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  1. I don't want to discuss further, I am a workaholic. Thank you for understanding me.
  2. @Frozen Death Knight @SrPx I am very sorry that my work has encountered a problem temporarily, I have to solve it as soon as possible. our discussion may be postponed until 01/10/2019 I will be back!
  3. I have repeatedly confirmed that it is guaranteed to set the maximum smoothing everywhere, but this is useless because it is not a smooth setup problem. The problem looks like a wet edge, unfortunately it is not. Greater than the sRGB color gamut does not appear this problem, Obviously I don't use CMYK, so this is not the answer. I have used 16 bit before, but the same problem exists, which is not about bit depth. If you can't see the soft brush edge problem, you might be a bad monitor. I have wasted my time explaining all of this... I know that the edge of the soft brush is an AP own problem.
  4. I don't have time to report this, I can only wait for them to fix it. The problem is a The logical mistake in design is not a bug. I really want to know how you solved the soft brush edge problem, I tried to solve it but it didn't work. Also I don't think you can really solve it. I am very sorry to disturb your thread. The problem of 111% scaling has no effect on me. So I will not open a topic for it. I care about the problem of soft brush edges. If you can really solve it, I am willing to open a topic for it. I sincerely apologize for my attitude. I promise a friendly attitude I did ignore the etiquette before this. I am very sorry.
  5. How did you know that I don't know its advantages? In fact, I know everything. I only say the shortcomings, because the advantages need not be improved. If you want to help me, then I am very happy. Accept your help. But the premise is that your help is good, not that it seems to be useless, even irrelevant to the problem. I know that I don't seem to have the grace and patience. I look rude. Because I just want to solve the actual problem, I don't care much about other aspects. If you understand, I am not as rude as you can see.
  6. In my opinion, it's all like you are teaching for an idiot. I don't need you to teach me these things, I am an advanced user. Your signature has betrayed you, and you try to defend the AP. You are not objective, you defend it.
  7. In many cases, arguing only consumes time, which is very unworthy. I will not continue to explain, I only read. The image uses 111% zoom. AP is set to bilinear. For clarity to see the problem. 3x adjacent hard edge adjustment.
  8. Please allow me to correct myself with a mistake: Photoshop behavior is wash. Affinity Photo behavior is buildup. Krita defaults to wash. (I seem to have made a mistake. Please ignore the above) "I have always had the notion that build-up refer.... .....good config of your Wacom." I fully agree with your description, it is correct.(I always think so) I know that the original design of AP is photography rather than painting. I also know that CP is designed to simulate traditional painting. You should face the problem directly, not evade. Is your painting technique to fix the program? Yes. I like modern painting effects, I have no interest in traditional painting. I don't want AP to be as traditional as CP. You need to urge developers to improve as soon as possible, rather than optimistic that this will improve. I also use Alt to choose a color. I also hope it gets better. Finally, regarding the quality of the zoom, you are wrong. Use bilinear, zoom 111%, check quality. (extremely bad)
  9. I am very interested in how you fix the soft brush edge problem. If you are willing to share the experience of fixing the problem of soft brush edges, I will be grateful to you. However, it must be a real fix, not a "avoidance" First of all, you should understand the difference between transparency and flow. There are also mixer brushes, which are different. Therefore, the fix does not allow the use of mixer brushes and flow, because the problem is transparency. Now please share how you solved the edge of the transparency soft brush, I really want it. (I only use homemade brushes)
  10. The problem broke the digital painting in Ap. Ap with at least 2 questions, 1 very bad rotation and rotation quality. 2 The zoom quality is very bad. Before solving these problems, Ap is by no means a good choice for digital painting. now is not the prime time of Affinity Photo.
  11. I watched these two videos, which is not related to what I am going to say. Next is my experiment: Ps soft edge transparency brush VS Ap (brush is set to match Ps) Operation: draw continuously (only one stroke) Conclusion: The edge of Ap is very bad, whether it is on the periphery or the fusion between the internal brushes. View at 100% zoom.
  12. If you still don't understand, I demonstrate this obvious difference by the effect of the actual brush.
  13. Free digital painting program from Krita. Paintins mode: Krita offers a choice between two painting modes: buildup and wash. The first choice builds up color while painting in one stroke, the second choices gives you an even color in one stroke even if you go over the same place again and again. Photoshop behavior is wash. Affinity Photo behavior is buildup. Krita defaults to wash. Regarding this difference, the brush on the soft edge has a very big difference. In short, the wash is a higher degree of detail, and the buildup is poor. This is almost devastating for high quality painting, which completely destroys the feasibility of Affinity Photo for high quality painting.
  14. Wait a moment, I will use pictures to let you understand what I mean, now I am busy with work. I promise you will regret understanding what I mean.
  15. I observed the brush of Affinity Photo, the brush transparency overlay seems to lack some kind of fusion, the gradient is more difficult continuous.
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