. The app seems to have an issue as it does this even before messing with any sliders. If you look at the first attached pic above on my first post I didn’t mess with anything and if you look at the cheek there is a weird effect which Snapseed for example doesn’t do
  15. No, sorry but what you are saying is not reasonable. As. You see in the pictures above did the same with a FREE app called Snapseed and didn’t get that. Plus it is not the first time it happened to me. It got to the point where I don’t trust the app to edit anymore and really wish I could get my 20 euros back.
  16. So here’s the deal, I paid the 20 euros to buy this app to edit on the go for my events. I noticed this weird kind of color effect on the app which makes the picture look cheap and fake, the opposite of what this app markets itself as. At first I didn’t bother, but them I opened Snapseed a FREE APP and I didn’t get that when I was editing the same picture. I attached the pictures of both so you can see. I didn’t mess with Affinity settings at all and you can see I have basically done the same thing om both apps. I turned exposure down, contrast and brightness a little bit up and saturation a lot. Also notice that ugly shine next to the lip which automatically came on even before I messed with the pictures settings but the same didn’t happen on Snapseed? Wth if this is what you call pro editing app i want my money back!
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