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  1. Dazmondo77

    portrait illustration

  2. Dazmondo77

    New pen vector doodle

    Exactly - my hair fell out and I turned all jouwlly
  3. YES if doable - I use this feature all time in CSP - also use the scale line widths brush all the time where you paint over areas of lines to thicken or make thinner - I would imagine this would need some major dev time so maybe be something to consider for ver 2+ Untitled_2.mov
  4. Dazmondo77

    New pen vector doodle

    I use a Ugee 19' screen tablet (cheap Wacom cintiq alternative) connected to an old cheese grater Mac pro - after letting my daughter have a mess around in designer, my stylus pen went missing so had to order another which came yesterday (now found the original fell down the back of some drawers ggggrrrrrrrrrr) thought I'd test it out without charging it up and got a bit carried away using the vector brush tool with pressure enabled resulting in:- Which was all drawn quickly just scribbling colour layers with the vector brush then grouping and bluring the layers to achieve a painted / airbrush look - would be great if we had a blob brush similar to Illustrator so there wasn't loads of messy lines ------- Maybe one day
  5. Dazmondo77

    Hangs when complex vectors are on a page

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! damn good idea - Top stuff Ben
  6. I think bleed works great (now we have visual guides) I've adapted to the Affinity shazz - what I am missing is SLUG area so I can place fold marks outside the bleed area, my current the work around is to set 3mm bleed as normal for say a try-fold leaflet then create a white box that snaps to bleed guides, then create 0.5pt dashed line the extends 10mm over the top and bottom of the page place 99mm then duplicate and place 198mm (for z-fold), send to back, select all and group (both guides and white box) then before exporting the pdf, change the bleed to 7mm which in the resulting pdf gives 4mm fold marks but the trim marks are 4mm further off the page but trim in the same place ---- bit of a bine but saves from creating all the bleed trim marks manually - but would be ACE if we had slug for this --- maybe in the future???
  7. Top stuff AdamW Keep up the good work
  8. Dazmondo77

    Moving artboards REALLY slow

    I was thinking this was the same bug as having a document which contains a relatively complex vector object/s which causes hangs when trying to move or resize using the curser which effects latest designer build and also Publisher plus todays build
  9. Just been searching for a more tools panel thinking that I'd be able to somehow click on a ruler guide and enter a specific position without having to go to guides manager ------- duuuuur what a thicko ------- aaaaaaaahhhhh more tools as in text tool and all that. Still no fix for broken assets panel and complex vector hangs for minutes at a time which also effects Designer - still holding back Photo as no vector hangs and normal drag-able assets panel ----- I guess you guys are on it and fixing for next build?
  10. I've already reported this same bug in Publisher which I've also discovered effects Designer and has not been detailed as fixed in the latest beta so figured maybe it's not yet been reported? The bug: like publisher, I've tried opening existing documents and noticed hangs of around two minutes when click drag to position anything on a page but I've nailed it down to having complex vectors in a document, once the culprit vector is removed /switched off in the layers panel, Designer then comes back to life and works at normal speed - the culprit vector detailed here was created in designer and has shown no problem in previous betas as I've used it on 3 previous jobs and caused no slowdown, I've also ran a few tests and noticed this on other documents which I new contained relatively complex vectors which previously showed no problems, I've notices that theres no slowdown when moving or resizing the culprit logo, just other items on a page, also nudging and shift nudging using arrow keys works normally, same with changes using the transform panel all resizing and positioning works as normal, the hangs seem to be caused by curser movement resizing and positioning I'm currently holding back to Photo as it works normally with these files and complex logos - Also the assets panel is working normally in Photo but is broken in Publisher and Designer Find attached 'Hanging vector test.afdesign' Hanging vector test.afdesign
  11. It seems to be doing the same thing with the latest Designer beta - Hope they fix this soon, Affinity apps have always been really responsive and nippy with complex vectors - very frustrating - although nudge and shift nudge works normally even with loads of complex vectors - Just thought I'd try changing Open GL to simple and restart but didn't make any difference?
  12. That's the way I've always worked - also same for multifold leaflets and brochures Not currently do-able in Publisher we're currently stuck with 2 pages - I'm guessing they'll add it eventually as it's a standard way of working for a lot of designers The workaround is to do it all on 1 page - unfortunately we currently have no printable slug area so you'll need to increase your page size to accommodate manual trim and fold marks maybe on a master page and save as a template
  13. I was starting to think it was just me My temp workaround (which is a bit of a faff) is not updating to the latest Photo beta (as that may have the same bug) I'm sticking with as the assets panel works normally, so just means anything I need to add to my custom assets, I have to copy paste into photo and drag into assets, export assets, then in Designer and Pub, import assets I'm guessing at some point in the future all Affinity apps will have the ability to auto link to an assets file so they would auto synchronise
  14. Anyone else having this problem? I use assets a hell of a lot and keep it backed up and copy the same set across Affinity apps - really frustrating not being able to add to it I've just tested Photo which works normally - so it just seems to be effecting Designer and Publisher