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  1. @Nebie1 wrote > Please forgive me if I ask stupid questions, and please be patient with me. When I was working I made two lineprinter large banners, each many feet long, and I bluetacked to the wall, one above the other. IF YOU NEED TO KNOW ... .... THEN IT'S NOT A SILLY QUESTION It worked wonders in showing students that it was fine to ask me for programming advice. Welcome to the forums. Those two notices could well describe the friendly, helpful attitude here in these forums. I don't know quite what you mean by post production. But then, I am a hobbyist and I have hardly used Affinity Photo, I got it when it was on offer. I tend to use Affinity Designer to generate original art. Would you like to get a discussion started by answerimng a few questions please? Other forum members who do know about such things will hopefully then join in the discussion. What do you mean by post production? What do you want to know about that you don't know about already? You have presented four pictures in electronic form. What end result do you want, for example, something on the web, a hardcopy printed magazine, a greetings card, a framed print as a one-off for your home, a framed limited edition signed print run, an unlimited print run, something else? I am not an art expert but for what it's worth to me those pictures look good, particularly the first one with its palm trees and their shadows, and the fourth one with its reflections in the water. William
  2. One time in the 1960s I produced a similar effect using metal type 12 point square single type ornaments and spaces. If I remember correctly I used spaces, thick-line circles and filled circles. I then printed copies letterpress on a hand-operated printing press, an Adana 8 x 5 machine, on, I think, a light beige paper of a printing paper brand called, if I remember correctly, Clan 66. I remember that name as I used that type of paper for various things, it was available in a number of colours, I remember using yellow and a deep turquoise blue too. Black ink on quality tinted paper gives a very stylish look. William
  3. Not necessarily. One could do ASCII art from zero. People used to do ASCII art using teleprinters back in the 1960s. Decide on a number of ASCII characters with various ammunts of black, so, say, a space, a fullstop, an I, an o, an M. Draw a grid over a picture. For each cell decide which is the appropriate level of black and use the appropriate character. It takes time, but can be done on the basis as time taken often does not matter if it is a hobby. William
  4. The space character in a monospaced font should have the same width as each of the printing characters in that font. Does that solve it? William
  5. All characters in a monospaced font should have the same width as all other characters wthin the same font. Yet each of two monospaced fonts do not necessarily have characters of the the same width as the characters of the other font. William
  6. Yes they do. And the maufacturers seem to think that everybody wants a bright display and make no provision for people who have sensitive eyes and who like to look at a screen as if it is a page in a book or a painting on a wall not like some pop concert! Grumble, grumble, grumble 😀 William
  7. In fairness, having read both of your replies, I realize that I need to say that, as my eyes are sensitive and computers tend to have very bright screens I have the night light option on all day. I only turn if off for short periods to check colours. Alas, this time I forgot. So when I read Alfred's comments about Sun and Sand I realized my mistake and turned off the night light setting for a short while and the image looks very different. Sorry. William
  8. I am wondering if you might like to try the gradient the other wy up too please, that is, solid at the top then the top of the letters C, l and b would be over a pale part of the BEACH lettering rather than over a solid part. Also, I don't know but I suspect that people will read each of the letters in BEACH from the top, so having the gradient the other way up might make it easier to read. But that is just my thoughts, I am not a trained graphic designer, so this just hobbyist comment not a professional designer level comment. The placement of the word Club with its relatively small yet noticeable overlay of the word BEACH looks good to me. William
  9. A balanced reply. I shall wait to see if @EducationPrinciples replies, and only say if @EducationPrinciples asks me to do so. William
  10. Well that is reasonable. Because the suggested change from a stage representing Denmark to a stage representing Verona is not about something actually in the content presented. Yet if the poster for the production of Hamlet had said Starring John Smith as Romeo, typeset well, would it be reasonable for someone to have pointed out that the character Romeo is not in the play Hamlet or would that be wrong if the claim on the poster was typeset in a nice font? William
  11. So if someone finds something in the message that he or she thinks is problematic, would you like the person to say or not say? This is a practical issue because I have found something else and I wonder whether you would like me to say or not to say. William
  12. I suppose that a still picture could be designed with such a notice on the wall, such a yellow line across the walkway and the employee facing the follower and the employee pointing to the sign. The picture could be presented to management as a suggestion to become implemented. If management wants security of access, management needs to manage it. William
  13. Is there any way to find if that picture is genuine or if someone somewhere has used some software to fake it? William
  14. What could be done would be to have, about eight feet before the door, a notice on the wall that each person must scan their badge individually followed by Queue Here and a yellow line is fixed with non-slip tape across the walkway. So if someone does not do that then he or she is instantly breaking a notified pre-existing rule. A flippant attitude of "Oh it doesn't matter, don't be a pedant" is then not about disparaging a person saying the correct way to priceed but disparaging against the person in authority who had the notice put there. Too often someone in the wrong but of higher rank in the organization might complain in a victimization way to the correctly-acting person's manager for some other purported subjective reason to vent his or her anger. So is the management policy putting the onus on the innocent employee rather that acting decisively to make it clear to anyone approaching the door as to what is the policy? Such lines across walkways are used in England for privacy in some banks and post offices. Even before Covid-19 people would queue at a line a distance from the counter while someone was transacting their business at the counter. However, orderly queueing is very much a tradition in England, part of our culture. William
  15. Well, I had put 'proving' but I had meant to put 'providing'. So I had omitted the letters 'id'. In the film, ,mention is made of "Monsters from the id". The ancient race had destroyed itself because their great machine had amplified primeval violent thoughts from their subconciences. I think it was that when the man on the planet was there alone with his daughter, he was happy, but his feelings about the visitors were amplified into the monster that was attacking them. Something like that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbidden_Planet Based on Shakespeare's play The Tempest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tempest William
  16. Which is A4, at 300 dots per inch. Did you manage to solve the science fiction movie puzzle or have you stormed off in a tempest? 😀 William
  17. I have checked the size of the first picture by loading into Paint and it is 37 mm by 52.5 mm, and from Affinity Publisher A9 is 37 mm by 52 mm. So it is a quarter size both horizontally and vertically. I don't need to prove it. Do you remember from where the monsters came in the film Forbidden Planet? Well the same text characters used to name that place are what is missing from that word. Thus changing the meaning of the sentence. Freudian slip, poor typing, computer issue, who knows. Yet certainly a lack of proofreading! The full size of the third picture is A4 as that is the canvas size in the Affinity Designer .afdesign file. William
  18. I have now made a copy of the A5 original of the picture in the previous post and rescaled the copy to A4. It has a white surround, greater below than above, so that a print would have a white border in an A4 frame, proving that the print is onto white paper. I have now adapted a copy of that A4 document to produce another picture, within the constraint of only using four colours as if I were producing a woodblock print. Here is a png file, one fifth of full size in each of horizontal and vertical directions. William
  19. The picture in the previous post is a quarter size of the A5 canvas. The hull of the yacht is a trapezium at the default 25% at each slop, then rotated 180 degrees. So much of the hull is hidden behind the layer used to represent the sea. In this picture I have reduced the height of the representatin of the hull by approximately 50% so that only the hull above the water line is drawn. So I changed the slope angles to 12% so as to keep the design of the hull much the same. So I could now make the filled rectangle that represents the sea to become of greater height. I then had to move the filled rectangle that represents the sea behind the hull rather than in front of it as before. Interestingly, when I changed the height of the hull I did it with the anchoring of the trapezium at the upper centre anchor,so as to keep the hull in place with respect to the sails, yet when I changed the height of the filled rectangle that represents the sea, I did it with the anchoring at the lower centre anchor so as to keep the lower edge in the same place. William
  20. @firstdefence I have done a posterise 4. How do I do the Median blur please? I tried to look it up but I found about a blur brush but I have not found anything to apply a Median blur (whatever that is) to a whole picture. William
  21. I like woodblock prints where, say, four solid colours of ink are used with four wood blocks to produce a picture. I am hoping to have a go using the Pen Tool to produce such an effect using an Affinity product, starting from either a blank canvas or a photograph, later making a copy of the document file and then deleting the photograph from the copy. Can one process a photograph to produce the effect automatically in any of the Affinity products please? I seem to remember such an effect in possibly DrawPlus. It might have been called poster or it might have been called comic book or maybe something else. One could select how many colours to use and the colours were chosen automatically. I remember trying it on an image gathered from Google street view of a building in Châlons-en-Champagne, France. William
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