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  1. I received your email with the extra goodies for Photo and none of the pages worked. Maybe if you guys can resend or fix the links? I would like to have the keyboard help sheet. That would go a long way for me. thank you!
  2. Thanks ABC that helps, what do you know about actions? Do they have any? That would help me out a lot!
  3. Need help on recent topic I posted

  4. Hey guys, Hope your day is going well. I am at a lost at the moment. I need to make my current pricing menu for my photography on 3 separate pages. Currently I have them all on one and it confuses the customers being this way. I want to make each page look nice but not knowing really where to start. I was thinking of doing a gradient for the back ground for starters. I attempted in applying a gradient and then nothing happen. The base layer was still white. What did I do wrong? I did leave CS6 for you guys seeing how you don't hog all my ram and have faster features then adobe. Then I was thinking of adding a nice border for each page and some small designs on it to make it look flashy. Then save all pages as a PDF to send to clients. Any help you could give would be great thank you! Also I rated you guys a 5 star so :D Hope to hear from you soon! P.S. Also Photoshop used actions and it was a huge help to my workflow. Does Affinity use actions? If not, when? :ph34r:
  5. Thanks so far to the Affinity Team in being responsive to the conversations on here with me. You guys Rock! Wanted to ask where do I go to take an image resolution and knock it down to 72 dpi in Photo? I have the current demo. Wish it was the real deal (sad face) but I can wait a little more longer. Its not like I'm a kid at Christmas or anything lol Is there a tab I might be missing?
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