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  1. Maybe best to uninstall all of them that have that same name and then install just the one font, just in case the system gets confused. William
  2. I have found the font listed on the https://www.certifiedchinesetranslation.com/fonts/Chinese.html website. It is over 4 Megabytes in size. I wonder if that is something to do with it. I am wondering whether the name coming up in Chinese characters is not liked by the Affinity software. It looks like the fonts are free download? Is that right? Are you able to use one of the Chinese fonts supplied with Windows by Microsoft? I am just wondering because the names for those come up in Latin letters. William
  3. Oh, well maybe I could have got it back but muddled it! The internet took quite a time to get back on and so I did some writing offline in PagePlus in the meantime then started again with the forum when I was back online. William
  4. I had drafted a reply but when I posted it the internet had dropped out here and I lost the lot. Anyway, I found that Affinity Publisher works differently from PagePlus in that if one wants to go back to an unselected text frame one needs to use the Frame Text tool and not the pointer tool. I got into quite a muddle with this and I am wondering if this might be the problem that Lensman found. William
  5. Or could it be that the text in a different layer than the one presently selected? Or could the layer be locked so that its contents cannot be changed? I have not used Layers in Publisher so I am wondering? William
  6. Well, I just got a bleep and found that you have put a Haha onto my previous but one post. But why please? We need to establish that Lensman knows how to carry out the desired process. Maybe how to do it is what we need to explain. Lensman seems to have got the list of available fonts in Publisher so we need to find out why he cannot get his text displayed in that font. For example, maybe the text has been converted to curves previously: that would explain why trying to change font would not work. William
  7. Yes, I noticed your first sentence. I did not comment upon it. It was not me who suggested sending the font to a private link. Your post arrived just as I was sending the post which has appeared after the post from you to which I am now replying. The thing is, Lensman wrote "but when applying it to my written text, it does not/will not show." so we need to check that Lensman knows how to change the font on some text. William
  8. Hi Lensman What is the name of the font please? Could you possibly tell us, step by step, what you do when you are trying to change the font in which your text is displayed please? Could you say what language the text is in please? William
  9. Well, Lensman could be asked to post the name of the font and Lensman could be asked to state which characters he is trying to use. We need to check that Lensman is aware of the need to highlight the text if one is trying to change the font in which some text is displayed. The reason that I wrote 'could be' rather than 'is' is because if Lensman made the font himself it would not be illegal for him to post it here if he so chooses. I often publish fonts on the web, but only fonts that I have made myself, never other fonts. William
  10. The font may be copyright and if so zipping it and attaching it here, or attaching it here unzipped, could be illegal! William
  11. Well, there is no need to throw them out. I have a lot of old discs too. Though some old discs have software that I am still using, such as ImpactPlus 5. Thank you for the list. That is helpful. There are some nice fonts in there. Yet not Sea Monster http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/seamonster.PDF and not Firenze http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/leonardo.PDF and not Frankenstein http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/strudel.PDF though Excalibur is there. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/excalibur.PDF So the older discs have some gems in them! I have found that with some of the fonts supplied by Serif the file name is often mostly numerical so, given the font name of the font, some are hard to find on the disc, though in practice I do not look at them from the disc, having copied the whole disc to the hard drive before installing the software, so I just need to look in a folder on the hard disc. William
  12. If QR code generation capability were to be built-in to Affinity Publisher then there could also be a tool so that one could add a QR code for a hyperlink and the same hyperlink could be built-in to the document. Then If a PDF were produced and put on line, then clicking the QR code either online or in a downloaded copy of the PDF could follow the link, and from a hardcopy printed copy the QR code could be read using a smartphone or other device and the link followed. I hope that Affinity Publisher has QR codes and that special feature to apply them as well. William
  13. The discs of old Serif legacy products are worth keeping because of all the fonts on them. Not the same selection on every disc. William
  14. The following discussion about colour font technology might be of interest to some readers. https://forum.high-logic.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7856 William
  15. Well, I was not thinking of the SVG drawings, I was thinking of the format using the CPAL and COLR tables of an OpenType colour font. For me, Affinity Publisher should be a first class software program, so that it is not a question of "Well, if you want features like that, you need to get EXPENSIVE PACKAGE that is EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE PACKAGE if bought in the United Kingdom" but that "Well, that Affinity Publisher software from Serif is amazingly modern, even futuristic, notwithstanding its budget price." For example, I have already noticed the feature that all of the Universal Character Set can be accessed as characters (rather than just as glyphs) and that the characters can be extracted from a PDF that has been produced, even that the underlying text can be extracted from a PDF that has been produced where there are ligature glyphs used in the display (subject to the font having suitable glyph names for ligature glyphs so as to facilitate that extractability). For me those are significant advances over PagePlus. So, while I appreciate that things take time, and there is not the thing about priority, I hope that such features are on the agenda. I wonder what is the target market for Affinity Publisher. For example, there was a time when PagePlus seemed, over a few updates, around PPX3 and PPX4, to be focused on printshops, with PPX5 OpenType capability was introduced. I first started using PagePlus with PagePlus 9 because it included the ability to produce PDF documents. PagePlus 12 allowed plane 0 characters to go to PDF as characters rather than convert to curves and PPX5 introduced OpenType facilities. My publishing is as pure electronic publications on the web. The OpenType facilities in PPX5 I found to be great. I was able to use them to test fonts that I had made using the High-Logic FontCreator program. I have found that sometimes it takes quite a while for Serif to introduce a new feature, yet when they do, they do it extremely well. William
  16. Will Affinity Publisher support colour fonts please? As part of this, will Affinity Publisher when using a colour font, produce a PDF that shows the colours please? It may be that PDF does not support colour fonts as such, but Affinity Publisher could possibly work round this by producing a multi-layer conventional PDF automatically where the text layer is repeated as many times as necessary in order to have one colour in each layer so that the display looks good, though I accept that could be tricky depending upon how colours are ordered for each of the glyphs in the font. For example, if there are, say, blue letters each with green holly leaves and red berries, and each glyph has the colours in the same order that could go down to three layers blue, green, red. Yet if the font has lots of emoji and there are many colours and they are not all in the same order in each glyph that could mean that some colours have to have two layers at different place in the "layer pile" and it could all be very complicated and maybe in practical terms impossible. William Overington Friday 1 February 2019
  17. ? I don't follow that. Telesoftware was actually broadcast, being broadcast in the way that television is broadcast. It looks that I have gone "off-topic", oops! William
  18. Ah, if only it was "Over the air". Memories of my telesoftware invention, where software was broadcast cyclically and anyone could receive it and use it. William
  19. Well, reading that I just tried again to give Walt's post a Thanks logo and got the same message. 09:15, so maybe in time it will be possible! William
  20. Thank you for your reply. I tried to add one of those Thanks logos to your post, but I was told, Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today. And it was just 4 minutes after midnight! Anyway, Thank you. William
  21. Well, I have found, having had several computers break down over the years that having Serif discs available has allowed me to get software packages up and running quite quickly once the new computer arrives. I know that people who bought a download then were in a position of having time limits in which to download and possible payment of fees to extend the download time available and only so many goes. So it always seemed to me that having a disc saves a lot of problems. I do have some software, from High-Logic, that is download only, but when a computer breaks down it is just a straightforward matter of downloading a new copy and using the security key that is stored in webmail. I hope that Serif allows downloads as many times as one needs without all the fee payments and time limits. William
  22. Can you explain that please? So what is an app in this context please? Does "its documents" refer to a .afpub file? I do not understand what is "an embedded web view" or "an embedded web view from a link". William
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