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  1. Elvis sings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBSIpBpsQJQ The song in German with English subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CIimgUq7ic Regarding the design of the artwork, did the picture of Gary arrive with the background or is the background your own? The backgrounds are splendid. William
  2. Let's give a warm ... Share your work forum welcome ... to ... Gary King ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGR_J-Ka4Y and welcome also to another Elvis impersonator, Gary Jay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtJtJVq7frY William
  3. Gold star to the club for looking after people's dietary needs. William
  4. And I will have the Organic Italian Chopped Tomatoes and basmati rice with lemon and herbs please. Vegan, no gluten, and delicious. Mmm William
  5. It also has the advantage that a sentence such as Burger & Chips and Tomatoes & Rice are available. can be used. William
  6. Why have 'N' rather than AND in the description. How is the 'N' said in speech? In Surrey. William
  7. I hope you don't mind these comments, but I think you are looking for what we think rather than simply praise. As the image on the screen here is larger than the physical print size of the tickets on your printer, I wonder if that outer border will display well. Though as prints often have more dots per inch than a screen display maybe it will work fine. The year has not been included. Nor has which day of the week is Friday 12th April 2024. You refer to the Elvis image. Is that Elvis or the performer? I opine that the ÂŁ15 should be on a separate line by itself. Is PP per person? The N is ... well, why not just put AND It is up to the club how it runs these things but I always think it unfortunate when two things are combined in one package wth no options. Here it seems that if someone who has a dietary issue but would like to see the tribute act is stuck. The person might be vegan, or vegetarian, or have a low fat diet or have swallowing issues and not eat outside their home and/or have a clinical-style soft diet. Maybe it is a small friendly club and it could be worked out but a ticket for the show at ÂŁx and an optional meal at ÂŁy would seem to me to be a better way of doing it all. Yet, of course, you are presenting your artwork, not seeking advice on the modalities of putting on a show. The N is ... well, why not just put AND I hope this helps. William
  8. @sansnom Could you write something about how you went about designing these images please? Could you include something about your choice of colour palettes please? William
  9. If you are of a certain age I expect that you would have heard of what was called by some "the pile of bricks". 😁 Oh the furore! 😁 William
  10. The idea was that there were a lot (maybe a hundred, but maybe it was two hundred and fifty) of individually numbered wooden blocks, painted orange, about the size and shape of a house brick, and the idea was to do something artistic, yet non-destructive of the block, involving the block in some way, photograph the result, post it, then pass the brick on to someone else, and so on. Those instructions on the block in some way in a number of languages. For example, someone photographed a statue of Tychoe Brahe with one of the orange blocks stood on the top of the plinth, by one of the statue's feet. Maybe it just happened in and around an art college or maybe it went much wider, I don't know. I suppose that if it was done today the blocks could each have a QR code on them as well. It all reinforces the idea that various people have knowledge of some things that other people know nothing about. I wonder how the average probability of a team of quiz participants knowing the answer to something rises with the number of people in the team. I say average because sometimes one additional person could add considerable knowledge about a subject to a team, whereas a different additional person might add only a small amount, yet perhaps usually something. William
  11. And a blank wall if one has no idea what that is about. But I managed to find out. Back to the Famous London Landmark it seems. Or was that what was meant? I got that confused with Tate Modern. 😁 Have you ever heard of the orange blocks art project from around the early 2000s? I remember it from that time. I tried to find it on the web some time ago but it appears to have gone. I first learned of it from a post in the Unicode mailing list as there was something about translation to do with the project. William
  12. Is it worth trying to open them in Microsoft WordPad, there is a chance that the text part will be stored in plain text and so can be copied out. It may not work, but is it worth a try? William
  13. I had used it earlier too! William
  14. I have now solved the landmark clue. I had thought earlier that I had got the last word correct, and I was right, but alas I went off on a different train of thought! 😁 William
  15. Here is a suggestion for an additional puzzle. Edible Berry 6 letters fifth letter is a T William
  16. It might well be simpler, but will it supply the information needed to answer the problem? The Viking Virtual Print House previewer will show the bleed area, if any, of the PDF document, and, if there is a bleed area, what is in it. If the PDF document looks good in the Viking Virtual Print House previewer, then the PDF document is what is needed. If the PDF document does not look good in the Viking Virtual Print House previewer, then it is not an issue with the local printer. William
  17. You could try, if you so choose, registering at Viking Virtual Print House and then uploading a PDF document and their system will show you an onscreen preview of what they will print if you place an order. https://viking-virtualprinthouse.co.uk/ This might enable to you to decide where the issue is occurring. I know this might sound like advertising for them but it is not. I have had excellent prints from them, some on display here, but my only connection to them is as a fee-paying customer. William
  18. Yes! 😁 It is like the ship question. Once I know the answer the clues then solve the puzzle! William
  19. That is similar to how I am with quiz questions. I can usually get the few science ones that arise but not anything about recent cinema releases. I had not heard of the name of the film character in this quiz. I think it would be fun if we could each send John a question by a private message, with the answer, and John if he so chooses produce a quiz sheet with the questions on and post that. That could be an interesting puzzle to solve. Nothing too obscure, but not the soap opera, etc knowledge stuff either. William
  20. Indeed But even having had a go on the internet at trying to find that landmark I still have not found the answer. I found a list of sixty famous London landmarks but alas not one that fitted the puzzle. I suppose that like the ship if and when I find the answer I will be amazed that I did not realize the by then "obvious" answer. Hey ho. 😁 William
  21. Now that amazes me. There is a sculpture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_of_Columbus More about the sculpture is in the following page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant_Antoni_de_Portmany William
  22. I have now found the name of the ship. I put Famous old ship into BIng and it gave a list. Of course ... well I say of course now, but that is a Columbus egg type thing as I was simply stuck. I understand the clues now. On to try to discover the landmark ... William
  23. Those are the clues at which I looked. The only answer that is a near fit at that time period, yet I don't know if it is a ship, is a well-known word from the middle of that century. But that word has eight letters and there are nine rectangles. So I have not solved the first three puzzles nor the final two puzzles. I think that I have the final word of the Famous London Landmark but maybe I have got the wrong word and that is putting me onto a wrong train of thought. All of which may well mean that the quiz here presented is right for the event because the event is a flop if everybody answers all of the questions straight off within one minute. The entertainment is that people chat and try to solve it together. William
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