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  1. Hmm, very odd, but with some experimenting I have found a solution, I found that the picture was a RGB/HDR - when converting to RGB/16 within the affinity project the picture would do what it was displaying when I was exporting the photo and what I was seeing in the thumbnail/preview in affinity (boosted brightness/artefacts). after the change to RGB/16 and some re-editing of contrast, details and colours all is well, what is now showing in affinity is what the export and thumbnail show. This may have just been this one image/glitch, as I have another in RGB/HDR and that one is absolutely fine... Thank you for your efforts and time, very much appreciated.
  2. Is anything happening here? Has anyone looked at the file? Sorry to ask, just that its been awhile?
  3. Hello, I Have been having difficulty uploading to your Dropbox link, here is a link to the file, https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5n9wuclidpo19d/tokyo night edit.afphoto?dl=0 Hope this helps,
  4. Hello, I am wondering wether its an issue or I’m doing something wrong, but when exporting a particular image it appears to get brighter in areas of the image which contain more light in the city part of the shot, but the sky seems to all get brighter.. what am i missing or have I found a bug? Please see the attached images. First two are screen shots, This is occurring if I export as a PNG, Tiff or JPEG, haven’t tried others yet. Exported File: 3DFBCE27-6DB5-4728-B46F-EE90FEB4C11A.tiff Screen shot of exported file: Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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