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  1. Totally agree, I´ve got the same problem, til book función is not available, i will have no time to switch and beleive me I tried a few months ago, but is too much work when you work on editorial publishing!!
  2. Thank you Daniel, fully agree with your comments. This funciona and the time line in Photo are two utilities I really miss. I keep working with affinity but when it comes to these always go back to Adobe. I Hope they take good note. Best
  3. Thanks Paul and Trichens for your comments. Ill try the merging mode, still I find more useful the books system, provide by In Design, I guess I will have to get use to. Have you tried importing Master pages from Indesign? Best
  4. I am a publisher and editorial designer. I've been working with In Design (before Quark X Press) for more than 20 years. Lately tried Affinity and bought the whole package, in order to replace adobe. Must say that every day gets better but I lack the possibility of creating books, in other words compilations of the single documents created separated in one only document, what in In Design is called indb formats (books). When designing magazines, normally we design each feature, reportage or editorial separately, but at the end is very helpful to create one single document, specially when the issue is finished, before print or digital publishing. Can I do that in Publisher, how? Also can I open indb formats (books)? I have tried with opening pdf´s but to does not keep a lot of things, like master pages, text boxes interconnections... Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi Guys. I wrote to the affinnity team, and it does not seem they will have an indesign import function. But I tried copiying and pasting and it works fine. But yes of course you need to have both programs installed
  6. Does anyone know how to import Indesign docs from Affinity publisher new beta versión 1.7? I am a profesional publisher with more than 25 years in the fashion magazine printing and I have already passed from Quark X press to In Design, back in the days easily. Now I would be happy to switch, or at least give a serious try into Affinity Publisher (tired of Adobe new way of working) but without this possibility is nearly impossible to switch programs. Could anyone help? All the best Emilio Saliquet Publisher www.vanidad.es
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