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    Photo restoration, photography, organic farming, growing mushrooms.. (not those ;), Martial Arts Instructor

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    My name is Dean, I have been a PS user since ver. 1. I am excited for the probably change to my software workflow. I am a photographer and now do primarily photo restoration, scanning, some design, etc etc. I retired my aging PowerPC G5 and am loving my new 27 inch Retina 5k iMac. I am hoping to see a combo deal here soon for all 3 software products. I may have to just jump in with Designer first as I had just renewed PS a few months ago and I am working with the Publisher Beta. Looking forward to learning new software and techniques.
  2. I am considering a move from Adobe to all Affinity software. Let me get this straight. Every time there is a new full point version 1,2,3,4 I will have to pay full price again?