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  1. I wonder if this is what I am getting too. I am new and use PS and just purchased AP. I have created a 120x120px page for my web images. I then find the photo I want to use, open it in AP, copy it and paste on the page created. How do I rescale the image to sit on the page using the 120px width. I want to move the image around so that I can work out my crop. PS is a quick thing - create page, copy image, paste, rescale, flatten, save as jpg Is this even possible in AP as this is one of the main uses for the next few months while I finish off a website. Hoping there is an answer. Sharon
  2. I much prefer the setting of the background in this video. The UI dark or light don't seem to give me this look or maybe I am just not picking the right settings. Any idea appreciated as I find the black menus are hard to work with.
  3. Thanks heaps.. that helped a lot. Would be even better if someone set it up as a Macro :-)
  4. Just wondering if there is a tool in Affinity Photo to crop a photo to a circle shape.
  5. I just gave up! I am using the trial copy and nothing seems to work without giving me a headache. The first brush download (thanks ronniemcbride) didn't load, so tried the Assets option and it is greyed out. Going to do this in Illustrator as I can't spend another hour messing about as my gut feeling is that you only get the option working once you have paid for the App. which I am yet unconvinced due to the learning curve. Also need to look at how to have the menus not all black as I do a lot of work from midnight to 4am and tired eyes are not happy. Maybe there is a tutorial or confirmation that it's not available till full purchase out there. Anyhow, hopefully by then the very basic option to draw a line and choose an arrowhead is part of the App.
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