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  1. No worries. I have found a workaround for this specific case, so, as I am concerned, there is no rush to find a solution. I just wanted to report it for giving you the chance of improving the app.
  2. Sure thing! Uploading it now. thank you!
  3. Hi, I just got Affinity Designer and I really love it. But, exporting one artwork as a raster, I’ve encountered a strange behavior that I believe is a bug. I have a vector shape, called “Dark Plastic” used as a mask for a raster layer. This vector shape contains some holes (circled in red in the first attached screenshot). When I try to export the whole work as a png or jpeg file, or simply I try to rasterize that layer, those holes disappear, as shown in the second attached screenshot. All other layers seem to work just fine. Thank you.