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  1. ‚Grander plans … when we do the big reveal in the future' — it is now the year 2020 and nothing has happened in this respect. Pity! ☹️
  2. Ok, so that makes sense. So it’s the manageability that’s the factor, and not the functionality…
  3. splendid: workaround is fine for now. Appreciate your reply!
  4. As a novice user: with all the appraisals for how AP handles a lot of features and functions non-destructively I'm beginning to wonder: if I had the choice, when would I better go with the destructive approach? Or is it a matter of manageability? Or any other aspects? Appreciate your feedback! Russell
  5. See attached recording. File type and file location don’t make a difference. Any ideas? Best, Russell 79F3B8B8-A12B-4601-941C-A166A85F110B.MOV
  6. With the Pen tool, go ahead and create a 5-sided star (see star_empty_center.png). You see the pentagon in the center being empty. What I want is for the center to be filled (see star_filled_center.png). => My current "workaround": duplicate the (star) shape select both shapes and apply boolean "Divide" to segregate the 5 triangles with Node Tool: for each triangle, break and remove the line that belongs to the pentagon select all triangles and apply "Join curves" It's cumbersome, but it works. My question: is there any simple way / an option to tell AD (before or after drawing the curve) to fill any overlapping areas to make it look solid ?
  7. I love this application, on Windows as well as on iOS. It has sooo many cool features and a great UI. But lacking support for a fullscreen-mode on Windows?? Honestly: screen real-estate is THE crucial aspect when it comes to any illustration program. So please, Affinity Team: let's develop a real full screen (pressing F11 is standard). For now, pressing TAB has to do...
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