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    completely freezes my machine

    Hi all - completely freezes my machine, forcing me to restart using the power button. This is often resizing items. The last time it happened I was transforming a simple ellipse. - If I swap between pen and mouse then the mouse will often stop working as an input device. For example, if I draw with the stylus in either persona then draw with the mouse, then the mouse will not be able to click any menu item and the cursor icon will still be stuck on the pen tool - If I use my stylus to resize any selection box then it will always 'drop' the handles unless I hold the stylus still for a second when first selecting. - the stylus also seems sticky in other cases and will continue moving handles after it has been removed from the screen. - If I drag the window to a second monitor then the size of the image will jump around constantly and will default to around 50% of the actual chosen zoom level - Regular slowdowns and choppy movements when performing simple transformations in either persona. Perhaps some of these issues have workarounds, but I haven't found any through my searches of the forum. Hope you guys can help!