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  1. I have tried to change the keys once more. No problems so far. I've upgraded to the latest version. So maybe it works now.
  2. Ditlev Petersen

    .afpub-files rather huge

    Thanks. When I consider the images it makes sense.
  3. I did fix the keys to be just PageUp and PageDown. On the next start Publisher informed that an error had occured loading settings. The keys were then reset to Ctrl+PageUp etc. Interesting
  4. Ditlev Petersen

    .afpub-files rather huge

    Prefer linked IS set for images.
  5. I just noticed that my little experimental project (a book at around 120 pages estimated) has generated a file larger than 100 MB. An almost identical project in PagePlus was about 10 MB when finished. The new one is not even half complete. Am I doing something stupid? Is there an embed-setting I should know?
  6. Learning keeps the brain young.
  7. The idea behind the working space in Affinity is different from that in PagePlus. But is there a reason for the PageUp and PageDown not moving to the next page or pair of pages? I have just realised that Ctrl + PageDown seems to do the trick, so I will get used to this. But why is this so?
  8. I think that I will miss one feature from PagePlus. The possibility to have non-printing elements on e.g. master pages that can be toggled on or off when printing or generating pdf-files. It does not have to be very advanced, but when I work with my editor, I add line numbers to the master pages to make it easier to name specific lines when he finds errors. When the job is OK I toggle off those line numbers. It is set as an option in the pdf generating profiles for "proof" and "print ready". I can do that by setting a toggle on a layer on the master pages in Affinity. It works but it is not elegant.
  9. I have a minor problem when setting up text styles. The font name combo does not handle long font names well. If font names are short there is a vertical elevator box (is that the term?). I happily start scrolling down, but when a font with a long name appears, then a horizontal elevator is added, making the down button of the vertical elevator move up a little. That is my mouse is not positionen above the down button. When that long fontname is out of the font name window, the button jumps down to its proper position.

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