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  1. BLine5

    Aquire Image... bug causes crash

    @GabrielM Confirming this remains a 100% reproducible bug in 1.7.0. Affinity: disable the Manual Image Correction option until this bug is fixed. Hard crashing the app should NEVER be allowed.
  2. Ahhh! That makes sense. So, workaround: Export the brush stroke as a PNG. Use Vectorizer (http://www.purgatorydesign.com/Vectorize/) to convert the PNG to an SVG file. Bring the resultant SVG back into Desiger. Thanks Aammppaa.
  3. In Affinity Designer, how do you convert a vector brush stroke to a curve. Yes, the stroke itself is a curve, but with the brush applied it has texture (width, scratches, drop-outs, etc.) in the stroke. I'd like to take the "rendered" vector stroke and convert it to an outline curve (kind of like converting a text letter to a curve). How is this done?
  4. Bug also in the on-line help system. At this page: https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html Any search only returns the global Google results. It does not search inside the help file. Not much use.
  5. The in-app Help system for both Photo and designer is broken. It does not link to any topic when the help link is clicked. Running macOS 10.14.2 (Mojave), AD v1.6.1, AP v1.6.7 Example: (Here using Designer, but the same set of bugs are in Photo.) From the app Help menu, type a search term. Then click on one of the "orange question mark" results (attachment APD Help Bug 1). The help window opens to a blank window (attachment APD Help Bug 2). If you enter a search term in the blank window, an abbreviated list of topics shows (attachment APD Help Bug 3), but if you click on any of the topics, it throws you back to the blank screen from step 2. Basically, you cannot search the in-app help. All search attempts take you to a screen like attachment APD Help Bug 3, but clicking on any result will take you to a blank window or to the Help main page (the latter if the search was initiated from Help --> Affinity Designer Help (or from Help --> Affinity Photo Help). Meaning time is wasted clicking through the table of contents hoping to find a match.
  6. @MEB Could you have this documented somewhere in the help files? I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure this out, gave up, used a different photo editor to delete a selection and then brought that back into AP. The whole modality of different layer types (pixel, image, etc) is a bit of a bear to figure out, especially if you're experienced with any other editor. There should also be an explicit section on layer types—limitations, etc.—in the product docs. Thanks. (Edit: Running v1.6.7 of AP (macOS). Just checked the in-app help file. Under the Layers section there is no mention of an Image type layer. A pretty significant oversight.)