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  1. Thanks Paul, I’ll give the grid in Designer a try, I’ve used Vectornator in the meantime.
  2. Is it just me and my faulty settings or is Designer for iPad rather inaccurate? The document I am working on is setup for print, it’s 500 x 700 mm at 300 dpi. The section in the screenshot is at 200% and covers an area of about 35 x 35 mm. Here’s the problem: within each circle the gap between two points is getting bigger, however according to the dialogue the coordinates of these points are exactly the same. It may seem like a minor detail but that flaw will be visible in the printed version. More so since the margin between both points will increase with each iteration. Of course I like to assume that this isn’t my mistake (which on the other hand it quite possibly may be) and hence my blunt question: are there any plans to fix this in the foreseeable future or will I have to rely on other products if I need precise vector graphics?
  3. I am struggling with a lack of snapping-compliance in Designer for iPad. To make things easier I have attached one screen shot with an example and another one with my snapping preferences. In the example I am attempting to satisfy my very strong desire to snap the red shape by it’s lower right point to the blue shape’s upmost point, yet it refuses to comply. Does anyone know of a way more straight forward than the workaround below? The one workaround I am aware of at this point: - lock the blue object first - select both, the blue and the red object - switch to the node tool and select all points on the red one - snap the red shape by any point to any point of the blue shape - smile Cheers!
  4. November 2020: Apparently I still have to use a workaround (i.e. a file prepared on a desktop machine?) for a simple line break? Are you guys serious? Even this HTML editor here gets it done! Look: On my iPad I have to use the Notes app now I guess. (Check again: soft line break:) I am annoyed as hell, I guess it shows and I half heartedly apologize.
  5. Thanks a lot - it indeed isn’t what I wanted to hear but pretty close to what I expected to... Your tip to safe elsewhere seems to be a pretty good one.
  6. I assume it’s a bug: I’ve been working for a rather long time on a vector-heavy file in designer without saving it in the home screen (meaning that I didn’t choose “save” from the “close|rename|duplicate|save” menu). During the days I’ve been working with the file I’ve opened and closed Designer, I’ve opened and closed other projects in Desinger, I’ve restarted the iPad. Until today this particular project always “came back”. While I can still open all other projects, attempting to open this particular one yields a “Loading failed - Unable to load document” error message. Trying to save it now crashes Designer. Duplicate doesn’t do anything, it’s possible however to rename the file. I looked around for the project in Files but can’t find it anywhere. I am using Designer on an iPad Pro running IOS 13.3 It would be delightful if anyone had an idea how I might avoid repeating about 10 hours of work. Apart from that I have to repeat what someone else wrote in another post about a document not opening any more: it’s an issue of trust - do I want to take the risk of losing hours and hours worth of work?
  7. Yet another one of those annoying little basic things that make me regret having spent money on the iPad apps. It's called "designer" for crying out loud - I wouldn't have expected a simple soft return would end up being too exotic. Good thing, too, that the only possibility I could find, "Leading Over", doesn't go into the negative.
  8. Adding quasi-guides in Photo: Since I’ve been ranting and raving about Photo’s lack of useful guides I thought I ought to share my little workaround. It isn’t very convenient and I happily accept suggestions how to do it more easily but here’s the idea: - select the pen tool, then, in the dialogue where it says “pen” choose “line” - draw a black line where you want your guide (or manually adjust the x and y-coordinates for both ends) - in layers studio convert this line to a group, set it to “Contrast negate”, lock it - if you haven‘t done already, now‘s the time to enable snapping You can add additional lines, circles and whatnot to this group and as long as it is on top you‘ll always see the lines. Major drawbacks: don‘t forget to hide or delete before exporting for print, manually keeping this layer on top of everthing is a little bit tedious.
  9. I am not sure if this is the right place for my post. I started doing design work with Photoshop and Freehand and later, when Adobe first bought and subsequently killed Freehand, with Illustrator. A few months ago I played around with Designer and Photo on both, an iMac and an iPad, and liked the experience. Most of all I liked that finally someone tried to come up with an alternative to Adobe. Sadly, since I decided to try and do a real paying design job on an iPad Pro using Designer and Photo my experience has been quite frustrating. Rather than doing actual design I had to search forums for the most basic (in my opion) features. Changing units from pt to mm? “Resize” in my opinion is a quite unlikely spot. Want pagerulers? No, this feature hasn’t made its way to the iPad yet. I am aware that I am surely stuck in the Adobe logic of where I expect to find certain functions and tools and how I expect them to operate but I am most certainly not the only one. As things stand right now with every step I want to make design wise I have to expect it to either not work or only after a considerable amount of time in the forums, this, simply, isn’t an option and step by step it takes me closer to goodbye Affinity and a sad hello Illustrator. In terms of actually asking something: - Rulers: really (really?) still not implemented in both iPad apps? - Guides: is there way to add guides to a specific artboard at a desired position without mathematical shenanigans? How can I edit and remove specific guides?
  10. According to a reply to a post titled „Rulers scale on AP for iPad“ there are as of now no rulers in Affinity Photo for iPad. In itself this is somewhat surprising considering that rulers are a rather basic design tool. I‘ve started searching for rulers because I actually wanted to add a vertical guide to the second of two artboards. Yes, I know: Document menu > Guides - but here‘s the thing: if you‘re working with more than one artboard the vertical guide will initially appear (at least that was the case for me) to the left of the artboard, the Position dialogue will read 0 mm (or px, pt...). Changing that number to the desired value however will move the guide to that position, say 30 mm, alright - but in the first artboard. Basically you have add to the hypothetical 30 mm the position of the active artboard relative to the first one and once that‘s done, the number in the dialogue will magically change to 30 mm with the guide in the artboard in question. Did I, once again, miss the magic (or obvious) trick or is this somewhat tedious procedure the only way position guides? Are there rulers after all? Is my logic totally skewed because I have been spoiled by working with this other company`s products for twenty years?
  11. Thanks a lot for the hint to swipe across the layers panel.
  12. Problem: I know for a fact that as little as three months ago I had mastered the ability to select more than one object in Affinity Photo on my iPad. Today however I have spent roughly an hour as of now unsuccessfully googling how to get it done again. Here's what I keep finding: select the first object, then tap, hold and slightly move the finger on the desired second object and bingo: the first object is de-selected while the second one slightly moves... so please can anyone please explain in very, very simple terms how this obviously highly complex mission can be accomplished? Solution: Tap and hold one object then use a second finger to select any number of additional objects. Side note: with an iPad connected to a keyboard would it be too complicated to support the old press-the-shift-key-and-click-the-next-object trick that works pretty much everywhere else?
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