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  1. I get the same prob every now and then, they're currently not showing up, it used to be aprox every day with the last few betas but now less frequent - Im guessing it's a GPU bug as it also effects the tabs overlay across text columns - quitting and re-starting Pub usually does the trick, although with one of the betas I had to reboot my mac to get the table and column overlays back
  2. All I'm gonna say is StudioLink is GENIUS and I've completely embraced it in my workflow
  3. Yes please I've always used global and would prefer an option or a tick box in preferences to always have global by default - I still get caught out now and then by starting a job then get carried away only to discover I want the change the colour but forgot to create a global palate - also similar prob forgetting to click the tick boxes for scale stroke and layer FX Yes Spez been there loads of times using Designer when all you did in Illustrator was click on a colour then go to select same colour fill / stroke which selects all the same colour throughout the document spanning hundreds of layers and nested layers then change to a new global swatch - 30second job - whereas in Designer maybe a couple of hours if your'e lucky -
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    Packaging Design - Marmalade with Honey

    ACE work
  5. This as always been a problem for me also
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    Spot colour test

    I've had an enquiry for some A5 and try-fold leaflets set up in black and 1 spot colour so thought I'd run a few test in Publisher and just made a quick screen vid capturing Affinity's amazing flexibility - I remember having a go in Designer around two years ago and having to give up - just shows how things have improved - would still love to be able to use masks so as to get soft edges on some things (spots always seems to turn out CMYK with a mask in my tests) but I'm really chuffed that it all separates correctly Spot.mov
  7. Already tried that Ash and it fixed the issue of sluggish pan and zoom getting around the document and even now, once it's actually open, it's loads faster than the original document to get around also the screen re-fresh is a lot quicker - but the old 'sluggish' document started off taking 4 minutes to open (in 1.7 beta) then 15 minutes (in app store 1.7) then the new (fast re-draw, pan and zoom) doc takes 1 hour 50 mins to open (in 1.7.1) - I do all the vector and texture work in designer (26 art boards) then save via export persona as high rez tiffs. the actual book is all layed out in publisher all tiffs are linked and its super quick to work on plus I can just tweak the odd element in designer and export and it auto updates back in pub - seems like a great workflow but now this opening problem has cropped up
  8. Hi Ash thanks for your response I was beginning to think there was a bug with my posts showing up It is Designer that is the problem, although I have managed to open the file in Pub, which I didn't time, but left loading for around 3 hours before returning, I also had other pub files open and went to the print dialog which bombed publisher but the file is a .afdesign file which I've been working on for around 7 months off and on
  9. Getting desperate to finish some artwork, but it takes 1 hour 50 mins to open in 1.7.1 but used to take 4 mins in 1.6 if designer bombs like it did yesterday, over something random that it occasionally does, I have nearly a 2 hour wait until I can carry on from where I left off - I recently reported this bug last Friday, and goes more into detail with the bug, but it just shows as unread content so prob only I can see it :- Just be good to know that others can see this post as it seems to be a pretty annoying bug
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    I'm the first to admit, I'm a total Affinity fanboy so this is a difficult one --- I've been sitting on this problem for a week or so as I know publisher is a massive deal and a major focus for the Affinity team - but I can't work normally on my children's book illustrations as there appears to be slowdowns, the most annoying being the time it takes to open the .afdesign file which has gone from around 4 minutes to open in 1.6 (which ran nice and quick and snappy) and roughly about the same time to open in betas 1.7.0 - (still nice and quick performance) then with the move upto beta performance had slowed to a crawl then refused to open the file but appeared to be fixed in beta although it was now taking around 10 minutes to open and still with the slow performance issues (originally reported on May 6th - see below) With the 1.7.0 Appstore release I was having slightly better performance and far less beach balling but I timed the document opening at 16 minutes (WHAT!) then came the 1.7.1 update (me hopeful I'd get some performance increase) but I was left watching "Loading 1 document" for ages way more than 16 minutes before force quitting and restarting my mac (wish there was a progress bar?) so thought I'd time it opening = 46 minutes (AAAGGGHHH!) well at least it opens! - I though before bothering the forum, I'd have a go at trying to improve things with a few tricks that helped me out years ago in Illustrator and also Quark - so I went back to the first 8 pages which I put together in 1.6 which opened up in around 30 seconds in 1.7.1 and was super quick and nippy to get around then I took pages from the 1.7.1 46 minute doc and copy pasted into fresh art boards in the 8 page doc - all went really well I I was getting nippy performance compared to the 46 minute version, which was slow and choppy to get around - re-saved as 'NITN proper.afdesign' I also went through all the pages and layers and trashed anything not in use, in order to streamline the file - saved, quit Designer and re-started and re-opened the new file, thinking I'd wait maybe 5 minutes or so so at most, thought I'd time it, just in case = 1 hour 50 minutes (WTF......AAAAAAAAAAGGGGVHHHHHHHH!) + lots of beach balling - although, no more jumpy, choppy performance when getting around and zooming (between beach balls that can lock up for around 5 minutes) The artwork for the first book in the series (which uses all the same characters, textures and all that and is the same 26 page format) was having similar performance and opening issues in the last beta but now takes less than a minute to open and is nice and fast and fluent in 1.7.1 and all my smaller documents run like a dream. I'm currently at the final 'last tweaks stage' before we get PDF and hard proof copies to send out to agents and publishers along with the first book (we are down to the last 30 hard proof copies) - all flawlessly put together in publisher using rasterised linked tiffs of the art boards from the problem file. Just wondered if someone can offer help or advice - and yes, after tuning into Affinity Live the other night, I wish I had Metal compute but I need to stick with El Capitan as it's the last Mac OS that runs 32bit apps (CS5) without major issue (I only very occasionally run Illustrator to plug the gaps til' designer has all the knobs and whistles) but the main one is Acrobat pro 9 which I need for checking pdfs as theres nothing else, apart from Callas PDFtoolbox (£500!) so NO METAL (for the foreseeable future) (original forum bug report:-)
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    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    My alarm went off at 4.00pm - was downloaded and up and running by 4.05pm - and it's ACE! Just finished a CD booklet and sent to client - now sorting out all my shortcuts, drag and drop all my brushes and getting my panels back where I like em MINT!
  13. I'm stuck with Acrobat pro 9 that came with cs5 - would love to go with PDF Toolbox but way too expensive for me MikeW - sounds like the guy who knows his onions with toolbox and say's "callas pdfToolbox is the only other pdf application that can do separation preview and is color managed. callas is who licenses to Adobe much of what Acrobat does. The one thing it doesn't do is edit text in a pdf". So looks like I'm stuck with Acrobat 9 and El Capitan if I want to check PDF/x compliance and seps and spots and all that, just for piece of mind before sending off to the printers, that is unless..... Serif can come to the rescue as they did with Designer, Photo and Publisher???
  14. Me too I have a 26 art board children book with started life in 1.6 which was super fast and responsive in comparison - took 4 mins to open in 1.6 - 14mins to open in 1.7.0 and 46mins to open in 1.7.1 and is slowwwwwww - the first time I tried to open it in 1.7.1, I gave it an hour before force quitting then rebooted my mac and tried again and left it alone for 2 hours and came back and the file was open but really really slow and jerky to get around, so I did a few (very slow) edits and saved in 1.7.1 thinking the speed issue was down to converting it to 1.7.1 but opened the file this morning and timed it at 46.03.19 mins to open, although, the sluggish performance seems to have improved and is around the speed of 1.7.0 but nowhere near as fast as 1.6 or even beta - (I first had issues with the slow performance with -) I'm not gonna make a big deal about it at the moment, as I know the serif team are working their butts off with Publisher (quite right) which I've pre-ordered, and am really excited about, but I hope they will get around to addressing the slow performance, hopefully soon - I've tested out small flyers and leaflets in 1.7.1 and they fly so hopefully SOOOOOON
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