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  1. I’m going to call off the search for answers. Just leave it as an example of an idea gone awry. I now don’t see this as a problem with Affinity, considering PS and Helicon had similar issues ... due to the somewhat unique composition of this practice picture shot at f2.8 per frame. The way around this: 1) shoot for hyperfocal full range detail in one shot, as per the top image here, or 2) be prepared to re-touch the (six) see-through masks, provided in Helicon Focus, or PS or possibly Affinity. That’s a slow process, with some pixel-level accuracy, but it works. I don’t think this is anything but operator ‘error’ in automated expectations and sloppy workflow, not the program per se. The optics (at F2.8) undoubtedly contributed to the show-through at the complex fringes of near/far objects, like the table and the black railing posts. But of course that is the nature of focus stacking — just maybe not at this wide aperture extreme. Had there been just a foreground rock or other solid object, I doubt it would so noticeable, and far easier to retouch, if at all. I did correct it in Helicon as the focus stacking method, even at f2.8, seems to out-outperform the hyperfocal (f16) approach for this purpose. And I suspect, this might require 2-3 times more slices for better accuracy. Just my post-assessment. Other ideas welcome. Thax for looking.
  2. I am having problems with Stack Merge ... showing what appeared to be alignment problems but it looks more like ‘leakage’ through upper layers. I’m using 6 image from a tripod at varied distances ... at f2.8. (NOTE: A one-shot F16 captures fine, shown below, without the leakage.). Here are comparable images ... look for the leaf leakage in the second shot, in the black vertical rail posts, with background leafs showing through. What’s happening here? How to correct it? Program bug or me? This is on an iPad Pro with iOS 12.2. Thanks.
  3. One more sample, captured with legacy 200mm prime Canon FD f2.8 lens at f11 on a Sony mirrorless 6300 body. Displays some CA, but its just a test for re-sampling a blend of 20 images, resized from 20,000px wide to 2,000px wide, using “nearest neighbor” in Affinity Photo. Still seems soft to me at that reduction. (See the screen-crop of the original blend, vs full image of the re-sampled reduction.). NOTE: I tried to focus the foreground AND the distance manually during each of 20 shots. Probably not a good idea as the re-focused blend lines (ie on large tree) become too obvious. Better to shoot with 85mm for Gigapans, and a single fixed hyperfocal distance at f16, depending on foreground / background distance. Jim
  4. Absolutely, and thanks. Here are two test shots that might help ... the full shot is the re-sampled version of 2000px wide, made from the original of 21,448px wide ... a 6x4 matrix using Gigapan and an APSC Sony 6300. The tight crop version into the shed is a screen grab from the full blend — which shows a comparative section .... the air vents at the top of the shed are relatively sharp vs the resample which is blurred when re-rendered. Third crop is from the re-sample, with blurry field. I tried all the options for resampling. Be nice to capture this detail in a shrunken version for web purposes. Thanks again for any clues.
  5. I’m not having much success reducing large pano files to small web-size mailable files .... the resamplilng methods given seem to toss out allot of information,, blurring and digitizing details. Is there a way to retain the large file detail, as per PS using bilineal sharpen, etc. Neighboring helps a little, but I’m still blowing out details ... sizing goes from 15,000px wide to 2,000. The original panos look good.
  6. Thanks. For me the intuitive thing might have been SAVE rather than SHARE or EXPORT. Just me.
  7. I’ve tried all the options for saving, save copy and export. Nothing seems to display in my iPad Pro Photos gallery. How do I save an image that I can export to other software, mail, etc. etc. Thx.
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