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    Santos reacted to Krisna in Free Nature Brush   
    Hi guys, I just made this brushes 2 days ago.
    Here's the link if you want to download it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19yzrVPnG8VIdnJzcJsHqzf8Hi6ALiIww/view?usp=sharing
    You can also check out the video below to see how I use these brushes. Hope you like it, thank you!
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    Santos got a reaction from Michael S Harvey in Affinity Photo Instant Artist Replacement   
    Thank you for share 👍
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    Santos got a reaction from malayali in FREE COVID-19 Graphics & Animations for Awareness   
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    Santos reacted to GarryP in Designer Logo   
    Here’s another workflow using Symbols that you might like to try.
    It takes a bit more time to set-up but you can more easily experiment with the shapes until they look right while keeping both sides the same.
    Once you have the shapes as you want them you can use the Geometry Add function – as explained by Pšenda above – to ‘lock’ the shapes into their final configurations.
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    Santos got a reaction from Patrick Connor in StudioLink Publisher   
    If wait 1 more day publisher beta 1.8 is out, and now studiolink work with others app 
    Thk you all
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    Santos reacted to Patrick Connor in StudioLink Publisher   
    Great news. We would really not recommend using an earlier beta (like 375) once you have the retail release installed.
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    Santos got a reaction from Dan C in StudioLink Publisher   
    All working.
    Working with Beta but, must have retail installed. (photo/Design)
    Thank you very much  for your help
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    Santos got a reaction from Dan C in StudioLink Publisher   
    Thank you very much for yr answer. I will re-install 1.7.3. publisher retail if i find (have beta installed)
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    Santos got a reaction from Sara72 in 16 Neon Styles in assorted colours   
    Thk you for share 
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    Santos reacted to GarryP in Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces   
    I recently read about someone paying to get some simple jigsaw artwork and thought it was a shame they had to do that, so I decided to create some shapes that could be usable for free.
    Attached is a sheet of jigsaw shapes that are customisable (compound layers, just adjust as necessary) and should fit to any regular grid (after proportionally resizing the shapes).
    Apologies for the terrible names of the layers but I think it’s fairly easy to figure out which one is which.
    I’ve also attached some images showing:
    1. The basic shape sheet.
    2. A simple use of coloured shapes.
    3. A more ‘artistic’ use with 3D and embossing.
    The shapes are usable in all Affinity applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher.
    You can use these shapes for anything you want, entirely for free, without restriction or attribution.
    basic jigsaw pieces.afdesign

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    Santos reacted to firstdefence in AP - How to Extend Pixels   
    Simplest effective method is to use the Mesh Warp tool.
    Resize canvas to desired length. Select the Mesh Warp Tool Double click next to the right top corner node to add a freeze line. Select both right-side corner nodes being careful to not select the nodes you have just added (Nodes will turn black when selected) Click on one of the black nodes and pull across to cover the transparent area created earlier. Bear in mind you cannot constrain the mesh tool, well as far as I am aware. On the context menu you can select different resample methods Bilinear included.

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