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  1. Hello, I use Affinity Publisher on daily basis and am very happy with it. But in last two weeks two major problems occur constantly: 1. With latest verison there is a problem opening the program - it won`t start at all - I have to restart computer and it helps. 2. It crashes during use (not every time, but quite a lot). Is there already a solution to both problems? I use Windows 10. Regards, Eva
  2. @BettyA That didn`t work for me - I had to change DPI first, than restart and install new version. Thans for advice though!
  3. @Jon P Thank you! I tworks, I followed your suggestion and is OK now. @Steps @Jon P I have to say that I am very happy with support here - is above average. Keep the good job guys! Thank you. Regards, Eva
  4. Hello, sorry for very late response - all the previous toubles stooped, like you said, itwas still working in the backrgound. @Steps @Jon P Thank you so much for help!:) Now I have a new problem - I cannot start the new update Does anyone else have a problem with that? I also tried to uninstall and install again, but nothing happens...
  5. @Steps @Jon P Thank you for researching. Please check the PrntScr below - I took it after I shut down Publisher - in this case it doesn`t want to release memory. But this is not always the case... However, like it was mentioned priviously in posts, yes, I mostly see the problem when working with high quality jpg and not necessary when creating large number of pages.
  6. Hello! I find out Publisher sometimes still runs after I close it - I have to shut it down in Task Manager. That is the only solution for problem No. 1. But the second problem (crash during use) occures mainly when using high quality pictures. I have 16GB memory with about 50% use - Publisher uses about 30%.

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